HRINFO20_Casual Worker Data Quality Validation

Summary description

This report validates Casual Worker person and appointment data, including items like staff classification, working hours and working pattern, target end date, job text/title and right to work.

The report checks that the data conform to the new requirements set out in the quick reference guide PA11 - Managing casual worker records.

The report includes checks on:

  • appointments input by departments under the new casual process
  • appointments with the Appointment Status of ‘Appointed’, ‘Commenced’ and ‘Ended’

The HR Information Team maintain this report and may vary the appointments that are returned in the report occasionally. Email any queries specifically related to the functioning of the report to Email any queries about how to input data for casuals to the HRIS Support team on

Why run this report?

  • To check that your data entry is correct and you are following the latest guidance
  • To ensure that data for casual workers are complete, accurate and valid for your department(s)
  • To ensure that data submitted to external organisations (such as HESA) and data used for internal management information are accurate
  • To comply with the GDPR and related UK data protection legislation and the 2017-18 HR Data Quality and Data Quality Assurance Policy (35kb)

When should you run this report?

Run regularly, ideally every month and ensure that all errors are cleared from this report. Ensure that all errors are clear from the report again before the end of July each year.

Hints and tips

  • Ended appointments can be amended by contacting the HRIS Data Services Team on
  • The report has parameters that users can change to view records for certain departments or individual workers. To return all casuals simply leave these blank.
  • Once run, it may be useful to export the output to Excel and enable the macros when prompted
  • The Staff Classification Guide (109kb) will help you resolve error messages related to staff classifications and the classification of casuals should follow the same rules as for regular employee appointments.

Details of tabs

Tab 1   Data validation

Sorted by the first column ‘DATA QUALITY STATUS’. One row returned per appointment.

Red cells in the ‘DATA QUALITY STATUS’ column indicate that the appointment has errors in the data; green cells indicate that the appointment data are correct.