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Key Dates and Deadlines

News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

News, Updates & Reminders for Recruitment Users

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Key Dates and Deadlines

News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

Re-hires - creation of a “zero” salary record

When processing re-hires, you may notice that a salary line is inserted automatically at £0 with a salary scale of “default” alongside the salary line which you created during the re-hire process.

The £0 salary line has been added by the system to prevent Core Pay from picking up the re-hired employee’s previous salary. When the correct salary (set up through the normal re-hire process) is approved it will override the £0 salary line set up by the system to ensure the employee is paid correctly.

This will only affect the information visible at this stage – the process itself has not changed.

Quick Reference Guides and support documents

Updated Quick Reference Guides

RQ1a: Create Staff Request (New Post) – various generic updates - please refer to front-page “post- it” for details.

RQ1b: Create Staff Request (Existing Post) – various generic updates - please refer to front-page “post- it” for details.

PA2b: Appoint to Additional Post – addition of note regarding auto-enrolment for pensions.

PA2e: Appoint Transfer – guidance on applicant status corrected.

Updated support documents

HRIS Cost Allocations – Core Vs Oracle Financials – updated diagram to assist users in understanding how to record cost allocations in the back office - see item below.

Deadline for Personnel Users: June Payroll




Payroll deadline

Monday 10 June

An overview of Payroll deadlines (which now applies equally to casual workers) can be found on the Finance website.

Staff request deadline

Monday 3 June

For Staff Requests which do not require grading, any requests received by 5pm on Monday 3 June will be processed by midday on Thursday 6 June. Staff Requests received after Monday 3 June are not guaranteed to be processed by the payroll deadline. The usual turnaround timings for gradings apply (ten working days).

Support requests for June payroll

Thursday 6 June

Requests for assistance associated with pay arrangements in June should be received by the HRIS Support Centre by 3pm on 6 June. This is to ensure that sufficient time is available for the team to address your queries ahead of the Monday 10 June deadline.

HRIS Data Services users only: payroll cut off

 Thursday 6 June

Payroll forms should be submitted by 5pm on 6 June.  This is to ensure sufficient time for the HRIS Data Services team to process them for the standard payroll deadline and resolve any queries.


Bank holiday support

The HRIS Support Centre will be closed on the May Bank Holiday i.e. from 5.00 p.m. on Friday 24 May 2013 until 8.30 a.m. on Tuesday 28 May 2013.

News, Updates & Reminders for Recruitment Users

New diagram for recording cost allocations in Core

We have had requests from some users for clarification on how to record cost allocations in CoreHR, particularly as the terminology is different to Oracle Financials, and the information is different for the General Ledger and Projects or Grants.  Many departments have been contacted recently due to incorrect data being recorded in Core on the ‘Appointment’ and ‘Cost Allocation’ screens, so we hope the following is useful to you:

Cost Allocations screen (available from the ‘Selection’ menu): departments need to populate the ‘Cost Centre’ and ‘Project Code’ fields. For guidance on what needs to be entered in each field please refer to the diagram below which shows how Oracle Financials coding translates to the specific Core fields (note this diagram can also be found on our website here).

The information on the left refers to what will be recorded in Oracle Financials and on the right is how it will need to be recorded in Core.

Finance codings 

Appointment screen: within the appointment screen there is also a ‘Cost Centre’ field and a ‘Project Code’ field. These are used as the department’s defaults, so if there isn’t valid information recorded on the Cost Allocations screen, these codes will be used for the salary (and allowances).  The default codes recorded are the GL cost centre e.g., BV0000 and the default Core Project code of 00/00000.


New reference data for HESA

Over the past few weeks a number of changes to reference data have been implemented in the back office, primarily to meet the requirements of the 2012/13 Hesa return.  Examples that are visible to users include new and changes to existing leaving destination codes and a new qualification code. It is not expected that users will require any guidance in the use of these items but we thought it would be useful to make you aware that information in the various lists of values in CorePersonnel are updated periodically to reflect changes in external and internal reporting requirements.

