February HRIS User Bulletin


Personnel and Recruitment Updates

New Features and System Updates

Hints, Tips and Reminders

HRIS User Support Arrangements


February Bulletin

This is the second HRIS User Bulletin for users of CoreHR. With this bulletin we aim to provide you with a summary of essential HRIS information, which this month includes an update on the plans for Personnel rollout, important information regarding data quality to support Athena Swan applications and recruitment enhancements.

Personnel and Recruitment Updates

Plans for roll-out of full access to Personnel

At the meeting on 22 February 2012, the HRIS Programme Board will be asked to approve plans for the phased roll-out of full (input and update) access to the Personnel module. The first wave of departments and divisional offices are already live and the implementation plan proposes four subsequent monthly waves running from March to June. Introductory meetings have already taken place with the departments to be included in wave 2. Training has been provisionally arranged to take place during March for wave 2, dependent on Board approval of the roll-out plans.

The HRIS Programme team will update you on the outcome of the Board meeting and what this means for arranging your full access to the system.

In the meantime, we would like to hear from you if you are interested in gaining read-only access to the Personnel module before the full roll-out of the system. This ‘read-only’ level of access will enable you to view details of personnel records for your department and to access some pre-defined reports.   

For more information please contact hris@admin.ox.ac.uk.

Impact of Personnel go-live on use of Core e-Recruitment

Unless you are a user of e-Recruitment in a Personnel wave 1 department, you should not have noticed any changes to your use of e-Recruitment as a result of the Personnel module going live. The HRIS Support Centre would like to hear from you if you have encountered anything different via hr.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk.

Users of e-Recruitment in departments live with Personnel will be using the system differently in order to benefit from the continuity of process between the two modules. Updated e-Recruitment Quick Reference Guides for users of Personnel will be made available shortly and will include the information provided at and following, the recent introductory meeting for Personnel wave 1 users.

PDF Solution

The HRIS Support Centre is currently testing the central server solution provided by Core to resolve issues some users are experiencing with the production of the PDF shortlisting packs. Once implemented, the dependency on the local desktop will be removed meaning that all users (including those on Windows 7 and beyond), will be able to produce their own shortlisting packs.

In addition, the move to a central server offers the following benefits:

  • The ability to return to other work while the PDF files are being generated. You will receive an email notifying you when the job completes.
  • PDF files are generated overnight for applications once they are submitted, removing the need for you to initiate this.  (NB: You can still generate PDFs for individual applications as required.)
  • Should errors occur during the PDF generation process (due for example, the use of unrecognised fonts in the files attached by applicants), both you and the HRIS Support Centre will be notified by an automated email. The support team will create the PDF outside the automated process and then notify you that it is ready for you to include in the generation of the merged pack.

Testing of this new functionality was due to take place in three departments in the week commencing 13 February. Unfortunately, technical issues arising from the power outages experienced last week have required the dedicated attention of the technical resources required to support this testing exercise. Testing will be rescheduled after which we will provide you with information about the central implementation which will not require the involvement of local IT support.

Correspondence Module

A new version of the CoreHR Correspondence Module was received by the HRIS Support Centre in December. The major anticipated benefits of this upgrade are the removal of dependency on the local desktop and the ability to generate shortlisting grids and other documentation for all text including diacritics. This new version is currently undergoing evaluation and testing. More on this to follow in future updates.

Interview Invite Letter

If your interview invite letter template makes reference to a document called ‘standard procedure for confirming appointments’, please remove this reference.  We have been advised by Personnel Services that this is no longer a current document and that information referenced by this document can now be found on the Personnel Services web pages, document entitled ‘List of documents confirming entitlement to work in the UK’.  If you require assistance with updating your interview invite letter template, please contact hr.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk for help.

New Features and System Updates

Priority Applicants

Process and policy changes for Priority Applicants have now been finalised with Personnel Services, as per their recent communication to Administrators and their updated web pages. CoreHR has also been adapted to help support this process by including a reminder to applicants at the application form completion stage that they must attach their Priority Candidate letter to their application. We are also investigating the possibility of adding a new question into the application form questionnaire section asking applicants to identify themselves as Priority Candidates. More information will be provided as work progresses on this area.

Job Description Template update

A new version of the job description template (v1.7) is available for use.  This new version has an updated introduction section, reflecting the latest facts and figures based on the University’s official 2011 figures.

Application Form update – Source of Advertising

The application form has been amended to include additional options on where applicants found out about the vacancy. This will allow for more granularity in tracking our most successful advertising sources and will soon be reflected in the reports available to you from Richard Bunkham, e-Recruitment Specialist, Personnel Services (richard.bunkham@admin.ox.ac.uk).

Hints, Tips and Reminders

Maintenance of applicant and vacancy statuses

The accurate recording of applicant and vacancy statuses forms the basis of many reports. This information is used to support Athena Swan applications, reporting under the University’s Public Sector Equality Duty, can be required to respond to legal challenge and is required to support right to work legislation. In addition to this, it forms the basis for the reporting provided by Richard Bunkham to analyse the success of advertisements.

Full details of the minimum statuses required to fulfil these obligations are available in the Recruitment Basics Quick Reference Guide: REC00.

Changes to Vacancies

Users are reminded that any changes made to vacancies after they have been authorised need to be notified to the Adverts team to allow accurate capture of vacancy data for tracking and reporting purposes and to ensure that quality/policy and equality standards remain consistent for all advertised posts. If vacancies are already live when changes are applied, and, in particular, if they have already started to attract applicants, changes should be discussed with the Adverts and HRIS Support Centre, in case communication with existing applicants is required or changes are so significant that creation of a new vacancy should be considered. The HRIS Support Centre will be able to advise in each case what the appropriate systems steps should be.

HRIS User Support Arrangements

HRIS User Group

A first meeting of the HRIS User Group was held on 13 December 2011. The focus of the meeting was to establish the Terms of Reference for the group, introduce Pip Elphick as the chair, establish which areas of the University needed to be invited so that their area was adequately represented, and confirm what the future focus of the group should be. Minutes of this meeting are available for review on the new HRIS User Group webpage. At the next meeting we will obtain the view on priorities for improving the recruitment module further.

Interested in joining this group?  We are looking for representatives from the Social Sciences and Humanities Divisions which are under-represented at this group currently.  For more information please contact the chair at pip.elphick@obs-gyn.ox.ac.uk or hris@admin.ox.ac.uk. 

HRIS Support Centre

The new HRIS Support Centre is now in place and additional staff have been recruited to help provide advice and guidance to users and applicants. Two new HRIS Support Officers, Julie Cox and Simon Burford, started in December last year. The team will be taking on the support of the CoreHR Personnel module as it is rolled out across the University in the coming months.

Contact details for the team are:  hr.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk or tel: 01865 (2)87900.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

Guidance and Support

Guidance and updates on e-Recruitment now form an integral part of Personnel Services website. Full details of the recruitment process and supported documentation are incorporated in the Personnel Services web pages and a particular page for CoreHR is available including system availability, login, and arranging access.