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Right to work changes – limited access to data in July

With effect from 1 August 2014 the Right to Work screen in Core Personnel will be updated to support the University’s work to strengthen immigration processes. The new screen which has been developed with the Staff Immigration Team will work in exactly the same way as the existing one but there will be some changes to the data that is recorded. There will no longer be a field to record COS number or visa number, and there will be a new requirement to record the name of the individual who undertook the right to work check.

A new quick reference guide PA10 Maintaining Right to Work Data (227kb) has been created to provide guidance on the new screen.

To facilitate the uploading of existing data to the new screen, the existing screen will not be accessible to users from 18 July 2014 onwards. Data currently held in this screen will then be visible in the updated screen from 1 August, which will be found by following the same menu options as currently (Person Profile>Select Detail>Right to Work). We will e-mail users prior to 18 July 2014 to remind them of the non-availability of the screen.

Data Services forms will be updated to reflect the revised screen and the requirement to ensure this section is accurately and fully completed will be communicated separately to affected departments.

In addition, revised right to work processes for casual workers are currently being finalised. Further information will be provided shortly.

Pay uplift

A Personnel Services circular will be distributed shortly regarding the August 2014 non-clinical pay uplift.  In addition, please refer to the ‘Additional day of “no user input” in July’ section later in this bulletin.

Duplications of referee and qualification details on application forms fixed

We recently implemented a fix to one of our Known Issues where applicants were experiencing problems when copying previous application details. This issue also caused problems for back office users attempting to open the ‘applicant detail report’ and duplicated referee and qualification details could also be seen against some application forms in shortlisting packs.

We are happy to let you know that the fix has been successfully implemented and all users should now be able to open both the ‘applicant detail report’ and the ‘application detail’ report.

Applicant Popup Guidance

  1. Applicant Detail Report - Clicking on the ‘applicant detail report’ button will open a list of all the applications which have been pulled into the back office for a vacancy. This report is designed to help you screen all the applications you have received in one easy to access list.
  2. Application Detail - Clicking on the ‘application detail’ button will open the application form for the highlighted applicant.

Additional guidance can be found in REC03 Managing Online Applications (1,408kb)

Please note that when you click either of these buttons the report will open in a new window. For Windows 7 users this may cause the screen to open in a minimised window or in a new tab in an existing internet browser window.  In order to make sure that the screen opens as a popup window you may wish to view our Bulletin item from last month.

Pre-employment health screening guidance now live

The new process for pre-employment health screening is now live on the Personnel Services website. Click here to view the revised process and to download the new CoreHR pre-employment health questionnaire template, which should be saved in the 'Coreapps' folder on the C drive. Please note this template has been updated since last month’s Bulletin and no longer includes Section 5 – Outcome Of Health Assessment (for UOHS use only). Please ensure that you are using the correct version and older versions of the pre-employment health questionnaires are not used.

If you have any queries about the new process, please speak to your HR Business Partner. For any issues relating to the downloading or generating of the pre-employment health questionnaire, please contact the HRIS Support Centre.

Data Quality

Introduction of the title of “Mx”

In the UK, “Mx” (Mixter) is now the most commonly used and recognised gender-neutral title and has been adopted by many major national institutions such as HMRC, DWP, DVLA, the Identity and Passport Service, many high street banks and some universities. Its implementation in the University’s existing student system (OSS) was also recently approved.

In response to a request from the Equality and Diversity Unit, the title "Mx" is available as an option to select from the title drop down in the Back Office with immediate effect.

Implementing the Associate Professor title in Core – Update

As reported in May’s Bulletin, work is underway to update CoreHR to reflect the new grade of Associate Professor.  We are currently consulting on the final proposals for data changes and over the next few weeks you may spot new reference data items appearing in the system.  The first of these will be the new post and job title of Associate Professor.  This will be available to select for new posts and appointments on the Staff Request and in the back office from Tuesday 15th July.

Existing records have not yet been updated and we will communicate the plan and timetable for this exercise, along with full details of the new data items and guidance on their use, in due course.

Projects Update

OPENdoor decommissioning

As detailed in last month’s Bulletin, the decommissioning of OPENdoor is being scheduled. We are currently awaiting the completion of some dependant technical activity, after which we will be able to confirm exact timescales. The system will continue to be available to departments until at least the end of July.  If there are historic payroll costing reports you would like to run for yourselves ahead of the decommissioning of OPENdoor please do so.  In future this information will be provided to departments on request by the HRIS Support Centre. As soon as we are able to confirm the exact date for the cessation of the system we will notify OPENdoor and HRIS users and provide details of the process for requesting historic payroll costing reports.


How to...?

