Staff Immigration Team

New: The Work Permits Desk has been renamed as the Staff Immigration Team and from 1 August we will be implementing new procedures.

The new requirements and procedures will be explained in the training sessions we are running between 24 June and 30 July and you'll find details on our training pages.

The training sessions will also cover the data centralisation exercise and, once you have been trained, you will need to use this form Data Checklist for Existing Tier 2 & Tier 5 migrants (56kb) .

Please send data, and any questions about the data centralisation exercise to

Data Protection Consent form - PLEASE NOTE that a Data Protection Consent form (463kb) must be completed for all (new and existing) Tier 2 & Tier 5 migrants not on a University contract (i.e. all Tier 2 & Tier 5 migrants from Colleges and all Tier 5 migrants from Departments) giving written permission for the University to process their data.

We will be changing areas of our website over time and will email updates to inform of these changes. Due to the number of references it will take some time before we amend all references to the Work Permits Desk, hence, in the interim please read Work Permits Desk to mean Staff Immigration Team.

The guidance on this website should answer most of your questions regarding Certificates of Sponsorship and work visas. However, if you require any practical advice on procedures or the likelihood of obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship in particular circumstances please contact us.

All individuals wishing to work in the UK must be entitled to do so before they can be employed, and must be able to prove their right to work to any prospective employer. Employers have a legal responsibility to check all potential employees' right to work in the UK before work commences (see Right to Work Checks for further information and detailed guidance on the procedures to be followed).

As a general rule, most overseas nationals from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) require approval to work in the UK from the Home Office, although there are some exceptions to this. Please see details of overseas nationals exempt from immigration control.

The Home Office Points-Based System is used to determine overseas migrants’ rights to enter and work in the UK. Currently there are five ‘tiers’ (and several sub-tiers) in the points-based system

Data Protection Consent form

About us

The University's Work Permits Desk processes applications for Certificates of Sponsorship and visa extensions under Tier 2 (General) for sponsored skilled workers with a job offer, Tier 5 (Government Authorised Exchange) for temporary workers and applications for a Worker Authorisation (Purple) Registration Certificate for Croatian nationals.

Any other visa applications such as Tier 1, Indefinite Leave to Remain (settlement) and EEA family permit applications should be dealt with by the individual, although we would be happy to give advice where possible.

It is the responsibility of each department to track the expiry date of all migrants' leave to remain in the UK and act on this as necessary.