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Deadlines for Personnel Users: July Payroll

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Deadlines for Personnel Users: July Payroll

Read-only users – access to new screen

Read only users may have noticed this week that they now have a new option listed in the Select Details box on the Personal Profile screen of the employee record – “14 Salary Details”: 

Select Detail for Read Only  

This option takes you to the Maintain HR Salary Amendments screen, which gives details of the salary in the lower half of the screen, as well as any allowances (second tab).  Any changes that are awaiting approval can be viewed in the third tab – “Show Outstanding”.  Please note that in order to view ended as well as current appointments, you can select from the drop down menu as highlighted below:

 VPH Read Only  

We hope that access to this screen will address the queries we have received from some read-only users about limited visibility of salary information.

News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

Real Time Information – update

In April’s Bulletin we outlined the preparations that were underway to ensure that the University was ready to go live with Real Time Information (RTI) on 1 June.  RTI requires all employers to report PAYE information to HMRC in “real time” (i.e. on a monthly basis rather than at end of year).  To ensure the University is able to comply with the new requirements, the following steps have been undertaken:

  1. Data collection: In May, a data collection and cleansing exercise took place and some departments were contacted by the Workforce Information team in Personnel Services with requests to clarify or update staffing information.  Many thanks to all of you who completed the required updates in Core by the 31 May deadline.  Please also see the item below on HESA data collection.
  2. Auto-population of middle name field in Core: Middle names of employees are currently held in the forename field, as at the point the personnel module went live, there was no specific field available for middle name.  In preparation for Real Time Information however, a ‘middle name’ field has been added to the system. On 18 June, a script will be applied to the data held in Core which will automatically move all middle names out of the forename field and into the middle name field.  Some checking of the results will be undertaken but it is possible that where an individual has a double-barrelled forename for example, this may be split incorrectly.  It has also become clear that a number of records only hold middle initial, rather than the full middle name.  If you do spot any incomplete data or errors as a result of the middle name split, please complete or correct the data accordingly to ensure a full and complete return to HMRC.

Please also note the following points:

  • Data quality – casual workers

In April, the University was visited by the HMRC as part of the rollout of RTI. We were commended on the overall quality of our data but advised that we needed to focus on the quality of information supplied for casual workers.

Casual workers are employed on a short term basis and frequently are no longer working for the University by the time they receive their pay.  It is therefore imperative that all the required information is obtained from casual workers as soon as possible after their engagement has been confirmed.  The casual payments form explains what information is required, but as a reminder please note the following items have been specifically highlighted by the HMRC: full name, DOB, home address, NI number (if not known then the DOB and home address are essential), gender. Collecting this information at the start of the process helps to ensure the individual pays the correct tax and where applicable receives the correct benefits. This also means that you won’t need to contact the individual for this information at a later date.

  • Correction/supply of NI numbers

Now that the University is submitting its PAYE data in real time, HMRC will endeavour to notify the Payroll department of NI numbers or corrections to NI numbers on a monthly basis. The Payroll department will update Core upon receipt of this instruction and then notify the department by e-mail that this information has been updated.  Please note, however, that it is still the University’s responsibility to ensure it supplies comprehensive and accurate employee information, including NI numbers.

Updated Quick Reference Guides and support documents

Updated QRGs

RQ1b: Create Staff Request: Existing Post - guidance added on requesting an appointment with an FTE that exceeds that of the post.

NSO: New Starter - a number of changes following the Payroll/RTI implementations and changes to HESA requirements – please ensure you refer to the “What’s Changed?” section on p3.

CH3: Manage Changes: Change to Hours - note added on increasing appointment FTE/hours beyond post FTE/hours.

CH4: Manage Changes: New/Change Allowances- guidance on cancellation/ amendment expanded.

CH10: Manage Changes: Maternity, Paternity, Adoption - notes added regarding payslip address and new section on leavers.

CH12: Manage Changes: End Allowance - guidance on cancellation/ amendment expanded.

CH22: Manage Changes: Unpaid leave -guidance on use of Target End Date field added.

