February HRIS User Bulletin

Key Dates and Deadlines

News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

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Payroll Project

Key Dates and Deadlines

1% uplift applied in CoreHR

In the January User Bulletin we informed you that the 1% pay uplift had been applied by the Payroll team in Trent and the new salary rates would be applied in Core during early February, to ensure minimal disruption to the ongoing parallel run activity on the Payroll Project.

We contacted you on the day that the new pay rates were being set up in CoreHR to inform you that in addition to seeing the new rates of pay in the system, an additional row would be visible in the salary details tab of the View Position History screen confirming the pay uplift.

The work to apply the 1% pay uplift in CoreHR was completed successfully.

News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

Planned timetable for go-live of the Core Payroll module

Two of the University’s smaller payrolls (Pensioners and Linacre College) have been delivered by Core since July 2012.  Work is continuing on preparations for implementation of the main payroll.  A key part of this is to ensure that payroll information between Core and our current payroll system, Trent, is reconciled so that employees are paid correctly when the cut-over takes place.

Although the initial reconciliation took longer than planned, good progress has been made on this recently. Temporary additional resource has been added to the project team, and a senior consultant from Core is now working on site to help bring this project to a successful conclusion.

The current target date to go-live with the main payroll is May 2013.  This date has been selected so that preparations are completed by the end of March and we can run a real time parallel run at the start of the new Tax Year in April, and go live in May.  In the meantime, we have retained our contract with Trent so that the existing payroll will run until we have successfully cut over to Core.

Further information on the operation of the current interim arrangements for payroll, which will continue until go live, is available on the HRIS Programme website with details of whom to contact for specific queries. If you have any questions about this, please contact Anne Harkness via anne.harkness@admin.ox.ac.uk.

OPENdoor users should note that once payroll is live payroll costing reports will be produced from Core. The project team will contact you closer to the payroll go-live date regarding arrangements for accessing these reports via CoreHR.

Updated Quick Reference Guides

NAV1: updated and enhanced to cover Recruitment and Personnel (merged with the NAV1 Accessing & Navigating CoreHR guide).

PA2j Appoint: TUPE:   taken down from website as per last bulletin as HRIS Data Services now set up all such appointments in CoreHR on behalf of the department.

RQ1c: Cost allocation start date and category guidance updated.

CH10: Maternity/paternity leave or adoption – guidance added on changing dates and importance reiterated of amending pay record on return.

IP4: Running Reports – fully updated and expanded.


IP7: Assign Departmental Roles – supports new PERDEP05_Employee Roles report.

Pension Auto Enrolment Preparation

Further to the communication of 15 February from Julian Duxfield, Director of Human Resources, regarding Auto Enrolment the following documents have been updated to remove guidance on use of opt out forms:

NS0: New Starter Guide

New Starter data collection form

Please note also, that some of the ‘pick lists’ in the data collection form have been updated to reflect new requirements for the HESA 2012/13 return.  Areas affected include Previous Employment Details, Regulatory Body and NHS Contract Grade. Core has been updated to include these new categories.

HESA,REF and Data Validation - a message from Liz Mitchell, IT Services

As some of you may be aware I will be taking up the role of Head of HR Information within Personnel Services with effect from 1st March this year.  Part of my role will include making the HESA staff return annually, as well as a responsibility to review data quality within CoreHR.   As a result I wanted to let you know that, over the coming months, I will be undertaking a series of data validation exercises on the data held in Core.  Requests for further information or data correction will continue to be sent to you from the HRIS Data Services team in the HRIS Support Centre.  I will do my best to make these exercises as straightforward as possible, and look forward to working with you.

Deadlines for Personnel Users: March Payroll




Payroll deadline

Friday 8 March

An overview of Payroll deadlines can be found on the Finance website.

