Table of responsibilities


Departmental administrators and heads of department

Supervisors and research group leaders

Recruitment and selection of researchers

Newly-appointed researchers

  • Clearly identify the immediate supervisor of the researcher
  • Appoint mentor to help researcher settle in
  • Ensure researchers from overseas have access to information on any personal matters such as housing, banking, health care and social security
    1. Checklist for researchers
    2. University Handbook for Academic-related Staff
    3. Information on divisional and central training provision for researchers
    4. Information on welcome sessions run by the University for research staff
    5. Information on resources such as libraries, technical assistance, lab facilities and materials, staff development opportunities, membership of the University and College Union, and social facilities such as the University Club and the Research Staff Society
    6. Information on the impartial career review services that the Careers Service can offer researchers (this may be particularly important for individuals on short term contracts)
      • Prompt supervisors to conduct initial meeting and probationary review meeting; follow up and provide support where necessary
      • Consider reflective questions 1
      • Set up face-to-face meeting to clarify the job description, the degree of freedom for pursuing the research objectives, expectations about output and progress, publication protocols, teaching opportunities and/or obligations, and the researcher’s own aspirations and skills
      • Set up meeting (can be with another colleague) to clarify (where relevant) lab procedures and practices, health and safety, ethical standards and other aspects of academic integrity in research
      • Hold formal review meeting within the first year as part of the probationary review arrangements, covering performance to date, the researcher's and the supervisor's expectations about a career trajectory, and professional development plan.


      • Include research staff in department’s merit pay scheme
      • Ensure research staff salaries comply with equal pay requirements and Fixed-Term Employees Regulations
      • Participate in department’s merit pay scheme in respect of research staff
      • Decide starting salaries in light of the requirements of the role and the experience and professional contribution of the individual

      Conditions of service


      Career planning and development

      • Consider reflective questions 2
      • Hold formal meeting nine to twelve months before the end of the first contract, to clarify the likelihood of further grant funding and options if this is not likely; notify the departmental administrator if further funding unlikely
      • Hold personal development review meetings with researchers if they request it
      • Hold formal meeting nine to twelve months before the end of the second contract, to review the researcher’s career progress to date and the likelihood of their acquiring an academic or similar post - refer to relevant support services
      • Notify the departmental administrator if further funding unlikely
      • Ensure that researchers are kept appropriately informed about the state of funding
      • Notify the departmental administrator that no further funding is available