RECDEP47_ Private Questions

Summary description

This report will output the answers (if any) for "private" questions on the application form. "Private" questions are not included in the PDF application pack, either because they are irrelevant to the selection decision or it would be inappropriate for the panel to be influenced by these details at this stage. "Private" questions include those relating to the applicant's University connections, details of unspent criminal convictions, disciplinary record, and how they heard about the vacancy.

The report defaults to return details for open vacancies.  Note that it will only include positive responses - i.e. questions will only be included in the report if the applicant has provided a response that requires some action or further consideration by the employing department.

Why run this report?

The report MUST be run as part of every recruitment exercise to ensure that any issues that may affect the recruitment process and/or offer of employment are identified as early in the process as possible.  

When run this report?

This report MUST be run for each recruitment exercise after shortlisting and BEFORE the interviews take place.  It is intended for use by the Recruitment Administrator who should alert the Panel Chair to any issues that are relevant to the recruitment decision where it is appropriate to do so. Each case will require individual assessment and in some cases it may be appropriate to alert the Panel Chair of the disclosed details before the interview.  However, where possible the information should only be disclosed once the preferred candidate has been identified but BEFORE a conditional offer is made. 

Advice should be sought from the HR Business Partner if it is anticipated that information provided in the private questions may have an impact on the recruitment outcome.

Hints & tips

  • Results: A positive response must have been entered onto the application form by the applicant in order to be included in this report.
  • Filters: Includes a Page Items button to allow you to further filter results by status.
  • The status of ‘Filled’ should not be used – for accuracy of data you should update vacancy records where results show this status has been used. Such vacancies should generally have a status of ‘Closed’.

Available parameters




Vacancy ID


Enter a specific vacancy ID or leave blank for 'all' records.

Department Code


If you have access to more than one department in the back office and you wish to report on only one of those departments, enter/select the relevant department code here. Multiple values can be selected.

Department Description


As above, enter/select the department name if required.

Details of tab

Tab 1

Applicant details

By vacancy, shows responses given by applicants to ‘private questions’. Includes Page Item to allow filter by Status – open, closed etc.