September HRIS User Bulletin

Key Dates and Deadlines

News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

News, Updates & Reminders for Recruitment Users

Decommissioning OPENdoor

HRIS User Support Arrangements

Key Dates and Deadlines

Payroll Project Preparation and CoreHR System Downtimes

To support the preparations of the payroll project team for go-live in November, a few system downtimes have and will be required.  Every attempt is being made to keep users informed of when these will take place and to avoid the peak periods of system use so as to minimise disruption.  Please contact to be added to the email distribution list if you are not receiving downtime notifications.  

Payroll & Staff Request cut-off Dates for Personnel Users

Payroll deadline Wednesday 10 October An overview of Payroll deadlines (which from 1 August 2012 apply equally to casual workers) can be found on the Finance website.
Staff request deadline Wednesday 3 October

For staff requests which do not require grading, any requests received by 5 pm on 3 October will be processed by midday on 8 October. Staff Requests received after 3 October are not guaranteed to be processed by the payroll deadline. The usual turnaround timings for gradings apply (ten working days).


News, Updates & Reminders for Personnel Users

Effective Now: Important Changes for October Payroll Deadline


a. Back-dating successful regrading applications

There has been a change to the way in which successful regrading applications are processed. In the case of all successful regrading applications, pay at the higher grade should be backdated as the individual must already be carrying out the enhanced duties in order to be considered under the University’s regrading procedures. However, the appointment and associated contract should begin on the first of the month in which the new grade is formally confirmed by the Reward team. The date on which the enhanced duties began, and therefore the date to which the pay should be back dated, is communicated to Payroll via the salary comments, not via the appointment start date (as previously). Quick reference guide CH11 Regrading has been amended to reflect this change.  


b. Variable hours appointment statuses

Please note that as outlined in our email of 11 September, there is a change in the way the employee status and sub-status should be used when requesting or appointing a variable hours employee. The change will enable us to hold an appointment’s contract type (e.g ‘fixed term’) in the employee status field, and move the appointment’s working pattern (variable hours) to a more appropriate home in the employee sub-status field.  Other types of contract are not affected by this change.

The new options are summarised below:


Previous statuses

New statuses

Post type


Contract type as appropriate, e.g. 1A – PERMANENT or 2 – FIXED TERM

Employee status


Contract type as appropriate, e.g. 1A – PERMANENT or 2 – FIXED TERM

Employee sub-status



The relevant quick reference guides have been updated and are available here:

Existing variable hours posts and appointments will be transferred to new records by the HRIS data services team, dated effective 1 Aug 2012. No action is required by departments for these records, including pay approvals which will be completed by the data team.


c. Temporary allowances owed at end of an appointment

If there are final temporary allowances to be paid when an employee’s appointment is coming to an end - eg. outstanding holiday pay - these should now be notified to the Payroll Team via the ‘Additional Instructions’ section in CoreHR, and not set up as allowances. The relevant quick reference guides have been updated and are available here:


d. Use of ‘target end date’ for fixed term contract end dates only

Please note that the ‘target end date’ field held on the appointment record in CoreHR should ONLY be used to record fixed-term contract end dates, and NOT other end dates such as the expected end of maternity leave or secondment.  Please refer to quick reference guides for further information about processing fixed term contract appointments and these other types of changes in the system.

In addition, please ensure that all fixed-term contracts have a target end date.  To enable accurate reporting, please check for end dates in the past and then either extend the contract and update Core accordingly (QRG CH9) or follow the end of fixed-term contract process on Personnel Services website at

New Personnel Reports

As part of the work to improve the range and quality of reports available for users of Personnel, four new reports were released to all personnel users on 11 September:


a. PER DEPARTMENT – Monthly Personnel Changes

This report provides a set of summary tabs consolidated in one report, covering any new records keyed or updates made to person details, appointments, salaries, allowances, cost allocations, and any leavers processed. This is designed for use on screen, for export to spreadsheet, or for printing. This report runs based on effective dates, so it will show you the changes that took effect during a period you specify regardless of when they were entered into the system.

