Statement of no smoking policy

Council has approved the following No Smoking Policy which has been circulated to all departments and institutions.

Smoking on university premises

In the light of recent findings which clearly signal the long-term damage to health to which smokers expose themselves and others, Council has concluded that the University would be failing in its duty to promote the health, safety, and welfare of those on its premises - staff, students, and visitors alike - if it did not seek to minimise the exposure of both smokers and non-smokers to all forms of smoking by prohibiting smoking in all university buildings. This prohibition was implemented on 1 March 2006. Following the introduction of the Smokefree Regulations 2007 Council has extended this prohibition to all University-owned shared vehicles.

This policy, and a Personnel Services circular announcing it, should be distributed and appropriate prohibition signs should be posted in buildings, at entrances, and in shared University-owned vehicles.

This policy prohibits smoking in all university buildings 1 (including all enclosed and semi-enclosed workplaces, but with the exceptions listed below) and, from 1 July 2007, in all shared University-owned vehicles. However, departments may wish to consider arrangements for those who wish to smoke outside, whilst discouraging the undesirable practice of smokers gathering outside the entrances to university buildings. Local measures may be considered, following appropriate consultation with staff; these may include an extension of the ban to areas outside of buildings, and/or the construction of shelters.

The University wishes to encourage employees who want to give up smoking. Support for staff who wish to give up smoking will be provided by the University Occupational Health Service. Information on the services available is provided on the OHS website.

1 Except some long-let residential accommodation, which is subject to separate arrangements (for example: (1) farmhouses and cottages on rural investment estates; and (2) furnished transit accommodation in Oxford that is let to new members of staff and visiting academics on one-year Assured Shorthold Tenancies, together with unfurnished accommodation let on long-term arrangements).

Stopping using text support

The NHS has set up a service to support and motivate people to quit smoking by sending them regular text information. More information is available in the following downloadable pdf