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    News and reminders

    Revised process for ending fixed-term contracts

    The procedure for ending fixed-term contracts has been revised, following consultation with departmental colleagues and staff representatives.  The key change affecting use of CoreHR is the removal of the “priority candidate” closing date.

    With immediate effect vacancies posted onto the website should no longer include a ‘priority candidate’ closing date in the How to Apply section of the Job Description, and applications no longer need to be reviewed halfway through the advertised period.

    QRGs REC01 Creating a Vacancy (Recruitment and Personnel) (960kb) and REC03 Managing Online Applications (1,408kb) have been updated accordingly, as has the template and the fixed term contract extension template letter (see item below).  Please ensure that you update local versions of the job description accordingly.  We are also considering whether the guidance on managing trial periods on the system needs to be changed – we will provide an update in March’s Bulletin.

    For full policy guidance please refer to circular PERS(15)03 (208kb)

    Recording Shared Parental Leave

    As from 5 April 2015, Shared Parental Leave (SPL) will replace the arrangements under Additional Paternity Leave and Pay.  The provisions apply to eligible parents whose children are due to be born or placed for adoption, on or after 5 April 2015.  You can see full details of the provisions on the Personnel Services webpage on Shared Parental Leave (SPL).

    We have made the following changes to reflect the new arrangements:

    •  Introduction of a new appointment action code (Shared Parental leave) and related reason codes plus removal of some reason codes no longer required.
    •  Updates to the appointment UDF Appt:mat/pat/adoption leave forms to enable you to record the additional forms required.
    •  Production of a matrix providing guidance on recording all types of family leave in Core Personnel.
    •  Report PERDEP45_Employee Absence has been updated to include the new reason code.
    •  Full details can be found in the updated CH10 Family Leave (734kb), which we have renamed.

    Reward and Recognition Scheme – two new UDFs

    Following the first year of the Reward and Recognition Scheme, we have reviewed the process and mechanisms for recording and reporting on nominations and awards made under the scheme.

    The UDF that we created for the 2013/14 scheme year captured information about the Awards for Excellence Scheme and Recognition Scheme in one field.  To try and improve data quality for the next scheme year, and to facilitate clearer reporting, we have created two new UDFs for the 2014/15 year – one for the Awards for Excellence Scheme and one for the Recognition Scheme.

    The primary purpose of recording nomination and award information in these UDFs is to enable the data to be analysed both at a local level and centrally.  This is only possible if all nominations and awards are entered into Core.  Last year we achieved 70% completion.  We are grateful to those departments who completed their data but for it to be of any use centrally we need 100% completion of these screens.

    We have updated QRG CH26 Reward and Recognition Scheme (395kb) to reflect the new UDFs.  It includes guidance on notifying Payroll of the awards made (unchanged from last year) in addition to a step-by-step guide on completing the new UDFs.

    We are currently updating the report PERDEP47_R&R Scheme Monitoring to reflect the new UDFs.  This will be available at the end of March.

    The old Reward and Recognition Scheme UDF has been renamed Appt: ZZ R&R Scheme 2013/14 Archive and will be remain available to view.  If you wish to make any retrospective updates to this UDF, please contact the HRIS Support Centre for advice.

    Data Services users will be contacted separately to confirm the process for providing data for the new UDFs.

    Fixed - issue with missing allowances on transfers

    As reported in the September 2014 Bulletin, we have been experiencing an issue with the system removing allowances added to a transfer, where the commencement date was in the future. The workaround was to add the allowance/s after you have commenced the appointment.

    We are pleased to report that a fix has been successfully implemented and you can now add allowances at the point of processing the transfer.

    Recording start and end dates in CorePersonnel

    We have formalised the guidance on the effective dates to use when processing a new starter and ending an appointment in CorePersonnel to ensure the employee receives the correct pay.  You can find the guidance on our website. Please ensure you refer to it in conjunction with the relevant QRG.

