TRNPRO21_Trainer Details

Summary description

This report allows you to view all trainers linked to a provider and provider courses scheduled.     

Why run this report?

To check which trainers are linked to a provider and which trainers are running which scheduled courses.

When should you run this report?

As and when required.

Who should run this report?

Training providers.

Available parameters




Provider Code


Enter the relevant Oxford Training Provider codes: BODL, BSP, HRIS, OLI

Scheduled Course Start Date (<= Date Keyed)


Enter the Scheduled Course start date from. (Date Format: DD-MMM-YYYY) or leave blank for all dates.

Details of tabs

Tab 1

Provider Trainers

 Trainer information against a provider.

 Tab 2

Trainers to Scheduled Courses

 Trainer information and Scheduled Course Information.