Staff request deadline

Friday 1 March

For staff requests which do not require grading, any requests received by 5 pm on Friday 1 March will be processed by midday on Wednesday 6 March. Staff Requests received after Friday 1 March are not guaranteed to be processed by the payroll deadline. The usual turnaround timings for gradings apply (ten working days).

Support requests for March payroll

Wednesday 6 March

Requests for assistance associated with pay arrangements in March should be received by the HRIS Support Centre by 3 p.m. on 6 March  This is to ensure that sufficient time is available for the team to address your queries ahead of the Friday 8 March deadline.

Payroll cut off for Data Services departments

Wednesday 6 March

Payroll forms should be submitted by 5pm on 6 March.  This is to ensure sufficient time for the HRIS Data Services team to process them for the standard payroll deadline and resolve any queries.


Communication of system availability

In future downtime notification emails from the HRIS Support Centre, users will be provided with information on the requirement for a system downtime, the planned duration and a link to a system availability page.  We will ask you to check this availability page rather than send a further email communication notifying you of when the system returns. 

We hope that this will prove especially helpful following evening downtimes, enabling early starters the following day to check on system availability ahead of logging in to the system.

News, Updates & Reminders for Recruitment Users

Maintenance of departmental contact details

In order to ensure that the list of departmental contact details on this page are up to date, this is a reminder that HRIS Guardians are responsible for advising the HRIS Support Centre of changes and additions to this list as required. 

Corrective measures taken re PDF pack production

As part of improving the PDF conversion process we have now reduced the number of file extension types that can be uploaded by applicants. Applicants can now only submit files with the following extensions:  doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf, and jpg. The online applicant instructions have been updated to inform applicants of this change and to improve the advice to applicants to avoid common errors such as leaving a password or tracked changes on a document.

New webpage for IT Officers

A new section has been added to our website.  Intended for local IT Officers, the webpage describes the current local IT requirements for use of CoreHR, and provides a certification matrix for use of web browsers etc. for departmental users of the system.

Please inform your local IT contact of this new webpage which can be found here, under the Arranging Access section of the CoreHR website.

Private Questions report and shortening of PDF application pack

In response to a request from the User Group for work to be undertaken to reduce the length of the application packs, some of the ‘administration’ information currently included will be removed from the application pack.  To ensure recruitment administrators retain access to details regarding availability for interview etc., the recruitment report ‘RECDEP_47 Private Questions’ has been amended to include all of this information. 

We will be implementing this change in the system next week and a separate email will be sent to users providing detailed information of the impact of this change.

Duplicate employees

The HRIS Support Centre is working with departments to correct the duplicate records that are being created in the system.  It is essential that when setting up a new starter, processing a rehire or a transfer that users perform the necessary checks to establish if a record already exists within the system for that individual.

Please ensure that you check on NI number AND then surname.  This will increase the likelihood of finding a previous record particularly where (as has sometimes been the case) the original record relates to a payment for casual work and no NI number is available to check against.

Performing thorough checks ahead of setting up a record will prevent additional corrective work later.

HRIS User Support Arrangements

HRIS Support Centre

The Support Centre and the Reward team receive a large increase in the number of calls and emails in the days leading to payroll admin cut off.  Whilst priority is given to the most urgent queries, it does help both the Support Centre and the Reward team if you continue to try and spread your contact with these teams across the calendar month.  Clearly, this is not always going to be possible but if you can contact these teams at other times in the month instead it will help to ease the pressure on you, the Reward and Support team members in the run up to payroll admin day.

Thank you for your help.

Contact details for the team are:  hr.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk or tel: 01865 (2)87900.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. 

Overnight process switched off - impact for users

To reduce the number of errors reported erroneously to users, we have now switched off the overnight process. The overnight process identified submitted applications that had not yet been converted and converted these to PDF format automatically each night. Although the process was intended to reduce the workload at busy times we were finding that the expected benefits were not being realised and that the process was having a detrimental effect upon users.

