Gaining Access to CoreHR

In addition to confirming training requirements and booking the relevant courses, the following will also need to be completed in order for access to CoreHR to be set up. Most of these steps will need to be actioned by the employee and the HRIS Guardian unless otherwise stated.

User Access Form

The line manager or the employee should complete the User Access Form, which can be downloaded from the right-hand column of this page. The form is designed to be completed and submitted electronically. Please refer to the 'Roles Summary' tab of the form to confirm the type of access required, which will also confirm the training required.

HRIS Guardian

Once the form is completed, please send it to the HRIS Guardian who will submit the form to the HRIS Support Centre.

To find out who your department's HRIS Guardian is, and for information on becoming an HRIS Guardian, please see our HRIS Guardian page.

Local IT Set-Up

The line manager or the employee should ask the department's local IT Officer to check that the PC is configured in accordance with the information provided in the Guidance for IT Officers. Further advice and information are available from the HRIS Support Centre.

Security and Online Data Protection Training

All users of HRIS need to be aware of the University rules and guidance for  Information Security and Data Protection.

Once the User Access form has been submitted by the HRIS Guardian, the HRIS Support Centre will notify the employee by email that the online Data Protection Training and Individual User Agreement is available for them to complete. For further details about this course please refer to our training pages.

Once you have completed these steps please refer to the Training and Access Checklist.


Changing access to CoreHR

If access needs amending to reflect a change in personal details (e.g. name or email address) or a change to menu options in Core (e.g. a change in user role or access to restricted grades), the employee or line manager should complete the User Access Form and state the relevant changes.  This should then be forwarded to the HRIS Guardian who will submit it to the HRIS Support Centre

Please note: if the employee is changing departments, the originating department should follow the steps below to cancel the access and the new receiving department should follow the guidance above to create the new access.

Cancelling access to CoreHR

If an employee no longer requires access to CoreHR the employee or line manger should complete the relevant sections of the User Access Form and forward it to the HRIS Guardian to submit to the HRIS Support Centre.

Inactive Users

The HRIS Support Centre runs monthly inactivity reports. Any user who has not logged into CoreHR in the previous 120 days will have their account closed. User accounts can be reactivated if required – please contact the HRIS Support Centre if you need your account to be reactivated.