PERDEP41_Immigration and right to work report_Casuals only

Summary description

This report will help you to manage different aspects of immigration and right to work, including tracking visa expiry dates and early leavers, and monitoring the presence of accurate right to work data held in CoreHR.

The report is split into three tabs as detailed below; tab 1 provides details of all visas that are due to expire between the parameter dates entered; tab 2 provides details of all employees with a visa end date who have left the University or ended their current appointment earlier than their visa expiry date; tab 3 provides details of all current employees (including “non-employees”), along with their right to work screen data.

The report is designed to be exported to Excel for further manipulation and analysis.

Why run this report?

There are three main reasons for running the report:

  1. To identify workers who are on time-limited visas, to enable identification of those requiring checks to ensure they have continued right to work.
  2. To identify workers who have limited leave to remain (i.e. have provided a document from List B)  who leave their appointment or the University earlier than their visa expiry date, to remind you to notify the Staff Immigration Team to ensure adherence to Home Office reporting requirements.
  3. To enable monitoring of completion of the mandatory right to work screen in CorePersonnel.

When should you run this report?

The report should be run on a regular basis to ensure that no staff continue working beyond their current visa expiry date, without evidence of continued right to work being seen by the employing department. 

For those departments who have a number of employees on Tier 2 and Tier 5 visas, tab 2 should be run monthly after the payroll deadline to identify any early leavers.  Note that this should be considered as a “back-up” exercise to ensure no changes have been overlooked.  The Staff Immigration Team must be notified of relevant changes within 5 working days to enable them to notify the Home Office within the required timeframe.

It is recommended that this report is run regularly to ensure that work permits are managed appropriately.

Hints & tips

  • Results: Tabs 1 and 2 are entirely reliant on accurate data being held in CorePersonnel.  If visa expiry dates are not maintained in the system, the report will not return accurate results.
  • Historical data: To ensure that only current data is returned in the report, you must end-date all historical right to work records in the system before creating a new record (as detailed on page 3 of the QRG).  If old records are not ended in CoreHR they will be included in the report.

Available parameters




Period start date (tab 1 only)


Enter or select the start date of the period you are interested in.

Period end date (tab 1 only)


Enter or select the end date of the period you are interested in.

Department code(s)


If you have access to more than one department and you wish to report on only one of those departments, enter/select the relevant department code here. Multiple values can be selected.



As above, enter/select the department name if required.

Adminstered by


Enter DEP (department) or DIV (division) if required.

Personnel number


Enter specific personnel number or leave blank to return all relevant



Enter specific surname or leave blank for 'all' records.

 Details of tabs

Tab 1

Visa expiry dates

Person, appointment and visa details for workers with a visa expiry date within the period specified.

Tab 2

Early leavers

Person, leaver, appointment and visa details for workers who have left their appointment or the University (where their leaving date is earlier than their visa expiry date).  Includes all those with List B RtW type (not just Tier 2s and Tier 5s).  Also includes a column to show where an individual has left the University (as opposed to leaving their current appointment). 

Tab 3

Current staff details

Person, appointment and right to work details for all workers fitting the parameters selected (includes staff for whom no right to work data has been entered in CoreHR).

Includes a “Page Items” filter to enable you to select different appointment statuses (e.g. Appointed, Commenced, Confirmed Future).