The guidance on this website refers only to UAS staff. For University-wide guidance please see the Personnel Services website.


This section is aimed at UAS managers wishing to recruit to a position within their department. All current UAS vacancies are listed on the main University Jobs and Vacancies webpage.

Guidelines for managers

Potential vacancy arises

Assess the requirement to recruit to a new post, or to refill an existing post:

Authorisation to recruit

Before any vacant new or existing post can be advertised approval must be obtained from the appropriate authority. For all posts this is the Head of Department, the appropriate Divisional Financial Controller and the Registrar via the recruitment panel.

  • Complete the Business Case section of the Recruitment: Busness Case, Authorisation, Advert Form, which must be signed by the Head of Department. Submit this by e-mail to the UAS Recruitment Panel along with a copy of the job description for the post. It will then be considered by the Registrar’s recruitment panel.
  • Once the necessary approval has been obtained the recruiting manager will be notified with the completed Approval section of the form.

Job description and grade of post

  • All new posts, and existing posts which have substantially revised job descriptions and are not using a generic job description as above, must be graded using the HERA job evaluation scheme after they have recruitment panel approval but before they can be advertised.
  • Guidance can be found on the central Personnel webiste.
  • If the outcome of the evaluation differs from the expected grade (the grade on the business case) the department will be notified by the relevant Grading Analyst who will advise on the appropriate next steps.


Before consideration of advertising, you should consider whether a vacancy may represent a redeployment opportunity for a member of staff in your department whose post may be at risk of redundancy (including those approaching the end of their fixed term contract) or who needs redeployment for other reasons (such as sickness/disability).


  • Prepare the draft advertisement. Note that the main advert text (excluding job title, salary details and information on how to apply) should not exceed 1850 characters (including spaces).  A guide to effective advertising and a job advert checklist are available.
  • Consider the most appropriate media for advertisements (advice on appropriate media and advertising deadlines can be obtained from the UAS Recruitment Team). Note that all advertisements will appear on the Jobs and Vacancies page on the website, advertisements for jobs at grade 4 and above will also appear on the national website (except for internal only positions), and all academic related roles to be advertised for 4 weeks or more for will appear on the Universal Jobmatch website (except for internal only positions).
  • Complete the Advert sections of the Recruitment: Business Case, Authorisation, Advert Form and email this with the advertisement to the UAS Recruitment Team.

Selection panel

  • Guidance is available on the composition of the panel.
  • Consider whether the selection process should include a test of some kind to assess certain selection criteria, e.g. written or numerical skills, ability to use spreadsheets or manipulate data, a short presentation. Guidance is available to assist with this.
  • Confirm the panel membership, closing date, dates of shortlisting meeting, and interviews with panel members and send the completed section 3 of the Recruitment: Business Case, Authorisation, Advertisement Form to the UAS Recruitment Team. Please note the timescales between the various dates that we require as listed on the form.


  • If you receive any priority candidate applications, they will require preferential consideration. Please seek advice from a HR Business Partner or the HR Team Leader as necessary.
  • Copies of all applications/CVs will be sent to the panel chair and panel members by email (as a PDF attachment), normally within one working day of the closing date.
  • Arrange a shortlisting meeting attended by all members of the selection panel (only in exceptional circumstances should shortlisting be carried out by correspondence). Guidance is available to assist you with this.
  • Decide on the format of the interview including the questions to be asked and if not already done, consider whether any selection exercises or presentations are to be included (guidance is available).
  • Complete the Interview Arrangements Form and return this, along with the completed Shortlisting Form, to the UAS Recruitment Team.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview by the UAS Recruitment Team. Note that candidates normally expect to be given a minimum of seven working days’ notice prior to interview.
  • All other applicants not invited for interview or held in reserve will be declined.

Right to Work Checks

  • Any appointment made to a candidate will be subject to the candidate having proof of Right to Work in the UK,  it is suggested that any candidates who attend an intverview following the shortlisting stage bring their proof of right to work in for the interview to save time duing the pre-employment checking stage.
  • Right to work training is now mandatory for all staff who complete right to work checks within your departments.  If somone has attended the training some time ago, they are very welcome to attend the course again as a refresher. 
  • The training dates  for the right to work training courses provided by the Staff Immigration Team can be found at the following link:
  • Please note that the Home Office no longer accept a simple date on a copy of a right to work document as evidence of the date upon which the right to work check was made. Employers must now include the following declaration on copies of right to work documents as evidence of the date the check was made: “The date on which this right to work check was made [insert date]”
  • If there are any queries about completing a right to work check, please do not hesitate to contact UAS Personnel Services


  • Guidance on the format of the interview is available.
  • An online Recruitment and Selection course is available via the Oxford Learning Institute.  This course is mandatory for all those at the University who will be chairing a recruitment panel and will need to be retaken every 4 years as the course will be revised in line with legislative and policy changes.  We would encourage you and your HR team members to undertake the course so as to be able to assist with any queries from Line Managers/ Recruitment Chairs. 
  • The link to the training course is found here:
  • After the interviews and any selection tests are complete, the panel should identify a preferred candidate (and any reserve candidates) against the selection criteria for the post. 


