PERDEP13_Active Cost Centres and Project Codes

Summary description

This report enables you to search for active cost centres and project codes in CoreHR by entering any part of the code or description (see below for a description of the criteria)

Why run this report?

To view CoreHR and Oracle cost centres and project codes. This may be particularly useful when completing the casual payment spreadsheet or submitting forms to Data Services

When should you run this report?

As and when required.

Hints & tips

  • Results: If the report is blank, the criteria you have entered is either invalid or inactive.
  • Data: If the report contains unexpected data, check that you have entered the correct details in the search box

Available parameters/search criteria/available search options

Enter one of the following in the search box  The details below will be returned
Two character dept. code All active cost centre and project codes containing the specified characters
Cost centre Active Cost centre codes and Oracle descriptions
Project code (full or partial) All active project codes containing the specified character string
Project description (full or partial) All active project codes containing the specified text or character string