This report replaces the following six existing departmental and divisional monthly payroll reports, which will be kept active for one month before they are discontinued:

PER PAYROLL - New Starters (Department version)v2 (ref31)

PER PAYROLL - Changes (Department version) v2 (ref32)

PER PAYROLL - Leavers (Department version) (ref33)

PER PAYROLL - New Starters (Divisional Office version)v2 (ref34)

PER PAYROLL - Changes (Divisional Office version) (ref35)

PER PAYROLL - Leavers (Divisional Office version) (ref 36)


b. PER DEPARTMENT – Monthly Data Quality

This shows all the data that should be checked as part of your monthly processes. There are four tabs covering: i) new approved appointments, ii) new approved clinical appointments, iii) ended appointments, and iv) leavers. The report is designed for use on-screen. This report runs on input dates, so will show you data entered during a period you specify. Please note that there is an issue with the new appointments tab of this report which means that any person who has more than one highest qualification – e.g. three ‘A’ Levels – will have multiple rows. We are working on a fix so that only one row is shown for each appointment in the report.

This report replaces the following reports, which will be kept active for one month before they are discontinued:

PER STARTER - New Starter Checker (Ref 22)

PER STARTER - New Starter Checker Clinical (Ref 23)


c. PER DEPARTMENT – Probationary Dates Due

This report allows you to identify employees with probation dates due within a period you specify. Data must have been entered into the relevant section in Core before someone will be returned by this report. This report does not look at IPO dates, for which additional provision will be made in future.


d. PER DEPARTMENT – Work Permits

This report will help you manage different aspects of work permits (expiry dates, check dates, and early leavers). Data must have been entered into the relevant section in Core before someone will be returned by this report.

The reports will be available to you when you log into Discoverer. Feedback is welcome and may be sent to For information about running reports please consult the quick guide ‘IP4: Running Reports’, available at Details about all the reports available will be provided on this page soon.   Details regarding the next batch of reports to be made available will be provided in due course.

Reporting Workshops

To help users locate, run and work with personnel reports, three reporting workshops have been scheduled.  Open to users of the CoreHR Personnel module the sessions will be held:

Date Location Time
Wednesday 10th October      23-38 Hythe Bridge Street 10.00 – 11.00 
Tuesday 16th October   23-38 Hythe Bridge Street 14.30 – 15.30
Tuesday 23rd October   23-38 Hythe Bridge Street 10.00 – 11.00 

If you would like to attend, please contact stating your name, department and preferred session. 

Updated Quick Reference Guides

A number of quick reference guides have been updated this month. Details of the changes are shown on the ‘post its’ at the front of each guide, and summarised below where the same change has been made on several documents.


Additional Guidance added for scenarios where Actual Start Date is earlier than expected Start Date:


Further to the email sent by HR Systems on 11th September 2012, which has been replicated under "important changes for October Payroll deadline", guidance has been added to reflect the changes to employment statuses and temporary allowances owed at end of appointment:


Guidance has been updated regarding Rehires and Pay Scales:


Personal Rate guidance corrected:



Various changes have also been made to the following guides, see post-it notes on QRGs for further information:


The following New Quick Reference Guides have been released this month:


Please note that links are provided to the current version of these guides at the time of going to press. As a reminder, we update the Quick Reference Guides on a regular basis and announce when guides are revised via this bulletin. Please ensure you make use of the latest version of the guides by referring to the Processes and User Guides section of the Personnel Services website. We are always happy to hear of any queries or suggestions for improvement you may have.

Update on Personnel Rollout

The personnel rollout has now been completed, and all waves have been through at least one payroll deadline using the new system. Some departments with a low volume of personnel transactions have opted to use the new HRIS Data Services to update records in Core. Over the summer these departments were briefed on Core and the new procedures for use with the service, which is now up and running. Please see below for more detail on the HRIS Data Services.


Payroll Project Update

 Main payroll going live in November 2012

The Payroll implementation is progressing well and the payrolls for Pensioners and Linacre College have been run successfully on CoreHR since July 2012.

