October HRIS User Bulletin

Key Dates and Deadlines

News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

Payroll Project

Decommissioning OPENdoor

News, Updates & Reminders for Recruitment Users

HRIS User Support Arrangements

Key Dates and Deadlines

Payroll & Staff Request cut-off Dates for Personnel Users

Payroll deadline Monday 12 November  An overview of Payroll deadlines (which now applies equally to casual workers) can be found on the Finance website.
Staff request deadline Monday 5 November

For staff requests which do not require grading, any requests received by 5 pm on 5 November will be processed by midday on 8 November. Staff Requests received after 5 November are not guaranteed to be processed by the payroll deadline. The usual turnaround timings for gradings apply (ten working days).

 As December is a short processing month, we thought it would be beneficial to advise you of the December dates, see details below.

Payroll deadline Wednesday 5 December An overview of Payroll deadlines (which now applies equally to casual workers) can be found on the Finance website.
Staff request deadline Wednesday 28 November

For staff requests which do not require grading, any requests received by 5 pm on 28 November will be processed by midday on 3 December. Staff Requests received after 5 November are not guaranteed to be processed by the payroll deadline. The usual turnaround timings for gradings apply (ten working days).

News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

Updated Quick Reference Guides

Please note that the following quick reference guides have been updated since the September Bulletin and that details of the changes are provided at the start of each guide:

RQ1a/b/c - Various guidance added (see post it)

PA2e: Appoint Transfer (new department) – guidance on recording outstanding holiday pay updated to align with leaver QRGs. 

PA2k: Appointing Marie Curie student - Note added re checking PA2p before following this guide.

New Starter checklist – address guidance added (see NS0)

NS0: New Starter Guide - Various guidance added re addresses (see post it)

IP4: Running Reports – now covers Recruitment and Personnel reports.

CH4: Changes: New Allowances – guidance on Scaled allowances added (as per separate email).

CH11: Regrading – various changes including updated guidance re incremental progression during back dated period.

CH14: Managing Secondments – note added re external secondments.

EA1: & EA2: Ending Appointments - Guidance added re future dated changes


PA4: Managing Term-time only appointments

PA5: Working Abroad

CH24: Managing Flexible Retirement v1.0

CH25: Extension of Employment beyond EJRA v1.0

To follow

IP6: View positionhistory and backdating pay changes - a new guide covering material provided during the payroll roadshows will become available on 1 November in the ‘During Employment and Reward’ section of the Process and Users Guides webpages.

Contact names for departmental use re: transfers etc.

Below is a copy of an e-mail, which was sent to HRIS Guardians recently asking them to nominate a key individual who would act as an initial contact for their department.

At one of the recent HRIS Programme Briefing sessions, a suggestion was made about publishing a list of key contacts from each department, which would be located on the Personnel Services Website under CoreHR.  The aim of this would be to identify a named person who would be an initial contact if personnel colleagues, from outside the department, have queries about shared posts, employee history etc. This person may not always be able to help directly with the query but would be able to assist with a name of a colleague who can.   

The issue was subsequently raised at the last User Group meeting which endorsed the suggestion. It was agreed that HRIS Guardians would be best placed to identify the individual who should be included within the list and also advise the HRIS Support Centre if that person leaves the department and the name of their replacement. 

Therefore, could we please ask you to e-mail the person’s name, telephone number and e-mail address to HRIS@admin.ox.ac.uk by 7 November.  If you would prefer not to supply a contact name, it would be useful to know that too.

We plan to make this list of contacts available by the end of November.

System changes

Further to our e-mail of Wednesday 3 October, please note there is one further change you will have noticed.  Middle Name is now available as a separate field on the Person Profile screen.  This field has been added by Core in preparation for Real Time Information for HMRC (Revenue and Customs).  Guidance will be provided shortly on use of this field.  In the meantime, please continue as normal in your use of the Person Profile screen.

Personnel Reports

To coincide with the release of the new recruitment reports, we have updated the list of reports on the Personnel Services website here:


As new reports are released this page will be updated.

We have simplified the names of some personnel reports to make them easier to identify. The changes should be easy to understand, but we have listed the old names of the reports, along with the new, on the page above.

Clarification on casuals especially ending casual appointments

As a reminder, all casual worker appointments and most casual teaching appointments are created in Core on your behalf by the Casual Payroll team on the basis of casual payroll forms submitted off system. You may, however, create longer term (>12 weeks) casual teaching appointments in Core yourself if you wish using QRG PA3 Setting up a Casual Teaching Appointment. Please ensure you inform the Casual Payroll team off system when a casual appointment is ending: the casual appointment start and end dates should match the period of work undertaken. This approach is important in reducing the administrative and financial burden of auto enrolment for pensions upcoming in March 2013, as casuals with appointments of more than 12 weeks will have to be assessed for automatic enrolment in a pension scheme.

