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About PDF icon PDF files

PDF files are provided on this site as an easy way for users to view and print documents containing complex formatting.

In order to view the Adobe PDF files, your web browser must be configured to use an Acrobat Reader. If you have not been able to view a PDF file provided on this site, please consult your IT support person who will be able to rectify the problem if you are unable to do this yourself. Modern browsers can take advantage of the versions of Acrobat Reader which can be "plugged-in", allowing the PDF files to be viewed from within the web browser window, rather than opening up a separate program in a new window. The Acrobat Reader will enable you to view and print PDF files but not to edit them.

Adobe Acrobat Homepage  Acrobat Readers can be downloaded for free from the Adobe Acrobat Homepage, where further information is also available. Please direct queries on how to download and install this software to your local PC support.

It is regretted that tagged versions of PDF files are not yet available on this site. Where it is difficult to provide the same information in alternative HTML format, downloadable Word versions of these files are also provided to facilitate accessibility.

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