Revised: Employer Justified Retirement Age

Update July 2017

Changes to the University’s EJRA policy, made as a result of recommendations from the EJRA Review Group, have been approved by Congregation. You can read the full report of the Review Group here. These changes will come into effect on 1 October 2017, and these webpages will be updated accordingly over the summer. These changes may affect your employment at the University in a number of ways. In particular:

  • Staff at grades 6 and 7 with an EJRA date later than 1 October 2017 will no longer be required to retire on a set date;
  • If your retirement date is 30 September 2017:  these changes will not affect you, and your retirement date, as specified in your contract, does not change. This includes staff at grades 6 and 7;
  • If your retirement date is 30 September 2018 or later, your retirement date will be pushed back by one year to the 30 September preceding your 69th birthday;
  • If you wish to consider applying for employment beyond your EJRA date, you should do so two years, instead of one year, in advance of your retirement date.

Please note that if your EJRA date is due to change, you can still choose to retire before your contractual retirement date, but will not need to retire until the 30 September preceding your 69th birthday. These changes will not affect your pension age, i.e. the age at which you may take your pension, or your eligibility to apply for flexible retirement.

With regard to the exceptions process, please note that all applications received by the deadline of 30 September 2017 will be considered under the current Aims and Procedure. Future rounds of applications will be considered under revised Aims and Procedure as recommended by the EJRA Review Group.

You can read the Major Issues update on the EJRA here

Council has agreed to maintain a retirement age for university academic and academic-related staff, including (in respect of their university appointments) the holders of joint appointments, primarily to support the University's mission to sustain excellence in teaching, research and administration and to maintain and develop its historical position as a world-class university (See the Revised Aims of the EJRA).

  • All existing members of academic and related staff who have a normal retirement date of 30 September immediately preceding the 66th birthday will be deemed, from 1 October 2011, to have a retirement date of 30 September preceding the 68th birthday, which shall be the EJRA.
  • All existing members of the academic and related staff who have a vested right to a normal retirement age of 67 will continue to have a retirement date of 30 September immediately preceding the 68th birthday.
  • In cases where, under the Personnel Committee's procedures applying until 30 September 2011, a member of staff has a retirement date set by individual agreement to be other than 30 September preceding the 66th birthday, the retirement date specified in the agreement will continue to apply. Where the specified date is earlier than the EJRA, any request to work beyond the specified date should be referred to the Director of Human Resources.

The EJRA will operate for an initial period of ten years from 1 October 2011. The application and outcomes of the EJRA and its procedures will be reported annually to the Personnel Committee and will be subject to an interim review after five years.

These reviews will take into account all relevant considerations, including the continued relevance of the Aims of the EJRA above to each of the groups of staff to whom the EJRA applies, the application of the EJRA and the procedure for exceptional limited extended employment, as well as relevant external developments in relation, for example, to pensions and longevity.

With effect from 30 September 2015 a REVISED procedure applies for considering all requests to work beyond the EJRA.

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