PERDEP01 _Staff in Post Report

Summary description

This is a report on current staff in post. It includes data on employees and (optionally) non-employees. It contains a large number of data items and is primarily intended for export to and manipulation in Excel.

Why run this report?

To check details of staff in post at a given point in time, or to provide the basis for ad-hoc data requirements by exporting to Excel and filtering and manipulating as required.

When should you run this report?

This report can be run as and when required.

Hints & tips

  • FTE and multiplier. Where the FTE and multiplier on an appointment don’t match, this will be highlighted on tab 1. Note that there are some instances where the FTE and multiplier differ by a few decimal places (due to an increase in the number of decimal places displayed post Payroll implementation which has not yet been reflected on all records). These will still be highlighted on the report.
  • Allowance indicator. Where an employee is in receipt of an allowance, this will be indicated by a “Y” in the "allowance indicator" column on tab 1. Refer to tab 3 for details of the allowance(s).
  • Explanation of service dates: (reflects current setup in Core – enhancements to this area are expected with the upgrade):
    • Latest start date: this is the start of the earliest consecutive appointment with the University. This potentially includes previous service with different departments. This will be correct for all employees starting after 1 January 2012 who have no prior service who are not subject to TUPE, and who have had no interim period of time recorded on Core as a worker or non employee (where service does not accrue). It will also be correct for the majority of other employees who are not subject to TUPE in their current appointment.  Care should be taken when an employee may have continuous service with the University prior to April 2001 as this may not be reflected. Care should also be taken where an individual has transferred between departments at any time as this date may have been updated incorrectly.
    • OD Continuous Service Date: The Continuous Service Date held against the individual in OpenDoor (as at December 2011). This should include any TUPE service or other recognised service at the point of migration to Core. Please note that a break in continuity of service might have occurred since December 2011 and that any such break will not be reflected here. It will be blank for anyone starting since 1 January 2012 with no prior service.
    • OD Oxford Start Date: The date the individual started the instance of employment with the University (as at December 2011) that was current at the point of migration to Core. This date will not include any TUPE service. It will be blank for anyone starting since 1 January 2012 with no prior service.

 Available parameters




Department Code


If you have access to more than one department in the back office and you wish to report on only one of those departments, enter/select the relevant department code here. Multiple values can be selected.

Department Description


As above, enter/select the department name if required.

Administered by


Enter DEP (department) or DIV (division) if required.

Employee Status


The default is "ALL", which includes non-employees. Use the torch to select specific status(es).



Enter/select a location if required.

Personnel Number


Enter specific personnel number or leave blank for 'all' records.



Enter specific surname or leave blank for 'all' records.



Applies to Tab 8 only – enter division name if required.

Details of tabs

Tab 1

Full data set

This shows all current appointments with additional useful information from appointment records and user data area. Includes an indicator to highlight where the multiplier is not equal to the FTE and an indicator to show if the employee is in receipt of an allowance (see “hints and tips” above). Data is grouped and colour coded for ease of reference. 

Tab 2

Full data set with cost allocations

As for tab 1 but with the addition of cost allocation details. Note that employees who have no cost allocation details recorded on their appointment will not appear on this tab.


Full data set with allowances

As for tab 1 but with additional allowance information (and cost allocations for that allowance). Note that where an employee has more than one allowance, each allowance will be shown as a separate row in the report. Employees who do not have any allowances will also appear on this report. 

Tab 4

Limited data set (A4 print)

Reduced set of fields to generate a report ideal for printing, excludes pay information.

Tab 5

Limited data set with grade info (A4 print)

As per tab 4, but with the addition of grade, point and salary details with grade info. 

Tab 6

Limited data set with cost allocations (A4 print)

As per tab 4, but with the addition of cost allocation information.

Tab 7

Home address & contact details

As well as home address details, includes email, single sign on and University card details.

Tab 8

Summary totals by Division

Summary count of appointments, headcount and FTE by division. Note that you will only see figures for the departments that you have access to.