PERDEP11_R&R Scheme Eligibility

Summary description

This report has been designed to assist you in identifying those staff within your department(s) who may be eligible for consideration under the University’s Reward and Recognition Scheme.  The report includes employees with a minimum of six months service with the University as at the date the report is run, and excludes “workers” (i.e. casuals) and “non employees” (including agency workers – see “Hints and Tips”).  The second tab includes potentially eligible employees who were employed during the assessment period but have since transferred to another department.

Why run this report?

To assist you in identifying which employees are eligible for consideration under the Reward and Recognition Scheme.

When should you run this report?

This report should be run prior to assessing performance under the Reward and Recognition Scheme.

Hints & tips

Length of service: this is based on “latest start date” in Core which reflects the employee’s latest rejoin date if they have left and rejoined the University. This potentially includes service with a previous department.

Casual service: note that length of service includes any service obtained within a casual appointment – which does not count towards service eligibility for the scheme. You will need to ensure you are aware of employees who have casual service within the previous six months and manually exclude these from being considered under the scheme.

Eligibility – categories for further consideration: the following categories of staff will be included on the report, but their specific circumstances may affect their eligibility:

  • Staff at the top of the discretionary range of the grade: In the Awards for Excellence scheme, staff at the top discretionary point of any grade are eligible to be considered for the award of a non-pensionable lump sum to the value of one increment to reward exceptional performance only. They are eligible for the Recognition Scheme. These staff are highlighted on the report.
  • Apprentices: Apprentices have pre-determined grade progression and are eligible only for non-recurrent awards through the Awards for Excellence Scheme.  They are eligible for Recognition Awards.  It is the departments’ responsibility to identify their apprentices.
  • TUPE transfers: If the job category field in Core contains the “TUPE transfer” indicator this will be highlighted on the report.  Staff who have transferred in to the University under a TUPE arrangement will be eligible for consideration unless that arrangement precludes inclusion or imposes alternative ‘merit’ arrangements.  If you are unsure about whether an individual should be included, please check their contractual arrangements and seek further advice from your HR Business Partner if clarity is required.
  • Staff paid on grades ending with 90: These are likely to be staff transferred under TUPE arrangements (see above) but you should check their contractual arrangements and seek further advice from your HR Business Partner if clarity is required.  
  • Absent staff: Staff who have been absent for part of the assessment period due to sickness or for family-related reasons should also be reviewed, with due allowance made for the period of absence. Departments are responsible for identifying staff who have had a period of absence.
  • Agency workers: It has recently been made explicit that agency workers with more than six months service and paid at equivalent rates to staff on grade 1-10 are eligible for consideration under the scheme. We are currently exploring ways of incorporating these workers into the report. In the meantime departments are asked to determine the eligibility of their agency staff via separate means.       

Available parameters




Department Code


If you have access to more than one department in the back office and you wish to report on only one of those departments, enter/select the relevant department code here. Multiple values can be selected.

Department Description


As above, enter/select the department name if required.

Administered by


Enter DEP (department) or DIV (division) if required.



Enter/select a location if required.

Personnel Number


Enter specific personnel number or leave blank for 'all' records.



Enter specific surname or leave blank for 'all' records.

 Details of tabs

Tab 1

Current staff

All current staff with at least six months service at the date the report is run, who are paid on one of the grades that are eligible for consideration under the Reward and Recognition scheme.  Excludes all records with an employee status of “worker” (e.g. casuals) and “non-employee” who are not eligible under the scheme (see note on Agency Workers above) as well as those who have left, who would not normally be considered. Fields include: grade, point, job category (with TUPE indicator highlighted) and a “top of scale” column identifying those staff who are at the top of the discretionary range (see Hints and Tips above).

Tab 2


Staff who were employed in the department in one of the eligible grades/categories for all or part of the assessment period (previous calendar year) but who have since transferred to another department. 

Organisational Restructures: If you had responsibility for a department that closed during the assessment period, in addition to running both tabs for your current department code(s) you will need to run Tab 2 of the report on the closed department code(s) to ensure you capture employees who transferred from that department to another department during the assessment period.