Pre-employment screening


All offers of employment at the University should be made subject to satisfactory pre-employment checks; most checks need to be completed before employment can commence. There are a number of standard and compulsory pre-employment checks required for all posts. Depending on the nature of the role, some posts may require additional checks, which in some cases may also be a legal requirement.

Some pre-employment checks can be intrusive and ask applicants to provide highly sensitive personal information and it is therefore essential that they are appropriately and proportionately applied.  However, some posts in the University involve access to highly sensitive information, valuable items, dangerous materials, or vulnerable people and in such cases appropriate additional checks may be necessary to prevent inappropriate recruitment of those who may intend to cause harm.

Posts that may require additional checks should be thoroughly risk-assessed prior to advertising. Any pre-employment checks required for the role should be clearly stated in the job description and advert, so that applicants are aware of the screening they would undergo if chosen for the role. For further details, see: ‘Planning a recruitment’.

Please read the sections below before commencing any pre-employment checks:

CoreHR record-keeping

Pre-employment checks must be recorded in in all cases.