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Key Dates and Deadlines

News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

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Key Dates and Deadlines

Critical check before setting up new starters

The CoreHR and payroll system operates on the basis of a single record for each individual, and it is extremely difficult to correct records where duplication has occurred.  We are continuing to receive requests to help departments to correct data where a duplicate record has been created. Please ensure you check to see if records already exist for new starters - this will prevent you from having to spend time on correcting the data later.

Before setting up a new employee in the system as part of the appointment process, check if an employee is (or was) already with the University by searching on the NI number.

News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users


The recent changes to the terms and conditions of the Oxford Staff Pension Scheme (OSPS) have been set up in Core, with the creation of six new payroll scheme codes for University employees:

12           OSPS LOWER MAIN




16           OSPS HIGHER MAIN


Posts and employees’ appointment records will be updated to reflect new scheme membership in early February. No action is required by departmental personnel teams, and you should continue with existing processes for pension enrolment of staff eligible for OSPS.

HRIS training programme

We are currently revising our training programme to reflect system updates, user feedback, and the move to a “business as usual” environment.  From February, all HRIS training will be administered and delivered by the HRIS Support Centre. A key change is the provision of a new session - “An Introduction to HRIS” (replacing the previous “Personnel Processes and Concepts”) which will provide new users with valuable context and process information relevant to the CoreHR system as a whole, while also incorporating a hands-on navigation session. This course therefore provides an essential foundation for users of e-Recruitment and Personnel, Approvers and Data Services users, and is also recommended for read-only users.

 In due course, the HRIS training web pages will move to the CoreHR section of the Personnel Services website, but for the time being further information, including dates for the revised courses and booking information, can be found on the training pages of the HRIS Programme website.

Payroll, Staff Request and Support cut-off Dates






Payroll deadline

Friday 8 February

An overview of Payroll deadlines can be found on the Finance website

Staff request deadline

Friday 1 February

For staff requests which do not require grading, any requests received by 5 pm on Friday 1 February will be processed by midday on Wednesday 6 February. Staff Requests received after Friday 1 February are not guaranteed to be processed by the payroll deadline. The usual turnaround timings for gradings apply (ten working days).

Support requests for February payroll

Wednesday 6 February

Requests for assistance associated with pay arrangements in February should be received by the HRIS Support Centre by 3 p.m. on 6 February.  This is to ensure that sufficient time is available for the team to address your queries ahead of the 8 February deadline.


HRIS Data Services team and processing of TUPE transfers in CoreHR

It has been agreed with Personnel Services that all TUPE transfers into the University should be processed in Core by the HRIS Data Services team.  Personnel Services will continue to work with departments on arrangements for TUPE transfers and will coordinate liaision with HRIS Data Services with regard to setting up in Core, staff transferred in to the University.

News, Updates & Reminders for Recruitment Users

PDF solution – update on changes planned/undertaken re: automated emails to users about PDF pack production

We are currently testing the changes surrounding the reduction in the number of file extension types applicants are able to upload as part of their application.

We are also testing the planned stoppage of email error notifications to users. This is in order to reduce the number of instances where error notifications are sent to users due to a delay in processing, whilst the conversion process was actually successful. The notification will continue to be received by the HRIS Support Centre who will investigate all error notifications and resolve issues where required.

Minor process change to recording maternity leave pay changes by payroll

When processing a change to move to unpaid (SMP only) leave during maternity the Payroll team has traditionally recorded an appointment change in Core. This procedure is changing such that the change in pay will still be visible via the View Position History screen but it will no longer be reflected as an appointment change in View Employee Appointments.

Open Issues

In response to a request from the HRIS User Group, a new webpage has been produced to help users.  The webpage provides details of current issues and workarounds and our two new HRIS Support Officers, Michael O'Sullivan and Rachel Kilbee are now taking all your calls and e-mails to the HRIS Support Centre.  They are working with users and providing assistance.  We are interested in your feedback please e-mail:  hr.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk

New & updated Quick Reference Guides

People Profiles Matrix – this new support document has been developed to provide a summary of the key contractual pay and Core post/statuses for the currently agreed ‘people categories’ associated with the University – both employees and non-employees. It is important that the right combination of data is associated with individuals in each of these categories and this document has been designed to help explain these.


CH4b: Set up Clinical Excellence & Clinical Professor Merit Awards


RQ1a: Create Staff Request (New Post) - Category guidance updated, notes added re start date for cost allocations and joint appointments with another HEI.

