July HRIS User Bulletin

Key Dates and Deadlines

News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

News, Updates & Reminders for Recruitment Users

HRIS User Support Arrangements

Key Dates and Deadlines

CoreHR Downtime - 24 July 2012, 4.00-6.00pm

As per our email of Thursday 19 July, downtime is required on CoreHR on Tuesday 24 July between 4.00 and 6.00 p.m. The system will become available from 6.00 p.m. as normal.

This downtime is required to allow us to configure the live system for HESA and to prepare for payroll implementation.

Payroll Project - Future Downtimes required

As work continues on the implementation of the CoreHR payroll module, system downtime will be required to ensure that all the necessary data and reference information is properly set up in the live system.  A schedule of downtimes is being created and will be posted on the system availability and login page to assist in your planning.

Payroll, Staff Request & Data Entry cut-off Dates for Personnel Users

Payroll deadline Friday 10 August An overview of Payroll deadlines (which from 1 August 2012 apply equally to casual workers) can be found on the Finance website.
Staff request deadline Thursday 2 August

For staff requests which do not require grading, any requests received by 5 pm on 2 August will be processed by midday on 7 August. Staff Requests received after 2 August are not guaranteed to be processed by the payroll deadline. The usual turnaround timings for gradings apply (ten working days).

Data Entry cut-off date Payroll reports should be run prior to or as close to payroll admin day - 10 August - as possible in order to check the quality of data input and instructions supplied to payroll.  


News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

Personnel Reports

A number of you have been asking about reports available from CoreHR. The reports available currently to users of Personnel are as follows:

  • Staff in post report 
    • Detailed (for export)
    • Summary (for printing)
  • Staff in post FTC detail
    • All FTCs
    • FTCs due to end
    • Funding due to end
  • Payroll reports
    • New starters
    • Changes (9 reports)
    • Leavers
  • New starter checker report

Guidance on how to run these reports can be found at the new web page for support documentation and quick reference guides. More detail on these new web pages later in the bulletin.

The key guides of interest when looking to work with reports are ‘IP4 Running Reports’ and ‘FD8 Running New Starter Checker Reports. 

A further web page is under development which will provide an up-to-date listing of all the reports currently available to departmental and divisional users.

Additional reports have been developed and are currently in testing, prior to release to CoreHR users. More details to follow.

Casual Payroll to become monthly 1 August 2012

In light of the upcoming changes to the casual payroll, first communicated by Finance Division on Friday 1st June, please note that you should continue to use the casual payroll form for all casual workers and casual teaching and related activity. Variable hours employees should be set up using the staff request process. For guidance on clarifying employment status please refer to the Personnel Services website. For more information about the casual payroll becoming monthly please refer to the Finance bulletin.

2011/12 HESA Return - an update from PRAS

This is the first year of CoreHR and the HESA return.  Following Ilana Veitch’s retirement, the team preparing this year’s return are Judith Finch and Liam Murphy in PRAS.  They or Sarah Rowles in Personnel Services may contact you over the coming weeks to ask for missing details.  We are grateful for your time and help in completing the records on the CoreHR system so that the University can make a return to HESA and apologise in advance for the fact that some of these queries are quite detailed!

Updated Quick Reference Guides

Please note that the following quick reference guides have been updated since the June Bulletin and that details of the changes are provided at the start of each guide:

As a reminder, we update the Quick Reference Guides on a regular basis and announce when guides are revised via this bulletin. Please make ensure you make use of the latest version of the guides by referring to the Processes and User Guides section of the Personnel Services website. We are always happy to hear of any queries or suggestions for improvement you may have.

Update on Personnel Rollout

By the end of July, six waves of departments will have gone live with the personnel module. These departments account for 95% of the University’s employees.

For an overview of who is participating in each wave, please refer to the HRIS Programme website. During July the project team has also focused on extending and improving the suite of reports available to personnel users and setting up the CoreHR HESA module.

Payroll Project Update

Good progress is being made with the implementation of the CoreHR Payroll module. The Pensioners payroll is now live on Core, as well as one of the three College payrolls administered by the Payroll team.    The work to implement the Main payroll is also underway; more details on how this will affect CoreHR users will be provided nearer the time of implementation.

If you have any questions about the Payroll implementation, please contact the Payroll Project Manager.

