This timetable will be updated in due course with the deadlines for extension applications under the exceptions procedure that applies from 1 October 2017.

The deadlines below related to applications submitted by 30 September 2017 under the 2015-2017 EJRA arrangements

Timetable for EJRA extension applications

The EJRA Committee will meet to consider applications submitted by the deadlines below in a gathered field exercise, generally in late Michaelmas term. If there is a need, the EJRA Committee will also meet to consider applications in Trinity term.

The timetable below applies to applications submitted by the deadline of 30 September 2017 which will be considered under the EJRA procedure in force at that date.

Deadline for individuals to send completed EJRA 1 form to Director of Human Resources at julian.duxfield@admin.ox.ac.uk

5pm on 30 September 2017

Deadline for departments to submit forms EJRA 1 and EJRA 2 to Head of Division

27 October 2017

Deadline for Head of Division to send forms to EJRA 1, EJRA 2 and EJRA 3 forms to Director of Human Resources

24 November 2017

Deadline for individuals to respond to the departmental and divisional submissions

Noon on 1 December 2017