Staffing figures

An analysis of the university workforce is carried out each year on behalf of the Personnel Committee. The following reports are taken from the most recent analysis. For further information or other reports, please contact the HR Information Team within Personnel Services via

Please note: Since 2007 the staff groups presented in these reports have been based primarily on the university's staff classification system. All figures presented show the position as at 31 July 2013 unless otherwise stated.

Staffing Figures 2012/13

The total number of staff across the University was 11,804 on 31 July 2013.

  31 July 2013
Headcount 11,804
Full time equivalent 10,766.8

Source: CORE personnel

The data for 2012/13 is presented in tables and charts, which can be viewed below. Alternatively, all tables and charts for 2012/13 are provided in one pdf booklet to download in the Documents section on the right hand side.

Staff in post profile

The total number of staff across the University as at 31 July 2013 was 11,804 (Table 1).

Headcount by staff group  Table 1 (14kb)    Chart 1 (6kb)
Headcount of part-time staff by staff group    Chart 2 (6kb)
Headcount of full-time and part-time staff by year    Chart 3 (128kb)
Full-time equivalent (FTE) by staff group  Table 2 (14kb)  Chart 4 (6kb)
Headcount and full-time equivalent (FTE) by division and staff group  Table 3 (27kb)  Chart 5 (159kb)
Headcount by division and staff group    Chart 6 (41kb)
Headcount by national origin    Chart 7 (68kb)

Staff costs analysis

An analysis of staff costs, based on data provided by the Finance Division, is included in the staffing figures (Chart 8) with the pay bill broken down by staff group. The highest proportion of the pay bill is spent on research staff (34.1 per cent) followed by academic staff (22.3 per cent).

Paybill by staff group   Chart 8 (78kb)  
Headcount by staff group and overall source of basic salary Table 4 (22kb)    
Headcount by source of basic salary and staff group    Chart 9 (164kb)
Headcount by staff group and detailed source of basic salary  Table 5 (144kb)  
Headcount by funding source    Chart 10 (13kb)
Full-time equivalent (FTE) by staff group and detailed source of basic salary  Table 6 (26kb)  

Turnover figures

The overall turnover rate amongst permanent staff was 7.4 per cent. As in previous years, there are variations between staff groups (Table 7).

Staff turnover (permanent staff)  Table 7 (10kb)

Diversity analysis

For further information on the University’s work to support equality and diversity, visit Equality and Diversity

In response to the introduction of the Public Sector Equality Duty in April 2011, the University will move to an integrated equality report, which can be viewed at Public Sector Equality Duty.

A priority of the University’s equality and diversity work is to address the under-representation of female research and academic staff in science and medicine through the achievement of Athena SWAN best practice awards. More information about this work can be found at Athena SWAN.

Age distribution by staff group  Table 8 (19kb)    
Age distribution by gender    Chart 11 (127kb)
Age distribution by division    Chart 12 (52kb)
Gender profile by detailed staff group    Chart 13 (94kb)
Gender profile of academic staff by division    Chart 14 (152kb)
Gender profile of clinical and non-clinical academic staff    Chart 15 (18kb)
Analysis of distinction titles by gender    Chart 16 (13kb)
Gender profile of individuals awarded the title of Professor or Reader    Chart 17 (15kb)
Percentage of female staff by staff group, 2012 and 2013    Chart 18 (70kb)
Ethnicity by staff group    Chart 19 (13kb)
Disability profile by staff group    Chart 20 (136kb)