Sickness and employees on different type of contracts

This section provides guidance on points to consider regarding sickness matters, for employees who are on different type of contracts.

Part-time employees

Part-time employees who have regular working patterns and work regular hours should have their sick pay pro-rated accordingly. Use the calculator found on the right-hand side to work out the exact payments and entitlement.

Part-time employees who have irregular working patterns (varying from week to week) and whose working hours are also irregular will need to have their sick pay calculated based on the average working pattern (days/hours) over a reference period of 12 weeks, immediately prior to the beginning of the latest sickness period.

Employees whose posts are being externally funded

Where an employee with significant  sickness absence is employed on an externally funding award, the terms of the award should be carefully checked, to ensure compliance with the sponsor terms. For example, the sponsor may need to be advised of the absence, particularly if the absence may impact of completion of the project.

Employees on variable hours contracts

Any employee who is on a variable hours contract has full entitlement to the sickness benefit, as per the guidance outlined under Sick Pay.

In order to work out the exact payment of sick pay, calculations should be based on a reference period over the last 12 weeks, immediately preceding the beginning of the current period of sickness. If the employee's work is primarily based around term-times, calculate sick pay based on the last 12 weeks at the end of the previous term.

Any future planned work that is unable to be undertaken due to sickness should also be paid as sick leave.

Employees who have not carried out any work for the university and do not have any planned work in the near future, who go on sick leave, will not receive any sick pay.

Casual workers

Casual workers are only entitled to statutory sickness leave and pay.

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