The John Fell Fund

The next deadline for applications to the Fund will be Wednesday, 20th April, 2016 at noon. This deadline applies to both Main and Small award schemes under the John Fell Fund, in addition to Divisional awards for the Humanities Division. For further information on Divisional applications within Humanities, please refer to the divisional website.  Applicants should submit their applications to their Departments via the online system well in advance of the deadline.  All applications require departmental approval prior to being submitted to the relevant division and departmental deadlines may be several days in advance of this deadline: please check with your departmental administrator and ensure applications are submitted in sufficient time to allow for this approval proces.

All applications to the John Fell Fund for Hilary Term 2016 should be made via the John Fell online application system. The system can be accessed via single sign-on (SSO) here

Applications for extensions to current John Fell awards or submission of final reports should be made via the online system. For further information please refer to the section ‘After an award is made’.


If an application is considered to be ‘cross divisional’ or is from a unit that does not fall under one of the academic divisions (for instance, applications from ASUC or Continuing Education), the departmental approver will need to complete the appropriate section on the approval tab of the application form. For an application to be considered as ‘cross divisional’, two or more divisions must agree that the project is of strategic importance to their division. Projects which involve collaboration between co-applicants in different divisions would not normally be considered as ‘cross-divisional’, UNLESS the other division(s) involved has/have a major strategic interest in the application (for instance, a project that seeks to develop a new culture of cross-divisional research collaboration in a given area, such as digitisation). If you require further advice, please contact your relevant divisional contact

The following documents provide further guidelines for applicants and Departmental Approvers:

1. Guide for Applicants

JFF System Applicant Guide (332kb)

2. Circular to John Fell Departmental Approvers

Circular on JFF Online System (64kb)

3. Quick Reference Guide for Departmental Approvers

John Fell Fund Departmental Approver QRG (633kb)

If you have a technical issue with the new submission system please contact PRAS directly at Applicants with queries about the application process should in the first instance contact their departmental administrator; if they cannot solve the problem, they should contact the relevant divisional contact, as set out below:

Any changes to the identity of departmental approvers should be notified on the form available at:

Further advice is also given in the FAQs section.

Reports on completed projects funded by the John Fell Fund in the past indicate that on average, Fell Fund awards are leveraging other funding at a ratio of up to 1:7. Further details about the Fund are given in the John Fell OUP Research Fund Annual Report Annual report 2013 - 2014 Executive Summary (225kb)

If you have any queries about the Fund, please address them to