UniForum 2016

The UniForum project, developed by Cubane Consulting, will help us to understand how administrative and professional services that support the teaching and research activities of the University are structured, and how they compare to a number of our Russell Group peer institutions.

A data collection programme ran from May to October 2016 to capture activity during 2015/16. It focused on activity carried out by all staff employed on non-academic contracts, and included certain services provided by external suppliers. Colleagues across the departments, divisions, GLAM and UAS took part in the exercise to attribute each individual’s time across 15/16 to a number of Cubane’s activity codes.

In total 15 universities from across the Russell Group took part in 2015 and 2016, providing a comparative source of data about how the support services for other UK universities are structured. Oxford University is contracted to undertake one further data collection: to reflect activity in 2017/18, which will be taken from a collection in 2018.

A Service Effectiveness Survey ran in November 2016 to enable us to assess the quality of service delivered by different administrative functions. The results will be available shortly.