The offer

  • Consider the start date (according to candidate’s availability) and starting salary (based upon qualifications, experience, current salary, comparability with existing staff and, where appropriate, the University’s market pay policy).
  • With regard to starting salary, Appointments should normally be made to the bottom point of the appropriate grade. Whenever it is proposed that an appointment is made to a salary above the bottom point of the appropriate grade, departments will wish to verify the stated current salaries of appointees before confirming any salary offer. This will normally be by asking an appropriate referee to confirm current salary in advance of an offer of appointment, or by asking a successful candidate to provide evidence of current salary, for example a recent pay-slip. Departments considering an appointment above the bottom point of the substantive grade should base any salary offer on the prospective employee’s existing salary, aiming to recruit at the minimum point necessary to secure the appointment. If there is any question over an approprate salary to offer the panel chair should contact their HR Business Partner or the HR Team Leader for advice before contacting the preferred candidate.
  • As soon as conveniently possible (preferably on the day of/after the interviews), the panel chair should contact the preferred candidate to make a provisional offer conditional upon (i) acceptable references, (ii) the return of a satisfactory medical questionnaire, (iii) confirmation of the candidate's right to work in the UK, (iv) evidence of qualifications where these are essential to the role, (v) DBS check (where appropriate). You can advise the candidate that the offer will be confirmined in writing shortly. Please check with the candidate when their referees may be contacted.
  • Complete the Offer of Appointment Form and return this to the UAS Recruitment Team.
  • Return copies of the interview record notes the UAS Recruitment Team. It is essential these are returned to be kept on the recruitment file in order to comply with the Data Protection Act and the Work Permit regulations. Please also keep copies for yourself in case any candidates should require feedback. Guidance on giving feedback to candidates is available.
  • Based on the information on the Offer of Appointment Form, a conditional offer letter will be sent to the candidate. This will be accompanied by the relevant documentation for the conditions of the offer, a University card application and an IT form.
  • References will be requested and forwarded to the panel chair as soon as received. The panel chair should then confirm to the UAS Recruitment Team in writing (or by e-mail) whether or not the references are acceptable.
  • Once the conditions (references, medical questionnaire, right to work in UK, qualifications, DBS if relevant) have been met, a formal contract will be sent to the candidate.

If no suitable candidate can be identified then departments may wish to readvertise the post, or consider whether revising the duties, grade or other aspects of the post may attract more appropriate applicants.  In such cases advice should be sought from the UAS Recruitment Team as to whether the post needs to be resubmitted for grading.


The appointment

  • Contact the new member of staff to advise them of specific joining instructions (e.g. venue, time, who to ask for etc.).
  • Make arrangements for receiving the new member of staff on the start date and for the provision of appropriate induction training as necessary.
  • If necessary arrange for them to meet the UAS Recruitment Team on their first day at work (or as soon as possible thereafter) to provide the necessary details to ensure they get paid.


All comments, queries, and forms relating to the recruitment process may be sent to the following e-mail address:


Approval of post by Recruitment Panel

Submissions are dealt with by correspondence as quickly as practicable. The Panel meets twice a week. If this is a new post that requires further approval by the Registrar, allow an additional few days for this.

Job description for grading

Allow ten working days from date of approval by the Panel.

Placement of advertisement

Allow two working days from date of submission to be placed on the University website and up to five working days for and Universal Jobmatch if used. External media timescales will vary depending on publication. 

Closing date

As a guide allow two weeks between advert publication and closing date for support staff posts and three weeks for academic related posts. If you think a work permit may be required then the vacancy must remain open for at least four weeks to qualify under Home Office rules. 

Shortlisting date

Allow at least one working day between the closing date and the shortlisting date to allow us time to send out the shortlisting packs to you.

Interview date

Allow at least ten working days between receipt of the interview arrangements form by the UAS Recruitment Team to the interview date, to ensure we give candidates adequate notice.

Start date

Allow at least ten working between receipt of the offer of appointment form by the UAS Recruitment Team and the provisional start date. This allows time for the various conditions of the offer to be fulfilled.