The main payroll will go live on CoreHR in November 2012. There will be a series of parallel runs during September and October to ensure that there are no discrepancies between the current payroll system (Trent) and Core.  The project team is putting together some guidance for users on the impact of the payroll implementation on existing CoreHR processes and procedures.  This guidance will be made available prior to go-live and workshops are planned for October to provide users with a further opportunity to work through the key changes.  More details will be provided shortly.

The implementation of the payroll for the two remaining Colleges is planned for January 2013.

Other important activities include the development of a new Payroll Costings report to replace the one from OPENdoor to coincide with payroll go live, and testing of the interface from Core to Oracle Financials.

Key dates can be found on the Payroll webpage.

Important Note on the Automatic Increments Process

Automatic increments are due to be paid from 1 October. Please read the following to ensure that the correct rate of pay is taken forward.

The process works as follows: the day before the increment is due a new salary record is created (e.g. for 1 October increments this will therefore take place on 30th September). This salary change doesn’t need to authorised, it will take effect the next day unless it is overridden.  After the increment has been applied the system will set the next increment due date for one year’s time unless the bar point has been reached. 

For the 1 October process, the new row in the appointment record will become visible to users on 30 September in preparation.

Things to be aware of:

The system will add one increment (as applicable) to the current approved salary on the day the job runs.  This means that any updates awaiting approval will not be picked up by the program.  It is essential therefore that you ensure that those individuals due an increment on 1 October have the correct salary approved as at 23:59 on 30 September.  The ‘Staff in Post’ report (‘full data set’ tab) contains increment date and can be used to help you do this.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the HRIS Support Centre.


Some departments have continued to process acting up payments in accordance with the instructions in quick guide ‘CH2 Manage changes - acting up’, which was discontinued earlier in the year. Please disregard this quick guide from now on.

When entering a period of acting up it is necessary only to set up the relevant allowance. No appointment change is needed. This process change was introduced to save time. For more information about adding an acting up allowance please refer to quick guide ‘CH4 Change – New Allowance

News, Updates & Reminders for Recruitment Users

PDF Solution – Final Details and Questions Answered

We are pleased to say that after a prolonged period of testing, the PDF server was finally implemented on 8th August.  This means that the issues some recruitment users were experiencing with Windows 7 and the production of the PDF shortlisting packs have now been resolved. The new central server solution for PDF suffered some teething problems, which have been resolved by the introduction of a new process in the HRIS Support Centre for flagging and trapping errors in application attachments.


It now appears that two versions of the QRG ‘REC03: Manage online applications’ have been available to users which may have caused some confusion and for which we apologise.  Only the correct version of the guidance is available now. 


To correct a common misconception.  It is not necessary to await the overnight job to obtain a full shortlisting pack.  As prior to the central server implementation, users can generate the .pdf pack themselves, topping up those automatically generated the night before.  Full details are available in the correct version of the QRG


Likewise, we have received a couple of enquiries from IT staff about the desktop configuration required to produce shortlisting packs with the new arrangements.  Please note, no local desktop configuration is required.

Accurate Recruitment Monitoring Data

You may have been contacted at the end of August by the Equality and Diversity Unit asking you to update applicant status to ensure your annual data is accurate. Retrospectively amending your records is time consuming for you, especially at a time when staff are on leave.
Please can we ask you to ensure that you update the applicant status at each stage of the process to reflect how each applicant progresses through the recruitment process, in order to avoid this additional work next summer.
At a minimum, ensure the following statuses are available to report on:
  • Applied (automatically applied by the system),
  • Shortlisted (manually added by the recruitment user), and
  • Offer Accepted / Offer Accepted - Personnel (the former status only to be used if the HRIS Data Services team process your personnel administration).

Recruitment Reports

A number of reports have been developed for users of recruitment.  These reports have been tested by a group of users based in departments across the University.  Most of the feedback has been collected now and work will start shortly to revise the reports accordingly.  We aim to release these reports to users in departments in the next three weeks.

