Model letters, forms and timetable


Update July 2017

Changes to the University’s EJRA policy, made as a result of recommendations from the EJRA Review Group, have been approved by Congregation. You can read the full report of the Review Group here. These changes will come into effect on 1 October 2017, and these webpages will be updated accordingly over the summer. These changes may affect your employment at the University in a number of ways. In particular:

  • Staff at grades 6 and 7 with an EJRA date later than 1 October 2017 will no longer be required to retire on a set date;
  • If your retirement date is 30 September 2017:  these changes will not affect you, and your retirement date, as specified in your contract, does not change. This includes staff at grades 6 and 7;
  • If your retirement date is 30 September 2018 or later, your retirement date will be pushed back by one year to the 30 September preceding your 69th birthday;
  • If you wish to consider applying for employment beyond your EJRA date, you should do so two years, instead of one year, in advance of your retirement date.

Please note that if your EJRA date is due to change, you can still choose to retire before your contractual retirement date, but will not need to retire until the 30 September preceding your 69th birthday. These changes will not affect your pension age, i.e. the age at which you may take your pension, or your eligibility to apply for flexible retirement.

With regard to the exceptions process, please note that all applications received by the deadline of 30 September 2017 will be considered under the current Aims and Procedure. Future rounds of applications will be considered under revised Aims and Procedure as recommended by the EJRA Review Group.

You can read the Major Issues update on the EJRA here

Applicants should read the EJRA Procedure on the Personnel Services website carefully to ensure applications are made with a full understanding of the issues which the EJRA Committee will take into account in each case.

The EJRA Procedure stresses the importance of early discussion with the Head of Department or equivalent to consider whether it would be possible to meet the aims of the employee or department by some means other than extension in employment. In some cases, it may be relevant to consider part-time extended employment coupled with flexible retirement and access to pension. Any employee seeking extended employment should take advice, independent where appropriate, on how their plans might affect their pension entitlement and related tax liabilities.

All requests for employment beyond the EJRA will be considered by the EJRA Committee, in accordance with the timetable and procedure found on the Personnel Services website. The majority of applications will be taken in gathered fields in Michaelmas and Trinity Terms. In order for the Committee to make a full evaluation of each case, applicants should complete the EJRA 1 form as fully as possible.

Employees will, whenever possible, be reminded at least two years ahead of their due date of retirement under the EJRA. Any employee seeking an extension in employment is individually responsible for making an application on form EJRA 1, which normally must be received by the Director of Human Resources no later than 24 months before the applicant's due retirement date (for all but those with non-standard retirement dates, that is no later than 5pm on 30 September in the year preceding the applicant’s due retirement). Further detail on when applications can be accepted is given in the EJRA Procedure. The completed EJRA 1 form will be forwarded to the applicant’s Head of Department, who will be asked to consult the relevant departmental committee and use form EJRA 2 to respond.

Individual and departmental submissions (EJRA 1 and EJRA 2 forms) should then be collated and forwarded by the Department to the relevant Division. The Head of each Division will be asked to consult the appropriate divisional-level Committee and to provide comment on the strategic importance of the proposed duties or project in each case. They will be asked to return form EJRA 2 along with their comments on Form EJRA 3 to Personnel Services by a specified deadline. Please see the timetable below for the specific deadlines.

Before the collated submissions are evaluated by the EJRA Committee, the applicant will have the opportunity to comment on the submissions made by their Department and Division, and he/she may be asked to clarify in writing any point in their own submission that the Committee Chair considers to be unclear. 

 Model Letters and forms 
Update July 2017: these forms will be updated over the summer to reflect changes in the EJRA policy
ML1_Revised (20kb) EJRA notice for academic staff  
ML2_Revised (20kb)   EJRA notice for academic-related staff 
ML3_Revised (20kb)   EJRA notice for academic staff with individually agreed retirement date 
ML4_Revised (21kb)   EJRA notice for academic-related staff with individually agreed retirement date 
EJRA 1 (38kb) Form to be completed by applicant
EJRA 2 (35kb) Form to be completed by department
EJRA 3 (30kb) Form to be completed by division
Timetable 2017/18 
The EJRA committee will meet to consider applications submitted by the deadlines set out below in a gathered field exercise in late Michaelmas and early Hilary term
Deadline for individuals to send completed EJRA 1 to Director of Human Resources 5pm on 30 September 2017
Deadline for departments to submit forms EJRA 1 and 2 to Head of Division 27 October 2017
Deadline for Head of Division to send forms EJRA 1, 2 and 3 to Director of Human Resources 24 November 2017
Deadline for individuals to respond to the departmental and divisional submissions 1 December 2017