Please also be aware that over the coming months, any active appointments for individuals on pay group 10 will be ended. Pay group 10 was used to indicate that the individual was paid on the weekly casual payroll, which was closed at the end of July. Any person records remaining on pay group 10 have not received payment since July 2012. The person records will be switched to pay group 20, which means that if you need to rehire an ex employee who was previously on pay group 10, you will no longer need to ask the Support Centre to change this for you. Clearing down these records will help to simplify process and is also a necessary part of the preparation for pensions auto enrolment. More detailed information on auto enrolment will be provided by Pensions and Personnel Services in due course.  

The casual payroll form can be downloaded from the Payroll website (http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/finance/processes/payroll/payroll_process/casual_pay/casualpayrollguidance/#d.en.23028) and guidance on determining employment status is available from Personnel Services (https://www1.admin.ox.ac.uk/personnel/recruit/background/employstatus/)


Direct appointments – Diversity and Equal Opportunities Staff Starter Survey

Please remember that the Diversity and Equal Opportunities Staff Starter Survey Form (form SSSF(HRIS)) should be circulated to all new staff who have not previously completed an e-recruitment monitoring form, i.e. all direct appointments. This form was circulated as part of the CoreHR correspondence templates packs during implementation and should already be installed on your C drive.

The University requires a full set of this data for a range of Equal Opportunities initiatives including Athena Swan, as well as for the HESA return.

Payroll Project

Update on Payroll timescales - Main payroll going live in November 2012

The Payroll implementation is progressing well and the payrolls for Pensioners and Linacre College have been run successfully on CoreHR since July 2012.

The main payroll will go live on CoreHR in November 2012 (key dates can be found on the Payroll webpage).  In preparation for the Payroll module implementation, parallel runs are being undertaken for September and October payrolls and during November, the payroll team will update both the CoreHR system and the existing Trent system.  In addition to a further comparison between Trent and CoreHR, this approach will also provide contingency should we be unable to proceed with the November payroll via CoreHR. 

Some information has already been provided to users on the impact of the payroll implementation on existing CoreHR processes and procedures and more will follow.  Payroll roadshows have been held to provide users with a further opportunity to work through the key changes and receive some hints and tips to assist with payroll processing.   All of this information is being incorporated in the Quick Reference Guides and in addition the slides from these sessions can be found Payroll go live roadshow (728kb)   .  Other important activities include the development of a new Payroll Costings report to replace the one from OPENdoor to coincide with payroll go live, and testing of the interface from Core to Oracle Financials. 

The implementation of the payroll for the two remaining Colleges is planned for January 2013.

Key dates can be found on the Payroll webpage.

Payroll costings report

Consultation on the new look payroll costings report is ongoing.  If you would be interested in attending a session on 5 November dedicated to reviewing the report please contact us. (NB: We have gathered feedback from a number of people already, so there is no need to attend this session if you have already contributed). We will be contacting all users of OPENdoor very shortly about arrangements for gaining access to this report once the Core Pay module is live.

Decommissioning OPENdoor

Preparations underway

As advised in last month’s bulletin and in the recent HRIS Programme Briefings, gradually, the services provided by OPENdoor are being replaced by functionality within CoreHR. There is still more to do, but the team is now making preparations to decommission OPENdoor.   Please be assured that your access to OPENdoor will not be switched off until we are certain that all aspects of the system are replaced appropriately within CoreHR. Where legacy data is still required, arrangements will be made to ensure that this data remains accessible even if that is achieved via alternative means.

Please note that once Core Pay is live, OPENdoor will no longer be updated overnight, nor will the payroll costings be loaded there at the end of each month.  CoreHR will be the source of payroll costing and HR information.

 Users of OPENdoor have been asked to make the HRIS Programme team aware of any uses of that system that they are particularly concerned about.  We are very much aware of the importance of the payroll costing reports and these are being reproduced as part of the payroll project.  For details on how OPENdoor functionality is being replaced by CoreHR, please refer to the relevant section in last month’s bulletin.

If you have any additional areas of use not provided for, please contact hris@admin.ox.ac.uk as soon as possible.

Key dates can be found on the Payroll webpage.