Increasing appointment hours beyond those set up for the post

In order to ensure that Core holds post details that accurately reflect what has been budgeted and agreed within departments and divisions, a decision was made during implementation that the hours/FTE held on individual appointments within the system should not exceed that held on the underlying post. If, therefore, you need to increase the hours on an individual’s appointment, you can only do so up to a maximum of the hours on the post.

If you wish to increase an individual’s hours beyond that which is held on the post, you should e-mail the Reward Team with a request to amend the hours on the post.  This request should originate from or be copied in to a nominated Staff Approver for your department/division, and should clearly state the post number.

If you require a new appointment to be created (for example to replace an employee who is leaving) with an FTE that exceeds that of the post to which it is attached, you should raise a staff request in the usual way and clearly state in the “Additional Information” field that the FTE on the staff request exceeds that on the post.

The Reward Team will review the volume of requests and may amend this approach in the future.

Core Pay to go live for May payroll and impacts on departments

As you will be aware, since Monday 22 April the payroll project team has been undertaking detailed checking and reconciliation of the April payroll data entered to Midland Trent and the Core Pay system.  At a meeting of the Payroll Project Board earlier today, we reviewed the evidence against the go-live criteria.  We are pleased to announce that the go-live criteria have now been met and at the end of this month, University staff will be paid via Core Pay.  

Impact for you, departments, and divisions for May payroll administration

i) Review of costing details held in CoreHR

To ensure continuity of financial analysis and reporting in Oracle Financials, work has been undertaken to compare the costing details held in Core with those in Midland Trent and confirm that payroll costing data held in Core is accurate.  Some differences between the two systems have emerged, but fewer than perhaps were expected.  Where necessary, the payroll project team has corrected the data in Core.  It is still possible that you will be contacted by the project team should there be any queries.  It will help us greatly if you can respond to these questions as quickly as possible.

ii) Payroll costing report

The May payroll costing report will be produced from CoreHR and as you will be aware, the format will differ from the existing OPENdoor version.  The report will be run centrally and distributed at the end of May to the individuals nominated by departments (following email correspondence from Roberta Burtsal).   Guidance notes explaining how to run and work with the new format report will be available shortly on the HRIS Support Centre web pages and will also be supplied with the May payroll costing report.

iii) Changes to payslips and employee numbers

On Monday 20 May, ten days ahead of pay day, all employees will receive an email advising them of forthcoming changes to their payslip.  These changes are presentational only (the extent of the change being to the layout and design of the payslip).  The email will direct individuals to a new webpage on the Payroll website which will contain an image of the new format payslip and explain the new layout.

Some employees (those who joined the University from 1 January 2012) will receive additional text in their email advising them that they have a new employee number included in their May payslip. This number should be quoted in future correspondence with payroll; however, in correspondence with HMRC, the NI number should always be included.  Departments will be issued with a list of people affected, which will also detail the old and new employee numbers.

Staff will be advised that in the event of any questions, they should follow the usual channels i.e. contact their departmental administrator or the Payroll team.

iv) Oxford pay-group

It is no longer necessary to populate the Oxford pay-group field and the Quick Reference Guides are being updated to reflect this.  Please ensure to continue updating the “paygroup” field however, i.e. whether paygroup 20, 21 or 99.

v) Electronic overtime forms

New format electronic overtime forms for use from June payroll onwards, will be supplied to departments who currently submit this information in this way. 

Key reminders to assist with the payroll go-live

The process of working with the new payroll system will be made smoother for the payroll team and departments if you can continue to make sure you remember the following:

  1. Multiplier – when amending the salary Core will automatically populate the multiplier field based on the FTE. ONLY change the multiplier if adjusting for a change to half or zero pay during extended sickness absence.  Please do not feel tempted to ‘correct’ the rate calculated by the system; doing so could result in an inadvertent reduction in pay for the employee.
  2. Review of costing strings – please continue to maintain these details accurately.  With payroll live, we now have a single system for HR and payroll administration and the information entered by departments to CoreHR will now directly inform the costing arrangements for payroll, which will be passed to Oracle Financials for financial analysis and reporting.  For more information please refer to the 'New diagram for recording cost allocations in Core' later in this bulletin. 
  3. Approvals – ensure that you approve/reject all your changes by payroll admin day so all required payments are made.
  4. Increased decimal places on FTE – a reminder that as part of the payroll go-live preparation, and to ensure accuracy of salary, additional decimal places have been activated on FTE. Users can now expect to see FTE to 5 decimal places rather than the previous 2. 
  5. Interfaces to Oracle Financials – information is available on the interfaces between Oracle Financials and CoreHR on the payroll webpages