EA1: and EA2: Ending Appointment guides - both updated as a result of changes to HESA requirements, meaning additional information now needs to be collected.  Note – there will be further changes to these screens later – these will be communicated in future bulletins.

Updated support documents 

Staff Request and Contract Decision Matrix - new scenario added (4b) – to highlight need to alert Reward Team when appointment FTE exceeds that of post FTE, and note regarding auto-enrolment.

People Profiles Matrix – updated to correct pay group information for Marie Cure Fellows and Marie Curie Researchers.

P46 replaced by Starter Checklist

On 14 May an e-mail was sent from Charles Morgan, Payroll Manager, to all Departmental Administrators and Divisional Financial Controllers, advising them of the introduction of a new HMRC form – the ‘Starter Checklist’.  A copy of this e-mail is reproduced below:

"As you may already be aware, HMRC have recently replaced the P46 form with a ‘Starter Checklist’. Therefore, if your department recruits a new starter who does not have a P45, you (or their line manager) should ask them to complete a Starter Checklist.  The Starter Checklist contains important information that affects the amount of tax they pay, such as whether:

  • this is their first job;
  • they have been claiming Jobseeker's Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance;
  • they have another job;
  • they are paying off a student loan;
  • they have not worked previously in the current tax year; or,
  • they have not been issued with a P45 certificate by their previous employer.

The Starter Checklist will ask for relevant information before the new starter’s first pay day. Once complete, the form should be sent to the Payroll team to help allocate a tax code and work out the tax due for their first payment.  It is therefore important that they complete the Starter Checklist as soon as possible, so the Payroll team knows what tax code to use.  Departments should not enter any tax information into HRIS (Core).  The Payroll team then pass this information to HMRC for processing, and where necessary revise their tax code.

You can download and print copies of the Starter Checklist for your department to replace any obsolete P46 forms from the HMRC pages.  For a reference guide to all the HMRC forms, please refer to the Payroll Management pages on the Finance Division Website".

Over the coming weeks, Core documentation and guidance will be updated to reflect the new documentation/terminology.

Payroll & Staff Request cut-off Dates


Friday 21st June - COB June Supplementary Payroll Deadline Any changes which affect payroll, but do not require payroll action/ approval, must be entered and approved within the department by this deadline in order to be included in June's payroll run.
Saturday 22nd-Monday 24 June inclusive No user input One clear working day is required during which users cannot enter data to enable the payroll to be run. Changes that affect July’s pay can be entered from the following day.
Wednesday 3rd July - 5pm Staff Request Deadline For Staff Requests which do not require grading, any requests received by this deadline will be processed by midday on Monday 8 July. Staff Requests received after this deadline are not guaranteed to be processed by the standard payroll deadline. The usual turnaround timings for gradings apply (ten working days).
Friday 5th July - 5pm HRIS Data Services users only: Data Services Admin Deadline Data Services payroll forms should be submitted to the HRIS Data Services team by this deadline.  This is to ensure sufficient time for the team to process them for the payroll deadline and resolve any queries.
Monday 8th July - 3pm Support Requests for July Requests for assistance associated with actions for this month's payroll deadline should be received by the HRIS Support Centre by this date. This is to ensure that sufficient time is available for the team to address your queries.
Wednesday 10th July - COB  July Payroll Deadline All changes which require payroll action/approval must be entered and approved within the department by this deadline in order to be included in this month's payroll run.
Thursday 24th July - COB July Supplementary Payroll Deadline  Any changes which affect payroll, but do not require payroll action/ approval, must be entered and approved within the department by this deadline in order to be included in this month's payroll run. 


Deadline for HESA 2012-13 data collection exercise

The deadline for completion of the HESA data collection/validation process is Friday 12 July 2013. Thank you to all those departments that have already completed and returned the information – this has been greatly appreciated by the Workforce Information team who have a huge task ahead of them in compiling and validating in excess of a million data items for this year’s return!

For those of you who have not yet completed this task for your department, please take note of the deadline.  If you have any queries about this exercise, please raise these with your named contact in the Workforce Information team as soon as possible.

