Joint Teaching and Student Funding Review Group

Terms of Reference

The Joint Teaching and Student Funding Review Group (JTSFRG) will oversee preparation of evidence to inform the University's submission to the Independent Review of HE Funding and Student Finance. The Group's work will take into account the broad terms of reference of the review, indicated by the Government announcement made on 9 November 2009:

  • 'The Review will analyse the challenges and opportunities facing higher education and their implications for student financing and support. It will examine the balance of contributions to higher education funding by taxpayers, students, graduates and employers. Its primary task is to make recommendations to Government on the future of fees policy and financial support for full and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students.'

The JTSFRG will:

  • take account of the national debate as it proceeds, and recommend a draft response to the Independent Review's Advisory Forum, for approval by Council and the Conference of Colleges; and
  • inform discussions within the collegiate University.

Within the Collegiate University, the Group will report formally to Conference of Colleges and PRAC, and through to Council, and will seek approvals from these bodies as appropriate.

The membership structure of the Joint Variable Fee Group will be retained, comprising representatives of University faculties and departments as well as the Conference of Colleges. As with Joint Variable Fee Group, a student observer will be invited to attend meetings of the group.

Meeting dates

To be arranged as required


  • Professor W. James (Chair)
  • Mr A. Dilnot (Principal of St. Hugh's College)
  • Professor R. Ainsworth (Master of St. Catherine's College)
  • Professor I. Crewe (Master of University College)
  • Mr T. Knowles (Bursar of Lincoln College)
  • Professor E. McKendrick
  • Professor S. West
  • Professor R. Davies
  • Dr S. Cowan
  • Professor J. Michie
  • Student Observer: OUSU President

Attending Officers

  • Ms Helen Watson (Secretary)
  • Mr Michael Sibly
  • Ms Nancy Braithwaite
  • Mr Keith Zimmerman
  • Mr Mike Nicholson
  • Mr Jeremy Harris
  • Mr Stephen Purbrick