Questions raised at v20 training

v20 training is now complete. All training materials are available on the right hand side of this page. Information about training for new users is available on our Access and Training pages. Please also refer to our updated v20 quick reference guides.

A number of questions were raised at the v20 training demonstrations. We have collated these and published them, along with our answers, below:

General and letters

What is the timeout for the Portal?

30 mins to match the set-up for Single Sign-On.

We have customised the letter  templates saved on our C drives – how can we do this in v20?

You will need to make any changes to individual letters manually after they have been generated.

If you are regularly making the same change to a letter template and this is a change which could be relevant to a number of departments, please let us know as we may be able to include this within the letter template.

We have a standard font for our department correspondence which differs from that on the new templates. Can this be changed?

The template contracts and letters have been created using Arial 11 as this conforms to the University’s style guide and is used by many departments. If we have sufficient demand to change the font we will discuss this with the User Group. However, we can only have one standard font for use by all departments.

If you wish to change the font on the document you will need to do this to individual documents after they have been generated.


Is it possible to include the referee’s name / company on the reference form?

This information has now been included on the reference request form.

Is it possible to add referees in the back-office?

Yes - REC03 Managing Online Applications (1,408kb) explains how to do this.

Could we have a new email template to send to referees to chase the requested reference?

We will explore this and if it is possible we will aim to introduce one in the new year.

Can you add a question to the Reference Form ‘What date is your PhD likely to be confirmed’?

So far we have provided one generic reference request form based on the template available on the Personnel Services website.  The system can hold multiple templates from which users could choose the most appropriate for their vacancy. It may be better to have  a separate form for research roles. We will be undertaking further work on references in consultation with the user group over the next couple of months and will ensure that this question is addressed.

The reference process for research vacancies is very different – referees would want to be able to attach documents to their reference. How could the online reference functionality support this process?

We are aware that the ability for referees to attach documents to their reference would be very useful. We will explore this possibility with the supplier, CoreHR.

What will be the average time for creating a PDF pack?

In our testing, average times were as follows:

1 x PDF 40 seconds

5 x PDFs 2 minutes

Is it possible to also have an interview record form, similar to the shortlisting form?

This is currently on our workplan and we will aim to introduce a template early in the new year.

Is there anywhere to record that the preferred candidate has met the requirements of a conditional offer?

There is no specific field to capture this but confirmation that the required checks have been completed can be recorded in the relevant UDFs. See section E of the Pre Arrival and New Starter Guide


Could the system verify the bank account number, e.g. having to enter it twice similar to resetting a password?

This functionality is not currently available.

Secondary appointments in v16 don’t appear in X5 - will non-substantive appointments?

X5 is unable to handle multiple appointments, so it has been configured to accept the substantive appointment via the interface.

If the continuous service start / end date is updated, is there a field for recording the reason?

This will be assessed as part of the further work we will be doing on continuous service in the new year.

Can you update the Comments field on existing Allowances?

You can amend the Comments up until the first time the allowance is paid through payroll, after which point no further changes are possible.

Can you record future dated address changes?

The system will allow you to do this but will then automatically update the address on the personal profile screen and any reports that contain this information. You should, therefore, only update an address on or after the effective date.

Will there be a report for address changes?

If there is a requirement to report on address changes we can investigate if this is possible. Requests should be made using the process for requesting an enhancement.