    Updating academic records

    Divisional Offices are reporting issues with data being entered by departments where responsibility for administration lies with the division. Before making any changes to employee records, please refer to the ‘PayAdmin by’ field in the ‘view appointment’ screen.  Some departments have access to academic records where the responsibility for maintaining them sits with the division. You should only make updates to records that you are responsible for administering.  If you believe a change needs to be made to a record that is administered by the division, you should contact the division to discuss and agree the changes required.

    Creating non-employee records

    Duplicate employee records are being created in CoreHR due to insufficient data being entered for non-employees. When creating non-employee records in CorePersonnel it is essential that you enter all of the mandatory person information as detailed in the QRGs.  We have identified a significant number of non-employee records where the initials and date of birth are missing. This is affecting users’ ability to search effectively for existing records, leading in some instances to the creation of a duplicate record.

    Some non-employees must have a record in CorePersonnel to enable the individual to gain access to Oracle Financials.  While these records only need minimal information to be entered, it is important that sufficient person details are recorded to allow them to be returned in search results.  The full name, initials and date of birth are mandatory for all CorePersonnel records.

    Please also remember that your salary approver must approve the £0.00 salary lines created for non-employees.  Currently there are a number of non-employee records with outstanding salary approvals dating back to last year.  You can use PERDEP20_Monthly Personnel Changes report to check whether you have any outstanding approvals in your department.  Run the ‘Approved Salary Changes’ tab and edit the parameters to show ‘non-employee’ in the employee status field. Unapproved salary changes will be highlighted in red.  

    Royalty payments

    We have created a new department code to manage royalty payments (ZA – Royalties) which will be for Payroll use only.  From now on all new royalty ONLY payments will continue to be processed via Casual appointments but will now be held under the new Royalties department code.  Any existing recipients who ONLY receive royalty payments will be transferred by Payroll to a new Casual appointment under the Royalties department when their next payment is processed.  

    You will therefore notice that individuals in receipt of royalty payments, who previously appeared as Casuals on your HRIS reports, will cease to appear on your reports when a further royalty payment is processed for them.

    If you have any queries about employee records currently held in your department please contact Val Drew.

    Data Quality

    New data quality validation report

    The HR Information team is launching a new report, which will validate the quality of data in your area of responsibility in Core Personnel.  You should run this report every month to ensure that data quality in your area is high.

    Report name: HRINFO_01 Data Quality Validation

    This report will make data quality checking easier in four ways:

    1. Colour traffic-light flags indicate appointments needing attention
    2. Helpful messages guide you to the issue quickly
    3. Companion website (see below) provides detailed guidance, screenshots and links to Quick Reference Guides
    4. The report will only return data anomalies based on pre-defined rules

    This report is intended to replace some of the data quality communications you may have received from the HR Information and HRIS Data Services teams.

    Using this report regularly will bring the following benefits:

    • Incorporate the report into your monthly routine and receive fewer queries
    • Enhanced ownership and confidence in the data being returned to HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) and other external returns
    • Improved information security by reducing data-containing emails

    The report has been piloted in all Divisions and has received approval from the Reports Review Group.  

    Alongside the report the team is also launching a companion wepage containing detailed guidance on many Core fields.

    Companion website: http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/personnel/hrinfoteam/hesadataentryguidance/.

    The HR Information team would welcome feedback and questions on the report and website. Please e-mail hris.dataquality@admin.ox.ac.uk.

    End dates on user defined fields (UDFs)

    We have noticed that some users are adding end dates to Person and Appointment-based UDFs (see example below of the UDF Appt: Source of funding).  Please note that you should only add an end date to a UDF where the QRG specifically states that this is necessary.  Reports containing UDF data may be written to include certain records based on the presence or absence of an end date on the UDF.  It is therefore essential that you follow the guidance for the specific UDF that you are updating, to ensure the accuracy of reports.

    End dates on UDFs 2  

    How to...?

    Change the start date on a transfer request

    Transfer Date set incorrectly - Transfer Requested Stage

    If the transfer date has been set incorrectly, or changes during the process of requesting the transfer and before the transfer has been approved the receiving department need to complete the following steps;

    Go to New Appointments > go to Transfer In Tab > search for employee > click the "Select" button > enter Transfer Status as "Requested" > enter correct Start Date > enter Comments > click "OK" button.

