Heidi Plus

Oxford University subscribes to Heidi Plus, an online database containing data about UK higher education.  It contains a large quantity of institution-level data, which can be presented in a variety of visualisations.  Heidi plus has superseded Heidi, which will cease to operate in November 2016 and all existing accounts will be closed.

Viewing Heidi Plus data

Access to Heidi Plus is available through three different types of user levels: Gold, Silver or Bronze.   These user levels control a user’s right to access specific projects available in Heidi Plus.

Gold users can access all data in the system; silver users are unable to access personal data (staff, student and leavers); bronze users can only access HESA’s pre-populated Dashboards.

Under the terms of the University’s agreement with HESA, we are not permitted to give users unnecessary access to data in Heidi Plus, therefore you must have a business requirement for requesting a particular role.

To understand more about what you are able to do and access within Heidi Plus as part of a particular user role, please click on the link below: 


Requesting access

You may no longer require access to HEIDI under the new system.   If you do not need to work with HESA data on a day to day basis but need it occasionally (for example, for a specific piece of benchmarking), PRAS will generate reports for you from the new system. 

First line support is provided by PRAS. Please contact heidi@admin.ox.ac.uk in the first instance to determine if you need an account or if your data request can be processed by PRAS.

To request an account please fill in the Heidi Plus Application Form (62kb) and return to heidi@admin.ox.ac.uk

Bronze accounts are available to all members of the University who need them. Silver and Gold accounts are only available to those with a legitimate need to access the underlying data (i.e. staff members who would be unable to perform a necessary task without it). The legitimacy of requests will be decided by the University’s Lead Contact for Heidi Plus and Gold users will be required to undergo data protection training with HESA (currently £25 +VAT, payable by your department).

Queries about Heidi

Any queries about using Heidi Plus or requests for training can be sent to heidi@admin.ox.ac.uk.  First-line user support is provided locally by members of university staff in PRAS.