RECDEP40_ Vacancy Details

Summary description

This report allows you to identify details of all your vacancies.

Why run this report?

  • To check the status of vacancies.
  • To check vacancy dates.

When should you run this report?

It is recommended that this report is run regularly to ensure that the status of vacancies is being correctly updated as they progress and that all completed vacancies are closed.

Hints & tips

  • Filters: Several tabs include a Page Items button to allow you to further filter results by status.
  • The status of ‘Filled’ should not be used – for accuracy of data you should update vacancy records where results show this status has been used. Such vacancies should generally have a status of ‘Closed’.
  • Vacancy Status of ‘-‘ – where this is returned this indicates no vacancy status has been selected. For accuracy of data you should update vacancy records to the relevant status.

 Available parameters




Vacancy ID


Enter a specific vacancy ID or leave blank for 'all' records.

Department Code


If you have access to more than one department in the back office and you wish to report on only one of those departments, enter/select the relevant department code here. Multiple values can be selected.

Department Description


As above, enter/select the department name if required.

Details of tabs

Tab 1

Vacancy List

Details of all vacancies for your department, including statuses, dates etc. Includes Page Item to allow filter by Status – open, closed etc.

Tab 2

Vacancy Count by Vacancy Status

Count of vacancies by Vacancy Status (advertising, shortlisting, interview etc). Includes Page Item to allow filter by Status (open, closed,etc).

Tab 3

Vacancy Count by Status

Count of vacancies by Status (open, closed, etc)