The guidance on this website refers only to UAS staff. For University-wide guidance please see the Personnel Services website.

Sickness absence

Departments may have their own notification procedures that should be adhered to during an absence.  If your department does not have their own notification procedures, standard guidance if you are unable to attend work due to ill health, are that you should contact your line-manager as soon as possible and ideally at the start of the first working day on which you will be absent. You should speak directly to your manager if possible, and give an indication of when you expect to return. If you are not able to return on the day you anticipated, you should contact your line-manager again to update them.  Failure to notify your line-manager of your absence, without good reason, could result in the withholding of sick pay.

For every sickness absence you should complete a Sickness Absence Record Form. For absences up to seven calendar days this form will act as a self-certificate. Sickness absence over seven calendar days (including weekends) must be accompanied by a valid medical certificate (from the GP or hospital). Failure to produce a valid certificate may result in the withholding of sick pay.

Your entitlement to paid sick leave is dependant on your length of service. Further details are available in the staff handbooks.