News, Updates & Reminders for Recruitment Users

HRIS Support Centre

Contact details for the team are:  hr.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk or tel: 01865 (2)87900.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. 

Data for REF2014

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is a peer review process to assess the quality of research activity at eligible UK Higher Education Institutions.  REF replaces the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). Performance in the REF will drive HEFCE quality-related research (QR) funding from 2015-16. QR is a very significant part of University income, worth around £100M to Oxford in 2009/10 against an overall research income total of around £480M.

CoreHR plays a central role in the preparation of the University’s submission which includes data on over 2,500 research academics.  Although Core is already being used in the process there will be key times up to the submission date of 30 November 2013 when information will be extracted from the system and passed to divisional REF officers for review.

There are four main areas where CorePersonnel users can assist in the preparation of the University’s submission:

  1. Ensuring data on existing staff is as up to date as possible at all times.
  2. Ensuring data on new staff is entered into the system as early as possible.
  3. Any staff who are to be returned to the REF14 should be placed on one of the following subcategories: AC (Academic Teaching and Research), AR (Research Fellow) or AP (Research Staff), so that they are correctly identified as research active.
  4. Being aware of the dates when data will be extracted from Core, to be checked by coordinators in divisions. The next date will be 21 June 2013 - any information on Core which is changed after this date will not be viewed by coordinators until the end of August.


Payslip addresses – a reminder from Payroll

Within CorePersonnel there are three possible sources of information for an employee’s payslip address – Location, Address, or “Addlab” – as detailed in the table below. Unless notified otherwise, Payroll will send the individual’s payslip to the location specified in the Location field on the employee’s primary appointment. If you require the payslip to be sent to an alternative address (either that recorded as the Home Address or the address contained in the Label Address (Payslip) Addlab field) firstly ensure that the information contained within the relevant field is correct, and then notify Payroll by phone or e-mail to request that the alternative address be used for the payslip.

Please also note the following points regarding overseas locations:

  • If the payslip needs to be sent to an overseas home address the country must be detailed in the body of the address in addition to being selected from the list of values in the “country” field as the latter is not printed on the payslip. However, it is important that the country field is also populated as this is used to assist with sorting the payslips.
  • If an employee’s location is 900 “working abroad” then you will need to complete the Addlab field with details of where the payslip should be sent.
Field Name Screen  Guidance
Location Post Appointment Maintenance
  • This will usually be the employee's normal work location and the address to which the payslip will be sent.  If the payslip needs to be delivered to a University location other than the employee's normal place of work, select this from the Location field on the employee's primary appointment. 
  • Payroll must be notified by email or phone if payslips are to be sent to a different address.
Address Person Profile Maintenance
  • This should be entered on the person homepage (not on the contact details drop down).
  • Necessary for HMRC purposes and must cover two lines.
  • Remember to tell Payroll if payslip is to go to this address.
AddLab – Label Address (Payslip) Person Profile Maintenance (Contact Details screen)
  • Only complete this if payslips are to go to an address other than the Location or Home Address and Payroll have been informed of this requirement.

IT Services staff day

On Wednesday 19 June, 11:00 - 15:00, we will be involved in an IT Services staff day.  During this period the Support Centre will remain open but with reduced cover. We will endeavour to respond to any queries raised as quickly as possible.


Removal of change of funding letter

One of the letter templates currently available within CorePersonnel is a change of funding letter (PERS_Changefunding.doc).  The contract templates no longer include reference to the funding source and instead the contract cover letter gives a full justification for the fixed term contract. Therefore it is no longer necessary to issue a contract amendment letter when the funding source changes.

Consequently, from w/c 17 June, this template will be withdrawn from Core and will no longer appear as one of the options under the “Letters Type” list of values.

If you need further advice regarding appropriate correspondence relating to fixed term contracts or changes of funding, please contact your HR Business Partner.

HRIS User Support Arrangements

Opening merged applicant pdf packs

The HRIS Support Centre has received an increase in enquiries from departments unable to open merged applicant packs within vacancies.  This problem appears to have arisen since Java build 1.6.0_45 software has been rolled out - the departments impacted have all reported that this build has been installed on their desktops.

