TRNPRO06_Scheduled Courses (OPEN)

Summary description

This report allows you to review all OPEN scheduled courses that have yet to be completed.  All courses listed are either scheduled for today or in the future.

Why run this report?

To manage all OPEN scheduled courses and review how the places are being booked.  Does the provider need to take any action on any of the courses?  Do any courses need cancelling due to lack of bookings or does the provider need to fill up the empty seats to fill a course?

When should you run this report?

As and when required.

Who should run this report?

Training providers.

Available parameters




Provider Code


Enter the relevant Oxford Training Provider codes: BODL, BSP, HRIS, OLI.

Course Code


Enter a course code if you want to manage only a single course code’s bookings.

Details of tabs

Tab 1

OPEN Schedule Courses

Provider details in the header then displaying all OPEN courses with booking counts.