Operational updates

Amendments to webpages, and updates to pro-forma documentation are listed in the operational updates below.

No 16 December 2014

Staff Classification

The Staff Classification tables have been updated (latest version headed Sept 2014)

Maternity leave calculator

A maternity leave calculator has been developed to replace the discontinued maternity 'tables'

Internship guidance

New web guidance  (as advised October 2014)

Unauthorised absence guidance

New web guidance (as advised  October 2014)

Pre-employment health questionnaire - Core template -

Downloadable Core template of the pre-employment health questionnaire (Data service using departments can request a non-Core version)

Personnel Services Organisation Chart

New organisation chart (October 2014)

Leave for other reasons: Visits to doctors, etc.

Updated guidance in line with revised sickness absence guidance

No 15 April 2014

Contract templates

The attachment concerning auto-enrolment for pensions has been updated to reflect changes to PAYE thresholds and Lower Earnings Limits which took effect on 5 April.  The references to current tax year thresholds have been replaced with a link to the HMRCs webpages giving current year figures so that the attachment will not require annual updates.  

Maternity leave calculator

The HMRC maternity tables are no longer being published and we have therefore replaced them with an Excel calculator which will automatically calculate the qualifying week,  and other key dates.

People Strategy

The new People Strategy can be downloaded as a Powerpoint presentation from the 'About Us' pages of the website.  An Organisation Chart for Personnel Services is also available.

Research passports

Guidance updated to reflect name change from Oxford Radcliffe Trust to Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.  The offer letter has also been updated to reflect this change.

No 14 - March 2014


New guidance on the management of secondments has been published, and a new area set up on the jobs pages where secondments can easily be identified

Managing sickness

The sickness guidance and pro-formas have been significantly revised (see PERS(13)13 for details)

Induction and Probation

The guidance on induction and management of probation have been revised (see PERS(13)13 for details)

Reward and Recognition

Web guidance is available on managing these schemes, including an FAQ page

Job evaluation:
generic job descriptions

The web guidance has been updated, reflecting changes to the grading process and a new page of new generic job descriptions is available

Academic job templates

The further particulars for academic posts (associate professors, non-clinical and clinical professors) have been updated


The guidance on the Employer Justified Retirement Age has been updated (see PERS(14)03 for details)


The maternity leave guidance has been updated with a reference to surrogacy

Offer letter template

The list of documents acceptable for confirming entitlement to work in the UK has been updated in line with the changes concerning Bulgarians, Romanians and Croatians.

Job description checklist

In line with the revision of the guidance on job description the check list has been updated so that the number of duties is reduced from 15 to 10


No 13 - August 2013

Job description
and selection criteria template

The statistical information for 2011/12 has been updated.  The latest version is 2.1.

Holiday calculator

A holiday calculator for the period 1 Oct 2013 to 30 Sept 2014 is now available

New Equality Policy

References to the Equality policy have been updated to reflect the newly published revised policy

Marie Curie Fellows - pensions explanation (47kb)

This document explains the funding arrangements for pension for those funded by the EC's Marie Curie schemes.  For students Research Services will include it in the suite of documents they issue.  For researchers and postdoctoral fellows it can be downloaded, together with the contract from contract templates page.

No 12 - Contract updates May 2013

Changes to contractual documentation

Offer letter

Optional new paragraphs referring to www.internationalstaff.ac.uk to be included for staff moving to Oxford

Cover letter

An optional paragraph for backdated regradings has been added to the contract cover letter.

Contract templates (non-Core)

- revised Data Protection Policy paragraphs

- inconsistencies in terminology standardised (previously referred to letter of appointment and contract, this has been standardised to contract)

- support staff contract only: holiday entitlement for part-time staff now expressed in hours rather than days, to reflect calculator

Core contract templates

These were updated in May 2013 and the latest version 3 templates should now be used. 

Now available are the Core contract cover letter and Core conditional offer letter.

No 11 - May 2013

Employer Justified Retirement Age

The words "extended employment" has replaced "continued employment". New information in the practical guidance section for prospective staff members.

Update to Section 3.5 (Superannuation) in both staff handbooks

Section 3.5 in both staff handbooks for academic-related staff and support staff has been updated to include auto-enrolment.

Offer letter

Updated "List of documents which are acceptable for confirming entitlement to work in the UK" (list A and list B)

Maternity and Adoption Leave

Maternity and Adoption leave guidance has been updated to clarify that childcare voucher scheme and salary sacrifice scheme operate differently during unpaid leave.

No 10 - March 2013

Parental leave increased With effect from 8 March parental leave is increased from 13 to 18 weeks for each child.
Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB) Reference to the CRB has been replaced with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) within the University Enhanced Level Screening and DBS screening pages.  If you have the old CRB screening page bookmarked you will need to update it to the DBS screening page.
Maternity tables updated The maternity tables showing important dates for SMP and maternity leave have been updated.
CROS/PIRLS Information about this year's CROS and PIRLS surveys has been added to the Research Staff pages.

No 9 Contract updates February 2013

The contract templates and offer letter were updated in February 2013.  Changes made are as follows

Changes made to the offer letter
CRB:  reference to the Criminal Records bureau has been replaced with Disclosure and Barring Service
List of documents which are acceptable for confirming entitlement to work in the UK: information about refugees and asylum seekers has been updated.
 Changes made to CMS (employee) contracts
CRB: ”enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosure”  replaced with “appropriate Disclosure and Barring Service check”
Version date: added in footer
Long service leave:  “(pro-rata for part-time appointments.)” added  at the end of the paragraph
'Self-financing' contracts:  please contact your HRBP if you wish to use this contract type
Declaration:   New, additional final sentence: “I understand that it is my responsibility to advise the University immediately of any change to my circumstances which may affect my employment.”
Pensions: new paragraphs replace existing
Data Protection: new paragraphs replace existing
List of enclosures: updated with information about auto-enrolment attachment
New attachment: information about auto-enrolment, which must be included with every contract
Senior Clinical Research Fellow:available from your HR Business Partner
Departmental Lecturer: now in the new template format
Marie Curie fellow contracts:  updated to include necessary new information about auto-enrolment for pensions
Changes made to casual worker letters of engagement
Pensions: new paragraphs
New attachment: information explaining that assessment for auto-enrolment for pensions  is deferred for 3 months
Version date: added in footer

No 8 - February 2013

August 2012 pay uplift

The website has been updated with information reflecting the August 2012 pay uplift (implemented 1 January 2013). (Circular PERS(13)01)

Casual pay spine and equivalent grades

The latest table showing hourly rates for casual staff, and equivalent grades, is available to download from the Casual worker pages

Flexible retirement

The flexible retirement pages have been updated to reflect the fact that this now extends to support staff

Bronze Athena SWAN award

Standard text for this award has been added to the Job description and selection criteria template for relevant departments. This latest template is now v.2 and supercedes all other versions.

No 7 - January 2013


Pensions have now sent formal notification to all relevant support staff of the changes to the OSPS retirement scheme which comes into effect on 1 January 2013.  All information regarding OSPS can be found on the Pensions website.

Apprenticeship scheme

A new section on Apprenticeships at the University has been added within the Information for Staff area.

Consultancy Policy and Procedures

A link to the Consultancy Policy and Procedures has been included in Section 5: codes of practice, policies and procedures of the academic-related staff handbook.

Academic further particulars

The further particulars for University Lecturerships, CUF Lecturershps and Clinical Professors have been updated to include details on Athena Swan.

Visitor Agreement

A revised  Visitor Agreement (34kb) is available.

Increment due dates

Full guidance on increment due dates, including a table giving incremental dates for all standard grades is now available.