The guidance on this website refers only to UAS staff. For University-wide guidance please see the Personnel Services website.

Grading and Regrading

New and vacant posts, and posts arising from a restructure

If an existing post becomes vacant and the duties are to remain the same, the post may be advertised at its substantive grade, subject to recruitment panel approval.

If you wish to vary the duties of the post before recruiting to it, or create a new post, then a grading application should be made. Please make this clear on submission to the recruitment panel and the grading will be carried out once recruitment panel approval is received.

Please note that ten working days should be allowed for the grading of new or vacant posts after the recruitment panel has approved the post.

Regrading staff currently in post (grades 1 to 10)

Please note that regrading applications are only graded on the post holder's current duties, any duties that the post holder is undertaking in the future will need to be discussed with an UAS HR Business Partner to find suitable options. e.g. acting up, additional increments.

The post holder must complete a regrading application form in conjunction with their line manager, and ensure that the job description reflects their current duties.

The completed application form, job description, and organisational chart should be submitted to the UAS Personnel Team by email including or copying in authorisation from the appropriate Head of Department, which includes a note verifying that there is consideration in the budget for the new payscale and any back-pay. If there is an issue with the paperwork someone form the UAS Personnel Team will inform you before the application is submitted.

The covering email should briefly state the case for the regrading from the manager’s perspective, and confirm that the application is a full and accurate reflection of the post holder’s duties.

Emails received without authorisation will not be submitted for regrading. The effective date of the regrading (if successful) will be the date from which the new duties were undertaken, but must be no more than twelve months prior to the date of confirmation of the new grade.

Further details on the grading and regrading procedures can be found on the Personnel Services website.