We will be monitoring the operation of the PDF server for a period of one month before determining if the overnight job should be switched back on or left off.  QRGs will not be updated to reflect this short term position.  In the meantime, users should generate the PDF pack themselves once the vacancy has closed in the manner described in the QRG REC03 Manage Online Applications.

Any questions should be raised with the HRIS Support Centre.  We would also be interested to receive any feedback from you regarding improvements/problems encountered with the PDF production process over the next month.

Salary advance requests - a reminder from Charles Morgan, Payroll Manager

Requests for salary advances should be restricted to new employees who have commenced employment after the monthly processing deadline. Requests for other advances of salary will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed. As a guideline, an advance of salary will not normally be considered where the value of the advance is less than 20% of the gross pay for that month where there is a shortfall.  Any underpayment of salary will be paid in the following month.

Payroll Project

Checking payroll data

 As we move closer to going live with the Core payroll module, it will be helpful for departments to check their payroll data carefully.  This is important to ensure that people are being paid correctly (see interim arrangements) but also to check that the costing details set up by departments in Core are accurate.  If costing details are not accurate in Core at the point of payroll go-live there is a risk that payments will be costed to the wrong location.  Please contact the HRIS Support Centre for guidance if necessary.

Target End Dates

The HR Information team in Personnel Services is reviewing the data quality for all staff on fixed-term contracts of employment as a number of statutory and committee reports require this information.  All appointments where members of staff have been issued with a fixed-term contract of employment require a valid Target End Date to be recorded against the individual’s appointment in Core Personnel.  Please review those staff in your department on fixed-term contracts of employment and make any necessary updates to the individual’s appointment records in Core Personnel:

 For further guidance on processing changes to appointment records in Core the please contact the HRIS Support Centre.

For further guidance and advice on the appropriate type of contract to issue or on following the ending fixed-term contract procedures please contact your Personnel Services HRBP (http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/personnel/contacts/divisions/).

Payment of increments

For increments to be paid to staff it is necessary to ensure that the increment due date is populated.

The next increment is due on 1 April for staff in clinical departments.  Please ensure that increment data is accurate and up-to-date for staff in your department by using the updated PERDEP44 report (see above).

For information on how to update missing or inaccurate increment information please refer to QRG CH17 Manage changes: Changes to Increment Due Date.


Four new personnel reports are now available. Full details via the Reports Library:

PERDEP05: Employee Roles

PERDEP06: Agency workers

PERDEP07: Retirement planning

PERDEP08: Academic appraisals

You may also have noticed on several of the QRGs that a new box has been added on the last page linking to relevant reports. We hope this will be a useful reminder of which reports are available.

New Reports

RECDEP44: Applicant Advert Source

RECDEP48: Appointee Pre-Employment Event Checks

 Updated Reports

PERDEP44: Increment Due Date – additional tabs have been added to highlight where the increment due date is NULL or not future dated.

Contract template updates

The contract templates need to be updated to reflect the changes required under the new auto-enrolment for pensions regulations.  A number of other minor changes are being implemented at the same time which have been kept on hold so that the templates could be changed in one go, thereby minimising disruption for departments. The Personnel Services contracts web pages have been updated with the new wording and a summary of the changes.  The new template wording should be used for all new starters from 1 March.  

Where a contract has already been issued for a new starter from 1 March it is not necessary to issue a new contract, but the individual should be given the information sheets about auto-enrolment, which will also be available from the Personnel Services website. 

Full details regarding the contract changes will be circulated separately by Personnel Services.

In addition, the job description template has been updated with an optional paragraph about Athena SWAN. 

The contract templates for use with CoreHR are currently being updated and will be available shortly from the same location on the Personnel Services website.  All Core users will receive further guidance by email explaining how to incorporate the updated contract templates in their use of the system.  (Please note that it will be necessary to save the updated versions of the contracts to your PC and that we will notify you of the date from which it will be possible to start using the new templates with Core.)