Associate Professor

Following extensive consultation, in November 2013 Congregation agreed a new system for merit pay for academics, including the renaming of the main lecturer grades to Associate Professor, as detailed in the Gazette on 17 October 2013.

The grade of Associate Professor came into effect on 1 January 2014 and applies to the following current grades: 30S, 39S, 38S, 36S, A82, 35N. The new grade has also been applied to a number of active grades that are closed to new appointments.

The document Grades affected by Associate Professor (311kb)provides full details of the affected grades.

The HRIS Support Centre has been consulting with divisions to agree the best way to reflect the new grade in CoreHR. This page outlines the changes we have agreed and the steps we are taking to implement these changes.

CoreHR changes

Grade descriptions

To ensure that you are still able to identify the funding arrangements for individuals, we have updated the grade descriptions for eligible grades but we have not changed the existing grade codes. The document Grades affected by Associate Professor outlines the new grade descriptions and shows how we will describe these on the salary scales pages of the Finance website.

Please note that the grade codes are not visible when selecting the Pay Scale on the staff request. You will need to become familiar with the new grade descriptions and/or refer to the Grades affected by Associate Professor, to ensure that you select the correct Pay Scale.  

Job title

A new job title of Associate Professor is now available to select in the Job Title field on the Staff Request and in the Back Office.  We have updated all current eligible appointments with the new job title, which overrides the existing job title on the latest appointment sequence. We have also updated the job title on all active and dormant posts.

Job text

Where appropriate, divisions should update the free text “Job text” field which holds the personalised job title. The HRIS Data Services team are able to make these updates in the system on behalf of divisions where required.


Employees who are automatically eligible for the title of Associate Professor (but who have not had the title of full Professor conferred upon them) may use the salutation “Professor” if they wish. We have advised divisions to update the Title field in CoreHR as required. The HRIS Data Services team can assist with this if needed.

Pay code

A new pay code of "AP with Professorial Title" is now available to enable payment of the new allowance to those eligible individuals who are awarded title under the Recognition of Distinction exercise. We have advised divisional offices of the process for administering these payments via CoreHR.

Downstream systems

As part of the work to implement the new grade of Associate Professor, consideration has been given to the potential impact on systems benefitting from data feeds from CoreHR.  Changes have been made to cater for the new grade where necessary.

Next steps

All eligible appointments and associated posts have been updated to reflect the new grade.

In early 2015 we will work with divisions and the HR Information team to confirm future operating procedures with regard to the maintenance and updating of academic title information.