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How to Search pdf icon PDF Files

PDF files load up in your web browser in a special 'plug-in' (i.e. automatically loading) screen specifically designed to display PDF files – the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader screen. This screen provides its own search facility via an icon on the extra toolbar which loads with the reader. For some browsers it is necessary, or may be simpler, to use this search button rather than the usual 'Find in Page'/Ctrl-F facility provided in your web browser menu.

The function provided is a simple line-by-line search facility, highlighting instances of search text one at a time as they occur throughout the file.

If your search text is not found in the file, try your search again using a simpler or more general form of words and/or try using one key word only. Do not use plural nouns: a search for 'memo' will find memos, but not vice versa. Do not use long text strings: the search will not find instances where text has wrapped onto the line below.

*To search for a piece of text occurring within the PDF file pages:

  • Click on the binoculars icon on the toolbar Search icon
  • Enter the text in the 'Acrobat Find' dialogue box, selecting any required options.


  • Clicking 'Find' will then take you to the first occurrence of the text appearing in the file.

*To continue to search for other occurrences of the same piece of text:

  • Click on the binoculars-with-repeating-arrow icon (the 'Find Again' icon) on the toolbar repeat search icon
    (note that this icon only becomes visible after the binoculars/Find icon has been used)
  • You will automatically be taken to the next occurrence of the search text in the file. You can continue the search throughout the remainder of the document by repeatedly clicking this second icon.
  • Once the whole document has been searched the 'Text Not Found' dialogue box confirms completion of your search.

Not Found box