News, Updates & Reminders for Recruitment Users

It is not too late to ensure your data is accurate

The Equality and Diversity Unit will compile the annual recruitment monitoring data in September, reporting on all closed vacancies from 1 August 2011 to 31 July 2012. The move away from the paper based monitoring system, and the new Public Sector Equality Duty means there are greater expectations on the University to deliver accurate data. Therefore it is essential that you update the applicant status at each stage to reflect how each applicant progresses through the recruitment process. Failure to do this will result in an incomplete data set being reported to the Personnel Committee, the Higher Education Statistics Agency and being available to support grant applications, submissions for Athena SWAN institutional and departmental awards and our Public Sector Equality Duty reporting.   
It is not too late for you to review vacancies completed in the past year and at a minimum, ensure the following statuses are available to report on:
  • Applied (automatically applied by the system),
  • Shortlisted (manually added by the recruitment user) and
  • Offer Accepted / Offer Accepted (Personnel) (which status is applied by the user depends on the stage of use with the Personnel module).
Please review the guidance in the Quick Reference Guide REC 00 – Recruitment Basics for assistance if necessary.
If you have any problems changing status codes please contact the HRIS Support Centre.

Recruitment Protocol Guidance by Division

In response to the circular issued by PRAC on 29 May 2012, we have been liaising with Divisions to clarify the position on the approval of staff requests. Please find below the new guidance on divisional recruitment controls. If anything is unclear please contact your Divisional Personnel contact to clarify. Meanwhile, references to the protocol will be amended in the QRGs accordingly during the next few weeks.
  • Where divisional approval is required, this should be processed via Core in the current manner.
  • Recruit in accordance with Humanities Divisional protocol for the release of posts, which is handled entirely off-system.
  • For non-academic posts, that is, posts for which the Faculty issues the contracts, faculties should generate the staff request and self-approve so that it can proceed to the Reward team.
  • For all academic posts, which includes joint appointments, statutory professors, Instructors, Senior Instructors, Departmental Lecturers, and any other post for which the contract is issued by the Division, faculties should not complete a staff request, but contact the academic appointments Officer, Muriel Parsons, who will confirm whether the Faculty should complete the staff request, or whether it will be raised by the Divisional Office. Where Muriel directs faculties to raise requests for these posts, they must be sent to a Divisional approver.
Medical Sciences, MPLS, Social Sciences and UAS
  • Departments to satisfy divisional recruitment controls in accordance with local arrangements, acquiring a protocol approval reference from the division where required.
  • Where it is necessary to seek approval this should be managed off the Core system although departments should quote the protocol approval reference on their staff request prior to self-approving and sending to Personnel Services.

Update on PDF Solution

Implementing the central server solution is now scheduled for 7 August.  Details on how this will affect users including information on the downtime requirements will be circulated in due course.

HRIS User Support Arrangements

Web Page for Support Documentation & Quick Reference Guides

Last month we informed you about the new web page created to collate all CoreHR Quick Reference and other User Guides into a single repository.  The web page allows quick access to these guides via the following categories:

We hope you have found these new pages useful.  In response to feedback received, we are working to further improve these pages by grouping QRG listings so that it will be easier to locate specific guides. If you have any additional comments regarding the layout or content please let us know.

The web page replaces the previous CoreHR launcher page. The launcher page has already been scaled down, now only providing links to the new area of the Personnel Services website.  As advised to you last month, the launcher page will be taken down at the end of July.

HRIS User Group

A third meeting of the HRIS User Group was held on 28 May 2012. Minutes of the meeting will be available online shortly. The next meeting of the HRIS User Group will take place early in the autumn. If you have anything you would like the User Group to consider, please contact the HRIS Programme team.


HRIS Support Centre

Contact details for the team are:  hr.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk or tel: 01865 (2)87900.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.


Guidance and Support

Guidance and updates on e-Recruitment now form an integral part of the Personnel Services website. Full details of the recruitment process and supporting documentation are incorporated in the Personnel Services web pages. The CoreHR section of the website has been enhanced to include the new area for QRGs and support documentation. As announced in the June issue of the HRIS Bulletin, the CoreHR section of the website has been enhanced to include the new area for QRGs and support documentation.

Work continues to progress to integrate the HRIS personnel guides and process documentation in the Personnel Services website.  More details to follow.