The guidance on this website refers only to UAS staff. For University-wide guidance please see the Personnel Services website.

Non standard appointments

While most new appointments will be to standard University contracts and will be subject to the usual appointment process, there can be occasions when this is not appropriate and a non standard appointment is required.

Variable hours employees

Where a variable hours contract is required, the usual appointment process must be followed as they would be an employee of the University. A Variable hours claim form should be completed and sent to Payroll by the the relevant payroll deadline each month.  

Employees on variable hours contracts receive contractual annual leave and this should be recorded on the Variable hours claim form.

Casual workers

A casual worker can be used where there is an expectation that the work will last for less than 12 weeks. They will not be an employee of the University.

From April 2017, UAS have implemented a revised process for casual workers.  There are a number of departments that will be setting up their own casual workers and there are some departments who will use the UAS Personnel Team to set up their casual workers.  If you have any queries about whether your department is responsible for the processing of casual workers, please do contact the UAS Personnel Enquiry mailbox.

New Casual Worker process for departments that use the UAS Personnel Team to create the casual worker record

Confirmation of a new casual worker

Where a casual worker is required, the Casual Workers Appointment Form should be completed and returned to the UAS Personnel Enquiry mailbox along with certified proof of right to work in the UK. Please note that there may be conditions on a Student Visa that will need to be checked, further guidance can be found on the Staff Immigration Team's website. The Casual Worker Appointment Form should be sent to the UAS Personnel Team by 11:00 on the 1st of the month.  This form and the necessary paperwork should be confirmed before the worker commences. 

If the right to work documentation is not included with the new appointment details, we are unable to set up the worker and payment will be delayed until the following month. 

Set up of worker by UAS Personnel

The UAS Personnel Team will set up the casual worker and send a letter of engagement directly to the worker along with an Equality and Diversity form. 

The UAS Personnel Team will email the deparmtent to confirm that the casual worker has been set up and attach the completed appointment form.

The Department should follow up with the casual worker to confirm:

  • University card details, which should be returned to the University Card Office, University Offices, Wellington Square
  • Return of the Equality and Diversity form directly to Data Services, Dartington House, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD or

Paying casual workers

The Department are required to complete the Casual Payment Submission Spreadsheet (875kb) with details of payments for all casual workers (one form per month).  The spreadsheet should be emailed to by the casual payroll deadline.  All payments are to be recorded as an hourly rate against hours worked.

The Staff Immigration Team in Personnel Services will be monitoring the presence and accuracy of right to work data in the CoreHR system, as well as weekly working hours for Tier 4 workers, and may withhold payment in cases of apparent non-compliance.

The following resources provide more detail about the new process:

  1. Quick Reference Guide (QRG): PA12 Completing the casual payment submission spreadsheet

  2. Casual payment spreadsheet online video guide

Casual workers receive statutory annual leave of 28 days, inclusive of bank holidays and fixed closure days (calculated on a pro rata basis depending on the number of hours worked). Their holiday entitlement is therefore equivalent to 12.07% of the hours that they have actually worked. This leave should be taken and should not be paid as an enhancement on their hourly rate of pay. The actual leave entitlement can be calculated by using the annual leave calculator.

Ending a casual workers appointment

To end a casual appointment after the assignment (or 12 weeks) is completed, the department should complete the Casual Leaver Form and send this to the UAS Personnel Enquiry mailbox. 

Additional support

Spreadsheet queries: email

UAS deadlines and contractual queries: UAS Personnel Enquiry

Agency workers

An agency worker can be engaged directly via the agency, using the preferred supplier arrangements if you wish. They will not be an employee of the University.

The introduction of the Agency Workers Regulations means that agency workers enjoy the same basic terms and conditions as University employees after they have accrued 12 weeks qualifying service.

Once engaged, please complete an agency worker New starter form, inform us of any Pay amendment form and complete the Agency Workers Leaver Form when they leave and return them to, so that the University is able to track agency workers to ensure we comply with the Agency Workers Regulations.

Please note that the University has a Temporary Staffing Service and you may wish to use the service before using an outside agency. 

Self employed contractors and consultants

A self-employed contractor or consultant is someone to whom the University has issued a contract for services and can be identified using the consultancy test. They will not be an employee of the University.