Joint Student Number Planning Sub-Committee

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Terms of Reference

The Joint Student Number Planning Sub-committee shall advise Council, through Planning and Resource Allocation Committee and Education Committee, and Conference of Colleges on the development of the collegiate University’s student number planning policy, set by Council and endorsed by Conference. It shall:

  1. maintain an overview of the current and future size and shape of Oxford’s student body, consistent with the objectives and values of the University’s strategic plan;
  2. receive long- and short-term planned numbers for all students from divisions, the Department for Continuing Education, and the colleges, societies and Permanent Private Halls on a regular basis, including undergraduate, postgraduate, visiting and recognised students, and consider the implications of these in terms of council policy on student numbers and overall University strategy;
  3. review planned and actual student numbers to detect any mismatch between colleges and divisions at undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
  4. develop dialogue with particular divisions or colleges as appropriate to ensure that student number policy set by Council is not contravened;
  5. consider mechanisms to encourage a match between divisional and college targets and to ensure adherence to the student number policy set by Council;
  6. monitor planned and actual student numbers against funding levels set by HEFCE where applicable and agreements made with Oxford City Council concerning the number of students living in private accommodation;
  7. monitor the number of units of accommodation provided across the collegiate University, including oversight of the annual accommodation survey;
  8. liaise as appropriate with other related committees and working groups on matters relating to student number planning;
  9. maintain an overview of the shape of Oxford’s student body noting areas of high or low demand and where these sit within the national and international context;
  10. monitor the mix and trends of student numbers by fee status and type, and consider the implications of any change;
  11. contribute to the strategic planning of the collegiate University’s size and shape and inform Council and Conference on the need for future revisions to the student number policy arising from the above.

The Sub-committee shall report to Council and Conference annually.


Dr David Prout Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Planning & Resources), Chair ex officio
Sir Jonathan Phillips Warden of Keble, Vice-Chair MT 2019
Professor Martin Williams Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education) ex officio
Professor Cecile Fabre Junior Proctor ex officio 
Professor Graham Ward (HUM) Regius Professor of Divinity MT 2020 
Professor Michael Bonsall (MPLS) Associate Head of MPLS (Education) HT 2022 
Professor David Vaux (MSD) Deputy Head of MSD MT 2019 
Professor Sarah Whatmore (SSD) Head of the Social Sciences Division HT 2022 
Professor Jonathan Michie Director of the Department for Continuing Education MT 2018 
Dr Louise Durning Senior Tutor, Lincoln College MT 2019
Ms Sally Layburn Bursar, St. John's College MT 2021 
Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt Principal of Jesus College MT 2019 
Ms Allison D'ambrosia Oxford SU VP (Graduates) MT 2019

In Attendance

  • Professor Mark Edwards
  • Dr Chris Ballinger
  • Dr Mike Glover
  • Ms Caroline Pack
  • Ms Karen Brill
  • Vacant
  • Ms Jane Dale
  • Ms Lindsay Rudge
  • Ms Nicola Roberts
  • Dr Nadia Pollini
  • Mr David Gibson
  • Vacant
  • Dr Rachel Cox
  • Dr Benjamin Neudorfer
  • Mr Kristoffer Tiffen (Secretary)

Meeting Dates

22 October 2018 11:00 - 12:30
21 November 2018 09:00 - 11:00
5 February 2019 14:00 - 16:00
13 May 2019 11:00 - 13:00
5 June 2019 10:00 - 12:00






 To access JSNPSC papers on SharePoint click here.