RAE 2008 Roles and responsibilities

The following individuals or committees were responsible for contributing to the RAE 2008. Details of their roles and responsibilities are given below.

Unit of Assessment Co-ordinators

A co-ordinator was identified for each UOA to which the University intended to submit a return.

These individuals had responsibility for the coordination of the RAE return at the local (departmental/faculty) level for the dry run in 2006, and the preparation of the final submission on 30 November 2007. They (or a nominated representative) remain available as a point of contact during 2008 for any queries about the submissions from reviewing panels or the RAE audit team.

Divisional Board

The divisional board, or a body established by the board and acting on its behalf for matters relating to the RAE, was responsible for establishing the division's timetable to prepare for the RAE, and for maintaining an oversight of the submissions as they developed.

Head of Division

Each head of division chaired the divisional board, and therefore had oversight of the preparations for the exercise.

RAE Project Board

The RAE project board was established to oversee the University's preparation for 2008 RAE; it reported directly to the Vice-Chancellor, and through him to Council.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) chaired the project board, and was responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the overall preparation of the exercise.

Divisional Officers

Each division identified an officer who was responsible for co-ordinating the exercise within each division. Whilst the roles of each individual varied to reflect the requirements of each division, they all worked closely with Unit of Assessment co-ordinators and the central RAE team in PRAS (see below), and ensured the divisional board (or the body established by it for matters relating to the RAE) was aware of progress, and the timetable for preparation.

Planning and Resource Allocation Section (PRAS)

The central RAE team in PRAS:

  • Serviced the project board, and defined the University's overall timetable for preparation.
  • Worked with divisional officers and UOA co-ordinators to prepare the overall submission, and offer policy advice and guidance in matters relating to the RAE.
  • Collected data from sources across the collegiate university relating to staff, students, studentships, and research income, and issued them to divisional officers in a format consistent with that expected by the funding councils.
  • Acted as first contact point between the University and the funding councils on matters relating to the RAE.
  • Had responsibility for the testing and implementation of the RAE data collection system, and offered guidance and advice on its usage across the University.
  • Worked with the Diversity and Equal Opportunities Unit (DEOU) to ensure the University developed, adopted and documented an appropriate internal code of practice, which attended to all relevant equal opportunities legislation in force on the census date.

During 2008, submissions were reviewed by panels and subject to audit by the HEFCE RAE team. The RAE team were responsible for addressing queries in the first instance.