Note: The category guidance and cost allocation start date changes impact on the staff request and appointment QRGs – these will be updated over the coming weeks.

RQ3: Amend Staff Request (and resubmit) – note added re notification method for approval.

NS0: New Starter Guide– small changes made re cost allocations - note added as a reminder that the cost allocation start date and appointment start date should be the same. Commence - guidance added regarding checking salary set up. Probation - clarification added on use of the probation fields.

CH1: Change: Funding - guidance on saving/closing new allocations updated.

CH3: Change: Hours - note added re making changes to pay details.

CH9: Manage Changes: Contract extension (no change in project or objective of work) - Title expanded for clarity, effective date guidance updated (it should be today's date); and cost allocation guidance changed.

CH10: Manage Changes: Maternity, Paternity or Adoption Leave – guidance changed on Action/Reason codes to use when updating the appointment/pay on return.

EA1: End Appointment(s) - leaving university - multiple dept guidance and Support contact updated.

Leaver Checklist – holiday pay guidance updated to align with QRGs.

Staff Request and Contract Decision Matrix – matrix updated to align with QRG guidance re variable hours contracts.

 Reports Library

The first pages of the new look reports library are now live. There is still more work to do on the home page, and further report pages will be rolled out over the coming weeks. We hope you find the expanded guidance helpful and would welcome your feedback on these new pages.

HRIS User Support

HRIS Support Centre

The Support Centre and the Reward team receive a large increase in the number of calls and emails in the days leading to payroll admin cut off.  Whilst priority is given to the most urgent queries, it does help both the Support Centre and the Reward team if you continue to try and spread your contact with these teams across the calendar month.  Clearly, this is not always going to be possible but if you can contact these teams at other times in the month instead it will help to ease the pressure on you, the Reward and Support team members in the run up to payroll admin day.

Thank you for your help.

Contact details for the team are:  hr.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk or tel: 01865 (2)87900.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. 

1% uplift

During January the 1% pay uplift has been applied by the Payroll team in Trent.  Staff will receive the pay rise and associated back pay in their January pay.

The new salary rates will be applied in Core during early February.  This later application in Core is to ensure minimal disruption to the ongoing parallel run activity on the Payroll Project.


When auto-enrolment for pensions comes on line later this year anyone employed for more than 12 weeks, who meets the minimum age and earnings criteria, will be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme so ensuring that an appointment is promptly ended as soon as the work is completed is important. 

As a reminder casual appointments should be for a maximum of 12 weeks (unless set up as a formal casual teaching appointment on a 12 months casual teaching contract).  Appointments which are known to be for longer than 12 weeks at the outset must be set up as fixed term contracts, and if casual appointments are unexpectedly required for longer than an initial 12 weeks then the member of staff should be moved to an appropriate employment contract with full employment terms after 12 weeks employment.  Further guidance on casual employment and a pro-forma letter of engagement and a People Profile Matrix are available.

Payroll Project

System changes

Costings on allowances – it was appearing as though costings that had existed on allowances and could be seen in the HR module had disappeared from the screen.  Following some investigation it was clear that they were  held in the database although not visible. This was caused by a bug associated with the action of bringing an employee into Payroll. The program has been fixed so that it will not reoccur and the data restored so costings are visible once again.

Pension update

Introducing the 'View Position History' screens!

  View position history screen    

Are you aware of the View Position History screens in Core?

This screen shows salary and allowance details for an employee’s current appointment(s) and previous appointments and is useful for the following reasons:

 Ensuring salary is correct following a change to the record - When a change has been made to an employee’s record which will affect their pay (eg change in hours), the salary details tab should be used to check what details have been sent to the departmental or divisional approver.  This screen is essential to check the effective date and actual pay.

  • Ability to view salaries for multiple appointments - If an employee has more than one appointment in your department you can view the salary for each appointment by selecting the relevant appointment from the Appointments table.
  • Ensuring an Allowance has been recorded correctly – From the Allowances tab you can see what has been sent to the departmental or divisional approver, so as for a salary change you can check the effective date, amount and type of allowance.
  • History of all salary changes and allowances –By selecting ‘View All Appointments’ from the top right of the screen you can see all previous appointments and all the salary history related to those appointments.

 This screen is available from the Selection menu 10 – View Position History.