Guidance issued in circulars which is current should be reflected in current web pages.  However, the last two years worth of circulars are available to download.  If earlier circulars are required they can be requested from Personnel Services.

The following is a list of the circular numbers, the titles and the dates issued.
List of circulars in date order (141kb)

Current circulars 2019

Circular numberSubject
PERS(19)03 (252kb)  Research funder policies and requirements on bullying and harassment
PERS(19)02 (100kb) Hours on payslips
 PERS(19)01 (93kb) Revisions to the No Smoking Policy, to include vaping

Active circulars 2018

Circular numberSubject
PERS(18)05 (27kb)

 2018 Salary increases for clinical academic and related staff

PERS(18)04 (321kb)

Revision of University salary scales 2018: all non-clinical staff

PERS(18)03 (143kb)

Outside appointments – revised OA1 form

PERS(18)02 (90kb)

Updated retirement guidance, templates and EJRA forms

 PERS(18)01 (124kb)

The Living Wage: Change to Grade 1 and Grade 1A of the salary and grading structure

Active circulars 2017

Circular numberSubject
PERS(17)05 (140kb)

Changes to the Employer Justified Retirement Age (EJRA)

 PERS(17)04 (308kb)

Revision of University salary scales 2017: all non-clinical staff

PERS(17)03 (35kb)

 2017 Salary increases for clinical academic and related staff

PERS(17)02 (135kb)

 Mandatory gender pay gap reporting

PERS(17)01 (89kb)

New Grading Arrangements

Active circulars 2016

Circular numberSubject
PERS(16)09 (26kb)

The Living Wage: Change to Grade 1 of the salary and grading structure

PERS(16)08 (113kb)

Voluntary Redundancy Scheme 2016/17

PERS(16)07 (162kb)

Revision of University salary scales 2016: all non-clinical staff

PERS(16)06 (153kb) Outside appointments - 30 day rule
PERS(16)05 (139kb) University Administration and Services Offices: fixed periods of office closure to Christmas 2021
PERS(16)04 (123kb) Recoding miscellaneous pay and the introduction of new allowances
PERS(16)03 (172kb) Industrial Action - June 2016
PERS(16)02 (100kb) 2016 Salary increases for clinical academic and related staff
PERS(16)01 (133kb) Industrial Action - May 2016


Active circulars 2015

Circular numberSubject
PERS(15)07 (169kb)

 Revision of university salary scales: all non-clinical staff

PERS(15)06 (82kb)

  Variation of duties scheme


Personnel Committee guidance in relation to reviews of the initial periods of office of Associate Professors (Circular sent to Heads of Division/divisional secretaries only, for them to forward to departments)

PERS(15)04 (148kb)

 Salaries for clinical academic and related staff - April 2015

PERS(15)03 (208kb)

 Revision of the procedure for ending fixed-term contracts

PERS(15)02 (227kb)

 Shared parental leave

PERS(15)01 (183kb)

 Living wage accreditation

Active circulars 2014

Circular numberSubject
PERS(14)11 (195kb)

 Revised University Policy and Procedure on Harassment

 PERS(14)10 (134kb)

Replaced with PERS(15)04 (148kb)

PERS(14)09 (89kb)

  Support staff – revision of the disciplinary, grievance and redundancy appeals procedures

PERS(14)08 (190kb)

  Staff – Student Relationships Policy 

 PERS(14)07 (111kb)

 August 2014 revision of university salary scales: all non-clinical staff

 PERS(14)06 (152kb)

Flexible working: changes to the University’s procedure for considering requests to work flexibly

PERS(14)05 (41kb)

 Arrangements for pre-employment screening for employees of the University

PERS(14)04 (171kb)

The Senior Appointments Panel of the Personnel Committee (SAP)

 PERS(14)03 (65kb)

Changes to the Procedure for considering requests to work beyond the EJRA

PERS(14)02 (157kb)

 Industrial Action on 23, 28 January and 10 February 2014

 PERS(14)01 (64kb)