    Transfer Date set incorrectly - Transfer Approved Stage

    If the transfer date has been set incorrectly, or changes during the process of approving a transfer and the transfer has been approved the following steps need to be taken:

    Once approved the Transfer request is now read only and can’t be changed. The receiving and originating department agree a new start date off system. When receiving department is appointing ensure Effective Date is set to newly agreed start date. It won’t match the transfer request but the system will allow you to continue.

    HRIS v20 Project

    The v20 Project is underway!

    v20 JPEG small

    The HRIS v20 Project formally commenced on 3 February with a “kick-off” meeting attended by the majority of people who will be directly involved in the Project, including the chair of the HRIS User Group, Roni McGowan.  The project team are all in place now and have access to a v20 test environment so they can begin to analyse the features of the new version. This is a key activity for the project and the testing team in particular.

    How we will keep you informed

    We want to keep you updated on the progress of the Project, without overloading you with too much detail.  From this month onwards we will include a regular feature in the HRIS Bulletin and from mid-March a dedicated Project page will become available on our website, where we will begin to provide you with information such as a project timeline and a video showing some of the key features of v20.  We will let you know when this webpage is live.

    Your v20 Project representative

    We have agreed with the members of the HRIS User Group that they will act as user representatives for the Project.  Throughout the Project their remit will include specific responsibilities for two-way communication with users within their division, ensuring that you are well informed about the Project’s progress, the implications for you, and who to approach with any questions or feedback.  We will provide details of the representative for your division, along with the mechanisms for contacting them, in next month’s Bulletin and on the new webpage.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions about any aspect of the HRIS v20 Project, please e-mail HRIS@admin.ox.ac.uk.

    HRIS User Support

    The Support Centre is relocating 6th – 9th March

    IT Services is moving out of the Hythe Bridge Street offices and into Dartington House on a phased basis over the next few weeks and we are part of the group moving over the weekend of 6 – 9 March.  On Friday 6 March therefore, the HRIS Support Centre will be packing up in preparation for the move into the new offices in Little Clarendon Street.  To enable this to happen, the Support Centre phone lines will close at 4.00pm on Friday 6 March.  We expect to be fully up and running in our new offices first thing on Monday morning but please bear with us if we are not answering the phones from 8.30am on Monday 9 March. 

    Following the move, all telephone and email contact details will remain unchanged.  The majority of our training will continue to be delivered at Hythe Bridge Street for the next few months. 

    We will send an email closer to the time reminding users of the 4.00pm closure on 6 March and setting out our new address.

    Easter closure arrangements

    The HRIS Support Centre will be closed from 5pm on Thursday 2nd April 2015 until 8.30am on Tuesday 7th April 2015.

    Support for applicants

    A message will be placed on the University’s Jobs and Vacancies webpages advising applicants of the office closure over the Easter period with the dates as above.  Please be aware that behind the scenes, the support team will be monitoring the availability of the online recruitment system.

    Staff requests and adverts

    Please note that Personnel Services will be closed from 5pm on Wednesday 1st April 2015 until Tuesday 7th April 2015.  No staff requests or adverts will be processed between 1pm on Wednesday 1st and Monday 6th April inclusive.

    Updated templates – offer letter and fixed term extension

    1.  Conditional offer letter (PERS_CondOfferStd_v2)

    Updated the link to the new International Staff web pages (found on the Personnel Services website), for new staff members who are coming to work for the University from overseas.

    2.  Contract extension letter template (PERS_Cont_)

    The template has been updated in line with the recent changes to the guidance and procedure on the end of fixed-term contracts.

    How to update the templates

    You will need to download these latest versions from the Personnel Services website and save them in your C:\Coreapps\ folder without changing the filenames. You will need the Personnel Services username and password to access these documents - if you don’t know them, please e-mail Personnel.Services@admin.ox.ac.uk, including your contact number in the email, and a member of the team will telephone you with the details.

