Variation of duties

This scheme, which takes effect from Michaelmas Term 2015, is designed for academic staff holding Associate Professorships jointly with college Tutorial Fellowships.  It provides for periods with variation in the balance of duties between the college and university parts of joint appointments, so enabling academics to focus on different aspects of their work at different stages in their careers. For instance, individuals may wish to focus for a period on developing their research or establishing a new taught course; or they may wish to reduce their teaching and protect their research while they take their turn in an administrative role either for the University or for their College.

The scheme

The Scheme is described in outline and in full detail and is also available to download from the links to the side of this page. It is designed to promote fair access to Variation and to ensure that any duties of which an academic is temporarily relieved, in particular the teaching and the support of students, are properly covered by suitable alternative arrangements. The approach to making, and paying for, such arrangements is set in separate guidance, 'Provision of cover and associated costs'.

Record of agreements for Variation

In each case, the Variation must be agreed in advance by the individual, the University, and the College; and a form (VoD Record of Agreement (48kb) is provided for recording that agreement.