Decommissioning OPENdoor

Preparations Underway

Gradually, services provided by OPENdoor are being replaced by functionality within CoreHR. There is still more to do, but the team is now making preparations to decommission OPENdoor.
OPENdoor will not be switched off until we are certain that all aspects of the system are replaced appropriately within CoreHR. Where legacy data is still required, arrangements will be made to ensure that this data remains accessible even if that is achieved via alternative means.


Users of OPENdoor have been contacted and asked to make the HRIS Programme team aware of any uses of that system that they are particularly concerned about.  We are very much aware of the importance of the payroll costing reports and these are being reproduced as part of the payroll project.  The table below illustrates the plans for transition of OPENdoor activity. 


Please contact with any additional areas of use not provided for here.


OPENdoor function

CoreHR replacement


Recruitment administration

Recruitment module


Person and appointment screens

Personnel module


HESA module

HESA module


Absence recording

Absence project


Training administration

Training administration module

Pilot live August 2012

Equal Opportunities monitoring

Recruitment and personnel modules


Staff records

2001 - 2011 data migrated to Core


Staff records (pre-2001)

Method of access under consideration


Academic screens

2001 - 2011 data migration to Core


Departmental screens

Not migrated


Non-employee data

Not migrated


Payroll costings report

Payroll costings report

November  2012 (to accompany go-live of payroll)

Pay forecasting report

Pay forecasting

Once payroll live

Historical pay costing data

Method of access under consideration 

Once payroll live 


HRIS User Support Arrangements

HRIS Data Services

This new team has been established to provide a range of data services to support the use of CoreHR, including providing a data entry service for departments with a low volume of personnel transactions and undertaking data quality checking routines and ad hoc data cleansing exercises. The team can, for example, provide assistance with the input of data for new starters, and bulk input for large TUPE transfers or organisational restructures.

The team is comprised of Helen Child, team lead, assisted by two HRIS Data Services Administrators. A full description of the services offered, relevant forms and contact details can be found on the Personnel Services website under the HRIS Data Services heading.

Invitation to HRIS Programme Briefings

 Now open for registration

To make best use of everyone’s time we have scheduled the next briefing sessions of the programme to fit with the Payroll implementation schedule. Invitations will be sent separately to users of CorePersonnel for some additional workshops to be run in October in preparation for the go-live of CorePay.

The HRIS Programme Briefings are primarily aimed at departmental administrators and those directly involved in payroll and personnel administration, but will be open to the others with an interest in the programme.

Content of the briefing sessions:

  • Introduction of the Payroll module and what this means for departments
  • Pay Forecasting module and what this means for departments
  • Training Administration module and what departments will be able to see as a result
  • Activity on Absence Management functionality
  • OPENdoor decommissioning
  • Employee Self Service
  • End of the HRIS Programme and next steps





Wednesday 3 October 2012

10.00 - 11.30

Department of Pharmacology, Lecture Theatre

Tuesday 9 October 2012

10.30 - 12.00

University Offices, Wellington Square, Meeting room 3

Thursday 11 October 2012

14.00 - 15.30

John Radcliffe Hospital, Women’s Centre - NDOG Lecture Theatre

HRIS Support Centre

Staff recruitment underway

The HRIS Support Centre is recruiting!  We are looking for 2 HRIS Support Centre Officers and 1 HRIS Analyst to join the team.  Aside from the appropriate technical and customer services skills, we are looking for people with a background in personnel/human resources. If you are interested in these vacancies please refer to the University jobs and vacancies webpages for more details.

When to contact the team…

August and September were particularly busy months for the HRIS Support Centre.  The central .pdf server implementation and an issue with the audit table coupled with summer holidays, placed additional pressures on users and the team alike, with the result that a very large number of queries were received, the majority of them concentrated in the week leading up to payroll administration cut off.

To ensure you receive the swiftest reply to your requests for help, please try to spread your contact with the team across the calendar month.  Clearly, this is not always going to be possible but if you can contact the support centre at other times in the month instead it will help to ease the pressure on you and the team members in the run up to payroll admin day.

Thank you for your help.

Contact details for the team are: or tel: 01865 (2)87900.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.