Quickly find a post in the CorePortal

There is a quick and simple way to find a post in the CorePortal when creating a staff request based on an existing post:

1.   Enter the relevant department in the Department field and click Search.

CorePortal 1

All active posts for that department will be listed below.

CorePortal 2

2.   Press the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ keys on your keyboard at the same time.


3.   Enter the post you are searching for in the Find field, which will now be available on your screen.

 find field

The post will then be highlighted in the Search Results for you to select and use.

Highlighted Post

Create a direct link to specific vacancy

When advertising in external media, you may wish to provide a direct link to a specific vacancy on the recruitment website. To do this, use the link below, replacing the vacancy ID (shown in bold below) with the ID of the vacancy you wish to link to:

To reduce the length of your URL when placing adverts in external media, please refer to our March bulletin

Search by Vacancy ID on the Submit Web Applicants screen

If you want to search by Vacancy ID on the Submit Web Applicants screen follow the steps below:

1.   Navigate to the Submit Web Applicants screen

2.   Click on the Query Mode icon, highlighted in red:

Query mode  

3.   Enter the required Vacancy ID

4.   Click on the Red Tick icon

Red Tick

If there are any applicants waiting to be submitted against this vacancy, the vacancy will appear for you to select.

Vacancy Results

HRIS User Support

Additional day of “no user input” in July for pay uplift implementation

This month the period where users are asked not to make any changes in Core Personnel will be extended by a further day to include Monday 28 July.  This is to enable us to upload and check the new pay rates following the recent pay uplift. This extra day has been included in the August 2014 Payroll Cycle Diagram (20kb)

All other modules, including e-Recruitment, Staff Requests, and Discoverer Reporting are unaffected and can still be used as normal.

New enhancement request process – webpage now live

This month the HRIS user enhancement request process and log are published online for the first time.  This request log has been compiled with the aid of the HRIS User Group and reflects the outstanding enhancement requests received by the HRIS Support Centre from users of CoreHR.  The amount of information available to users about the requests and the plans for addressing each of them is going to increase.  This month you will see a complete list of the requests supplied, but over the next few months more information will be included in this log such as which of the items are expected to be met by the HRIS Upgrade project, which may be met by later projects or by minor changes to process or the system, coupled with timescales (where these are available). 

Please take some time to review the list of items and the request process diagram which sets out how enhancement requests will be considered and the list maintained.  The new process is available for use with immediate effect.

Updated QRGs and support documents


PA10 Maintaining Right to Work Data (227kb) – see item above.


TR3 Manage Course Bookings (472kb) – updated to reflect new Find a Person menu.

– updated to include corresponding “Category” guidance.

HRIS User Group - minutes now available

As reported in last month's Bulletin, the HRIS User Group met on Wednesday 21 May.  The minutes of this meeting are now available on the User Group webpage.

HRIS Support Centre

Contact details for the team are: or tel: 01865 (2)87900.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. 

This Month's Deadlines

Deadlines for Personnel Users: August Payroll

 Please also refer to the August 2014 Payroll Cycle Diagram (20kb)

Wednesday 23 July - 6pm July Supplementary Payroll Deadline Any changes which affect payroll but do not require payroll action/ approval, must be entered and approved within the department by this deadline in order to be included in July's payroll run.
Thursday 24 to Monday 28 July inclusive No user input Two clear working days are required during which users cannot enter data, to enable the payroll to be run (reporting, e-Rec and Staff Requests are unaffected). This month there is an additional day to support the pay uplift implementation.
Friday 1 August Staff Request Deadline For Staff Requests which do not require grading, any requests received by this deadline will be processed by midday on Wednesday 6 August. Staff Requests received after this deadline are not guaranteed to be processed by the standard payroll deadline. The usual turnaround timings for gradings apply (ten working days).
Tuesday 5 August Casual Payments Deadline  Details of casual payments must be received by this deadline in order to be included in this month's payroll run.
Wednesday 6 August HRIS Data Services users only: Data Services Admin Deadline Data Services payroll forms should be submitted to the HRIS Data Services team by this deadline.  This is to ensure sufficient time for the team to process them for the payroll deadline and resolve any queries.
Wednesday 6 August Support Requests for August Requests for assistance associated with actions for this month's payroll deadline should be received by the HRIS Support Centre by this date. This is to ensure that sufficient time is available for the team to address your queries.
Friday 8 August - 6pm August Payroll Deadline All changes which require payroll action/approval must be entered and approved within the department by this deadline in order to be included in this month's payroll run.
Wednesday 20 August August Supplementary Payroll Deadline Any changes which affect payroll, but do not require payroll action/ approval, must be entered and approved within the department by this deadline in order to be included in this month's payroll run.