Training and resources

The Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (OSCB) and Oxfordshire Safeguarding Adults Board (OSAB) provide short online training courses.

Appropriate level of training

If you will be working with children you must complete a short on-line training programme "An Introduction to Safeguarding Children".  This is free.

If you will be working with 'at risk' adults you should consider whether you need to complete the online training programme "An introduction to Adult Safeguarding". There is a charge of £10 for this course.

How to book training

All courses can be accessed via the OSCB's or OSAB's training portals (follow the links above). 

You will need to register for an account.

Courses do not have to be completed in one sitting, and can be accessed from anywhere.

The on-line system will retain a list of the training you have completed, and you can revisit and review the training at any point.

When you have completed a course you can print off a certificate confirming this. The safeguarding lead for the activity you are going to take part in may ask for a copy of this certificate as part of the risk assessment for the activity.

Risk assessment

Given the wide range of activities that are carried out across the University it is not possible to provide a one-size-fits-all risk assessment template which will cover all eventualities.

A suggested pro-forma is available as a starting point, but it is recognised that this will not fit all activities.

Safeguarding proforma risk assessment example (16kb)

An example, describing how a number of common scenarios might be risk assessed can be downloaded: Safeguarding risk assessment example completed (17kb)

You may wish to carry out your safeguarding risk assessment as part of your roader activity risk assessment encompassing Health and Safety and other considerations. 

For Health and Safety guidance on young people in the work place please read the Safety Office guidance