Payroll communications

Summary of key changes and timescales affecting CoreHR users

The imminent changes and actions required are highlighted below.

StageChange/ActionSinceWhat you need to do
1 Second level salary approvals Mon 15 Oct

As part of the Payroll implementation, an additional level of salary approval was introduced to the system ready for use from Monday 15 October.  Departmental salary approvers continue to receive approval requests in the system as usual.  However changes that have been approved by departments have, from this date onwards, been forwarded automatically to the payroll team for their authorisation, before being applied to the Payroll module.

What you will see:

  • New starters will have two records in their pay history instead on one (pay history is accessed via the 'position history' screen in Core).  The first will show the department's approval, the second the payroll team's authorisation.
  • All other salary changes will continue to have the only one line of salary history, however after the initial approval by the department this will show as 'outstanding' in the back office until payroll have subsequently entered their authorisation.  The personnel monthly changes report will continue to show a change once the department's approval has been entered, and so we recommend that you track your changes using this report. 
1 Reference field on allowances Mon 15 Oct

You will begin to find that the 'reference' field on allowances screen contains a system-generated number for some allowances.  This reference number is created by the system to confirm that the allowance has been passed into the Payroll module.  You do not need to take any action when this appears.

As before, departments should continue to use this field to enter acting-up and other advice for the payroll team.  Payroll will refer to this information before processing the allowance, after which it will be overwritten by the system.  We hope to add a new 'comments' field to the allowance screen soon, so that more information can be provided.

The project team will keep you updated as we approach each of the following stages with information on use of the Personnel module at that point, but a summary of the key changes and associated timeframes is provided here.

Stage 2 - from the end of November into December 2012 changes will include new payslips and employee numbers (primarily for new starters in 2012), new payroll costings reports, new format overtime/temporary data take on spreadsheets for users of these, end of use of Oxford Pay Group field and a move for the payroll team to use of the CoreHR pay module in place of the interim reports and Midland Trent arrangements.

Stage 3 - from January 2013, new guidance on future payroll processing will be provided and the new spreadsheet for temporary data take on will be offered to more departments.

News, Updates & Reminders for Recruitment Users

Advertising of new reports

Recruitment reports now available

A new suite of reports has been released to all recruitment administrators. It includes reports to help you track the status of applicants, vacancies, and referee requests. You can view data about where applicants saw vacancies advertised, their referee details and qualifications.  

Full details of the reports available can be found on our reporting page.

Using the reporting module

Remember that all personnel and recruitment users are automatically given access to the reporting module. You can access it using your back office username and password. To log in please follow the link to the ‘reporting login’ on the CoreHR availability page. You can also download a quick reference guide from this page which explains to open, run, and export reports.

We are interested to receive your feedback on the new reports.  Please let us know by contacting the HRIS Support Centre.

HRIS User Support Arrangements

HRIS Data Services

This new team has been established to provide a range of data services to support the use of CoreHR, including providing a data entry service for departments with a low volume of personnel transactions and undertaking data quality checking routines and ad hoc data cleansing exercises. The team can, for example, provide assistance with the input of data for new starters, and bulk input for large TUPE transfers or organisational restructures.

The team is comprised of Helen Child, team lead, assisted by two HRIS Data Services Administrators. A full description of the services offered, relevant forms and contact details can be found on the Personnel Services website under the HRIS Data Services heading.

HRIS Support Centre

Future staff changes and improving support arrangements

In last month’s bulletin we advised you that the HRIS Support Centre was recruiting to three vacancies.  We were successful in our recruitment of 2 HRIS Support Centre Officers and 1 HRIS Analyst and the successful candidates will be joining the team over the next few weeks. 

In the meantime, the team has been looking at ways of improving the level of support provided to users of CoreHR; open incidents are being reviewed and additional knowledgeable resource will be redirected to help with support at peak times.  We hope that you will notice an improved response from the support team in the run up to the November payroll as we aim to keep you better informed of progress with your queries and thus reduce the need some of you have experienced, for chasing a response to your queries. 

The Support Centre and the Reward team receive a large increase in the number of calls and emails in the days leading to payroll admin cut off.  Whilst priority is given to the most urgent queries, it does help both the Support Centre and the Reward team if you continue to try and spread your contact with these teams across the calendar month.  Clearly, this is not always going to be possible but if you can contact these teams at other times in the month instead it will help to ease the pressure on you, the Reward and Support team members in the run up to payroll admin day.

Thank you for your help.

Contact details for the team are:  hr.systems@admin.ox.ac.uk or tel: 01865 (2)87900.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.