 The Living Wage: Change to Grade 1 of the salary grading structure

Active circulars 2013

Circular numberSubject
PERS(13)13 (94kb)

Revised guidance on:

  • Sickness Absence Management
  • Induction and Probation
PERS(13)12 (75kb)

 Replaced with PERS(14)07 (111kb)

PERS(13)11 (47kb)  Update on the 2013-14 non clinical pay uplift
PERS(13)10 (117kb)   Industrial action on 31 October 2013
PERS(13)09 (63kb)   Launch of the Reward and Recognition Scheme
PERS(13)08 (83kb)   Revisions to the grading and regrading procedures
 PERS(13)07 (33kb)

 2013 salary increases for clinical academic and related staff

PERS(13)06 (80kb)  Revised guidance for the recruitment and selection of academic staff
 PERS(13)05 (55kb) Introduction of a reward and recognition scheme for academic-related and support staff
PERS(13)04 (92kb)  Retirement and pensions update
PERS(13)03 (69kb)  

 The living wage: change to grade 1 of the salary and grading structure

PERS(13)02 (146kb)

 Auto-enrolment for pensions

PERS(13)01 (69kb)

Replaced with PERS(13)12 (75kb)


Active circulars 2012

Circular number
PERS(12)07 (96kb)

Disclosure and Barring - Changes to the Criminal Records Bureau screening service


Replaced with PERS(13)07 (33kb)

PERS(12)05 (54kb)

University of Oxford Staff Pension Scheme (OSPS): Consultation on proposed changes

PERS(12)04 (58kb)

Flexible retirement

PERS(12)03 (67kb)

Guidelines for the Olympics


Circular from the Registrar


Replaced with PERS(13)01 (69kb)

Active circulars 2011

Circular number
PERS(11)17 (37kb)

Revised pay scale for clinical academics below the level of consultant

PERS(11)16 (55kb)

Replaced with PERS(16)05 (139kb)

PERS(11)15 (118kb)

Industrial Action on 30 November 2011

PERS(11)14 (102kb) 

Employer justified retirement age

 PERS(11)13 (70kb)

Changes to the template for contracts of employment for academic-related and university support staff

PERS(11)12 (85kb)

Retirement age for University support staff

PERS(11)11 (105kb)

Guidelines for employing agency workers

PERS(11)10 (71kb) Changes in holiday arrangements
PERS(11)09 (94kb) Relocation allowances for newly-appointed employees
PERS(11)07 (66kb) Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS): changes effective from 1 October 2011
PERS(11)06 (62kb) Recruitment protocol
PERS(11)05 (49kb)

Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS): update on recent developments

PERS(11)04 (117kb) Additional Paternity Leave and Pay Guidelines
PERS(11)03 (112kb) Industrial Action by the UCU on 22 and 24 March 2011
PERS(11)02 (81kb) Additional bank holidays in 2011 and 2012

Active circulars 2010

Circular numberSubject

PERS(10)15 (110kb)

The Equality Act 2010

PERS(10)14 (71kb)

Phasing out of the default retirement age (DRA)

PERS(10)12 (73kb)

Gifts to employees on retirement after 40 or more years' service

PERS(10)11 (62kb)

The Vetting and Barring Scheme and Independent Safeguarding Authority Registration Scheme

PERS(10)09 (28kb)

Recruitment protocol circular
Recruitment Protocol (111kb)
Flowcharts (14kb)

PERS(10)08 (228kb)

New University Code of Practice on the Employment and Career Development of Research Staff 

PERS(10)07 (17kb)

Advertisement of academic posts

PERS(10)06 (33kb)

Suspension of the merit review scheme for university support and academic-related staff

PERS(10)05 (54kb)

Right to request time off for training

PERS(10)04 (359kb)

Introduction of Statements of Fitness for Work ('Fit notes')

PERS(10)03 (28kb)

Revised incremental dates for incoming academic staff

PERS(10)02 (66kb)

University Policy and Procedure on Harassment and Bullying (51kb)