University organisation chart

The current organisation chart

The latest version of the University’s Organisation Chart can be downloaded from the link below:

 Organisation Chart - August 2014 (oxonly) (236kb)

About the organisation chart

The organisation chart has three main purposes:

  1. to describe the academic/management structure of the University, indicating which organisational units (departments, faculties etc) lie within each division, and how that division is structured.
  2. to provide a common framework to underpin our four main data management systems: finance, staff records, student records and the space record system. Although each may have its own independent structure (e.g. a given sub-unit may be represented by several different codes in the chart of accounts), the organisation chart provides a common definition of what constitutes a unit/sub-unit (in effect, the lowest common denominator across all systems). Ensuring that each system structure maps to this framework makes it possible to answer questions involving data from more than one system.
  3. to act as a framework for resource allocation within the University.

Requests for changes

The organisation chart is updated regularly by the Planning & Resource Allocation Section (PRAS). Proposed amendments are discussed by PRAS with relevant divisional officers, before the latest version is circulated to all the main systems across the University, and then published on the web. The annual review of the chart usually takes place in May, at which point the divisions are asked to confirm whether the chart is an accurate representation of the division, and whether it will remain the same for the duration of the following academic year.

  • Requests to add a new unit to the organisation chart can be made by completing the new unit form (36kb) (Oxford only).
  • Unit name change requests (i.e. where the Unit name ONLY is to change) can be made by email stating the full official name of the unit and the effective date of the change.
  • Requests to set up an email domain for units that will NOT be included in the organisation chart can be made by completing the mail domain form (40kb) (Oxford only).

All requests should be sent to

Any queries regarding the assignment of units to cost centres should be sent to