PERDEP20_ Monthly Personnel Changes_Casuals only

Summary description

This report provides a set of summary tabs consolidated in one report, covering any new records keyed or updates made to person details, appointments, salaries, and any leavers processed. It is designed for use on screen, for export to spreadsheet, or for printing.  The report returns all data with an effective date that falls within the date range selected (with the exception of person changes which are based on audit date).

Why run this report?

  • To check all new data or changes with an effective date that falls within the date range selected.

When should you run this report?

It is recommended that this report is run before payroll cut off to ensure that data is as expected before payroll is run.

Hints & tips

  • Results: This report runs based on effective dates, so it will show you the changes that took effect during a period you specify regardless of when they were entered into the system.
  • Running: The Person Changes tab uses different parameters to the other tabs. Selected parameters do not all copy over from tab to tab, so remember to check the parameters are as expected when you run a new tab.
  • Filters: Some tabs include a Page Items button to allow you to further filter results.

Available parameters




Period Start Date


Changes from this point in time (effective date)

Period End Date


Changes to this point in time (effective date)

Department Code


If you have access to more than one department in the back office and you wish to report on only one of those departments, enter/select the relevant department code here. Multiple values can be selected.

Department Description


As above, enter/select the department name if required.

Administered by


Enter DEP (department) or DIV (division) if required.

Personnel Number


Enter specific personnel number or leave blank for 'all' records.



Enter specific surname or leave blank for 'all' records.

Details of tabs

Tab 1

Person Changes

Changes to contact details, dates, and other ‘person’ related details such as bank account, next of kin etc. Note that if you run this tab with no department selected you may see employees who previously worked for your department but have since transferred. To avoid this, enter your department code in the relevant parameter field.

Tab 2

New Starters

Includes all new starters where the reason code indicates they have joined (or re-joined) the University.

Tab 3

Appointment Changes

Changes to appointment – change of hours, pay etc. Does not include new starters as these are found in the New Starters tab. Includes Page Items to allow filter by Reason Code Description.

Tab 4

 Ended Appointments

Details of ended appointments within your department e.g. where they have ended one of several appointments or the appointment has been manually ended to resolve an issue.

Tab 5

Approved Salary Changes

Shows details of any approved salary changes, including who did the approval. Includes Page Items to allow filter by Salary Change Reason. RED indicates not approved by department. APPROVED BY DEPARTMENT indicates not yet approved by Payroll.

Tab 6


Details of individuals who have left the University during the period. Includes Page Items to allow filter by Leaving Code Description.