    NB Please ensure that when looking at this webpage, you refresh (Ctrl + F5) to ensure you are looking at the latest versions.

    If you have any issues downloading or generating any of these documents, please contact the HRIS Support Centre.

    NB: Please remember when answering ‘Y’ or ‘N’ to the prompts, you must type the letters ‘Y’ or ‘N’ as capitals to ensure the relevant section is included or excluded as appropriate.

    Updated QRGS and support documents

    Unless there is an urgent need, this is the latest set of updates planned ahead of the upgrade.

    All three QRGs listed above have been updated to include advice regarding turnaround times for gradings and regradings.  Updated guidance on the date to enter for the planned start date.

    - Updated guidance on the date to enter for the planned start date.

    REC01 Creating a Vacancy (Recruitment and Personnel) (960kb) – Updated guidance on the number of days required by the Adverts Team to review and approve a vacancy. Formatting updated for consistency.

    REC02 Managing Paper Applications (229kb) - updated to reflect changes in the process for managing priority candidates, as per the item above.  Formatting updated for consistency.

    REC03 Managing Online Applications (1,408kb) – updated to reflect changes in the process for managing priority candidates, as per the item above.  Formatting updated for consistency.

    REC04 Managing Vacancies and Appointments (817kb) – formatting updated for consistency

    – updated to include guidance on shared parental leave, as per the item above.

    CH26 Reward and Recognition Scheme (395kb)– updated for scheme year 2014/15, as per the item above.

    PA10 Maintaining Right to Work Data (227kb) – updated to include ”Working overseas” as per October’s Bulletin item.

    Data Services staffing changes

    There have been some recent changes to the Data Services team as follows: Helen Child has taken on a new role as Business Support Officer within the Support Centre and consequently the Data Services team will now be line managed by Mandy Zaccheo.  

    Michelle Williams has taken on a new role as Project Administrator for the HRIS v20 Project on a part time basis (50%), but will continue in her Data Services role for the remainder of her time. 

    We have advised Data Services users by e-mail of these changes and the implications for their contact arrangements. Our web page has been updated to reflect this change.

    HRIS Support Centre

    Contact details for the team are:  hr.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk or tel: 01865 (2)87900.

    Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 am - 5.00 pm 

    This Month's Deadlines

    Deadlines for Personnel Users: March Payroll

    Please also refer to the March 2015 Payroll Cycle Diagram (14kb)

    Thursday 19 February - 6pm February Supplementary Payroll Deadline Any changes which affect payroll but do not require payroll action/ approval, must be entered and approved within the department by this deadline in order to be included in February's payroll run.
    Friday 20 and Monday 23 February No user input Two clear working days are required during which users cannot enter data, to enable the payroll to be run (reporting, e-Rec and Staff Requests are unaffected).
    Tuesday 3 March Staff Request Deadline

    For Staff Requests which do not require grading, any requests received by this deadline will be processed by midday on Friday 6 March. Staff Requests received after this deadline are not guaranteed to be processed by the standard payroll deadline. The usual turnaround timings for gradings apply (ten working days).

    Thursday 5 March Casual Payments Deadline  Details of casual payments must be received by this deadline in order to be included in this month's payroll run.
    Friday 6 March HRIS Data Services users only: Data Services Admin Deadline Data Services payroll forms should be submitted to the HRIS Data Services team by this deadline.  This is to ensure sufficient time for the team to process them for the payroll deadline and resolve any queries.
    Friday 6 March Support Requests for March Requests for assistance associated with actions for this month's payroll deadline should be received by the HRIS Support Centre by this date. This is to ensure that sufficient time is available for the team to address your queries.
    Tuesday 10 March - 6pm March Payroll Deadline All changes which require payroll action/approval must be entered and approved within the department by this deadline in order to be included in this month's payroll run.
    Monday 23 March March Supplementary Payroll Deadline Any changes which affect payroll, but do not require payroll action/ approval, must be entered and approved within the department by this deadline in order to be included in this month's payroll run.