We are aware that the additional downtimes and daytime pay runs have caused inconvenience to departments and divisional offices.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this exceptionally busy period in the run up to payroll go-live.  The implementation of the Core Pay system and everyone working within the same system should remove many of the interim payroll issues that have occurred since we went live with Core Personnel last year, but we will be monitoring the new system and associated arrangements carefully over the next few weeks to address any remaining issues.   

If you have any questions about payroll go-live, or any of the reminders we have set out above, please don’t hesitate to contact the project team at

HRIS User Support Arrangements

HRIS Support Centre

Contact details for the team are: or tel: 01865 (2)87900.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. 

Learning at Work Day: CoreHR reporting: a beginner’s guide

Thursday 23 May is Learning at Work Day.  Learning at Work Day is a national annual awareness campaign to promote and support workplace learning.  As part of the programme of events the HRIS Support Centre will be delivering a one hour session to provide existing Core users with an introduction to running reports from CoreRecruitment and CorePersonnel.  The session will cover how to locate, run and work with a suite of pre-defined reports and provide a short demonstration of the Core Discover Plus reporting tool. Please note that this event is aimed at users with little or no previous experience of running Core reports. Places are limited – for more information and to book a place, please visit

Planned change to report - RECDEP41_Applicant and Vacancy Details

In response to user request, we have implemented a change to the report RECDEP41_Applicant and Vacancy Details.  A new worksheet ‘Vacancy Summary by Grade and Gender’ will shortly be added which includes the vacancy grade for analysis by gender and application status.  The reporting page of our website will be updated to reflect this.  We plan to release the updated report at the end of May and will confirm availability of the new version in the next User Bulletin.

Payroll Project

Reminder – equality data for direct appointments

When appointing an individual who has not applied through e-Recruitment, please ensure you follow the Equality and Diversity Unit’s process for non-Core recruitment monitoring, which includes issuing an M1 form to the new starter. It is essential that this information is captured to allow us to meet our equality duties as a public sector employer.

New correspondence templates

In April’s User Bulletin we told you about our plans to introduce new correspondence functionality for variable hours employees.

The switch from the current contract templates to the new versions will take place on Monday 20th May, at which point the old versions will no longer be compatible with Core.  Any contracts generated after this date will need to use the updated templates, which will be available to download from the Personnel Services website from Thursday 16th May.

An e-mail providing further guidance on how to download the templates, including how to copy the offer letter and contract cover letter onto your departmental headed paper, will be sent to all users before the switchover takes place.

The following updates/amendments have been made to the templates:

Contract templates:

  • Paragraph relating to hours of work for variable hours employees now automatically inserted when the employee status on the appointment is set to “variable hours”.
  • Updated wording on data protection (section 12/13).
  • Annual leave now referred to in hours (support staff contracts only).
  • Removal of post number.
  • Correction of a couple of minor typing errors.
  • Terminology updated to ensure consistent reference to “contract of employment” rather than “letter of appointment”.

Offer letter:

  • Paragraph relating to hours of work for variable hours employees now automatically inserted when the employee status on the appointment is set to “variable hours”.
  • Optional paragraphs available for staff relocating to Oxford from abroad or elsewhere in the UK – directs the employee to a new website for staff moving to UK universities.
  • Updated “list of documents which are acceptable for confirming entitlement to work in the UK” (lists A and B).
  • Correction to data source for intended start date.
  • Initials added after salutation.
  • Removal of post number.
  • Updated terminology to reflect change of name of Criminal Records Bureau to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Contract cover letter:

  • Inclusion of paragraph for use with regradings (relating to effective date of backdated pay).