Initial investigation has found the latest Java build is not compatible with the version of Core we are currently running on.  Investigation is continuing to provide a permanent solution to this problem.  As an interim measure, it appears in the majority of cases that rather than the document automatically opening when clicking on the date/time link, it is being saved within the temp folder on your desktop’s c: drive and can be opened from this location:

C:\Documents and Settings\[your PC Login Username]\Local Settings\Temp

This folder may be hidden so you may need to type the full location into the Address Bar rather than navigating to it, if you need any assistance with this please contact your local or the HRIS Support Centre.

Departments which have not currently had the new Java build rolled out to their desktop will not be impacted and can continue to open the merged pack as normal.  For departments who are impacted please try locating the document within your c: drive temp folder in the first instance, however if you find you are unable to locate or open the document please contact the HRIS Support Centre who can send a copy of the document to you. 

As a resolution progresses further correspondence will be provided to update you.

HRIS Reports Library

Next time you visit the HRIS Reports Library you’ll find that the temporary home page has been replaced by a new look page. The reports have now been split by type – including information on the new Payroll Costing Report which was distributed to departments for the first time this month.  As ever, if you have any feedback regarding the information provided in the reporting library please let us know.

Making changes or corrections to allowances

In situations whereby an allowance needs to be changed, a new allowance must be set up. You should never cancel an allowance within the Core system - this function is reserved for the Payroll Team only in very specific circumstances.  The new allowance details will replace the existing allowance; a system message will warn you that the existing allowance will be ended once the new one has been approved by payroll.

If an allowance has been recorded incorrectly, please contact the HRIS Support Centre.

Recording initials on Person Profile screen

A number of Core records do not contain any data in the initials field. This has the potential to cause problems with the distribution of payslips in departments where there is more than one employee with the same surname, and will also lead to gaps in correspondence documents.  Please therefore ensure that you remember to complete the initials field when appointing a new starter.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Now that CorePay is live, we are able to offer users additional flexibility regarding the deadline by which certain actions need to be completed in CorePersonnel in order to be included in the current payroll month.

For the moment, the usual payroll deadline will remain in place – on or around the 10th of each month*. By this date all changes that impact on pay and require Payroll approval, must be completed in the system.

However, there is now a further period during which supplementary changes which do not require Payroll approval can be made in CorePersonnel – i.e. changes that are immediately effected in the system following input/approval by the department or division.  From this month onwards, any such actions that are completed by approximately 23rd of the month (date will vary as with the usual Payroll deadline) will be included in the current month’s payroll run.

Full details of what actions must be completed by the Payroll deadline and what can be input up to the second “supplementary” deadline can be found in our new guidance document Working with the Payroll deadlines.

To cater for those of you that prefer a visual representation of the monthly deadlines, we have produced an overview of the Monthly Payroll Cycle.  

 August 2013 Payroll Cycle (13kb)  

This document plots all the relevant HRIS deadlines across the month and provides additional information about what can be entered at each stage of the month, as well as details of when the payroll validation process will be running (during which time no pay changes can be entered into the system).  This document will be updated each month and published concurrently with the User Bulletin.  As well as being accessible via the Bulletin, these two new guidance documents will also be available on the Process and User Guides section of the CoreHR web pages.

Finally, we will continue to publish the deadlines in the bulletin in the same format as previously (see below).

We hope that this information meets your needs. If you have any feedback on the format of this guidance, or require any additional clarity on any of the information provided, please contact HRIS Support Centre.

*Note: It is still the case that Payroll intend to review the timing of this payroll deadline once they have processed payroll via Core for a few months.


NEW – PERDEP09_ Academic Staff Listing (Whitebook) - web page now live.

PERDEP20_ Monthly Personnel Changes - web page: tab 3 guidance added to explain approval statuses.

Reminder – if, when running reports, you spot missing costing data, e.g. project code and/or cost centre, it is essential that this is corrected on the individual’s CorePersonnel record as soon as possible to ensure the pay process and interface with Oracle Financials is not impacted.