Central Personnel Services Teams

Adverts team

Mrs Andrea Hargreaves
Office Manager
Email: andrea.hargreaves@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89900

Mr Daniel Oliver
Administrative Assistant
Email: daniel.oliver@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89905


Mr Clive Shepherd
Apprenticeship Manager
Email: clive.shepherd@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)70536

HR Information team

Mrs Elizabeth Mitchell
Head of HR Information
Email: liz.mitchell@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89928

Mrs Sarah Rowles
Senior HR Information Analyst
Email: sarah.rowles@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89831

Mrs Marie King
HR Information Analyst
Email: marie.king@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89911

Dr Kirsty McGregor
HR Information Analyst
Email: kirsty.mcgregor@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89924

HRIS team

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Policy team

Ms Sarah Thonemann
Head of HR Policy
Email: sarah.thonemann@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89906

Ms Kate Butler
Personnel Officer (Policy)
Email: kate.butler@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89925

Mrs Sophie Brotherston
Policy Officer

Mrs Tonya Iasisen-Kandola
HR Officer Policy and HRIS (maternity leave)

Ms Meghan Lawson
HR Officer (Policy and Communications)
Email: meghan.lawson@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89910

Reward team

Mrs Sarah Kilgour
Reward Manager
Email: sarah.kilgour@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89915

Mr John Dickson
HR Policy Officer/Reward Advisor (maternity cover)
Email: john.dickson@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89907

Ms Jessica Oldershaw
Reward Advisor (maternity leave)

Senior Appointments

Mrs Ruth Kinahan
Senior Personnel Officer
Email: ruth.kinahan@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)70234

Mrs Anna Malkin
Personnel Officer
Email: anna.malkin@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)70200

Ms Sue Morris
Senior Appointments and Welcome Service Coordinator
Email: sue.morris@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)80189

Staff Immigration team

Mr James Baker
Team Leader (Staff Immigration)
Email: james.baker@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89908

Dr Tim Currie
Staff Immigration Officer
Email: tim.currie@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89903

Mrs Lisa Crook
Staff Immigration Officer
Email: lisa.crook@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89919

Ms Solveig Alsaker
Staff Immigration Assistant
Email: solveig.alsaker@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89912

Ms Angelina Kehayova
Staff Immigration Assistant
Email: angelina.kehayova@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2)89904

Ms Libby McGowan
Staff Immigration Admin Assistant
Email: sit-administration@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (2) 89926

Temporary Staffing Service

Annie Harris
Email: annie.harris@admin.ox.ac.uk
Tel: (6)12347

Senior Temporaries Controller


Todd Graf
Internal Recruitment Consultant

Monika Kaszubowska
Internal Recruitment Consultant

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